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Western Movie Posters

Clearly the country of origin for Westerns is the good old USA, or maybe Italy, or Spain, or Mexico, or...well, definitely not UK anyway.  I like quads though, there is something about landscape art that looks better framed and on the wall. Westerns are all about dramatic scenery. Anyway, the few Western Movie Posters I have are all quads and I like it that way, so there.

I find myself buying more of these lately, not because I am a big western fan, but they are cheap right now. It seems that Westerns are out of favor so the prices of these aren't as high as other genres. Works for me...some great dramatic art so I will snap them up while I can.


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Fort Defiance 1951 Quad UK Poster Fort Defiance (1951) Quad

Dane Clark * Ben Johnson * Peter Graves * Tracey Roberts * George Cleveland * Iron Eyes * Dennis Moore

It's a pity this generation is growing up pretty much without classic westerns. Often terribly lacking in political correctness or historical accuracy, they do have a morality that goes with the casual disregard for human life. This poster covers the stereotypes quite well, noble savage, saloon girl, guy in black hat and two handed shooting pose.

Return of the Texan 1952 Quad Poster Return of the Texan (1952) Quad

Dale Robertson * Joanne Dru * Walter Brennan * Richard Boone



Garden of Evil 1954 Quad Garden of Evil (1954) Quad

Gary Cooper * Susan Hayward * Richard Widmark * Hugh Marlowe * Cameron Mitchell * Rita Moreno


The Man From Laramie 1955 The Red Beret 1953 Quad Double The Man From Laramie (1955) The Red Beret (1953) Quad

James Stewart * Arthur Kennedy * Donald Crisp * Cathy O'Donnell * Alex Nicol * Aline MacMahon * Wallace Ford

Alan Ladd * Leo Genn * Susan Stephen * Harry Andrews * Donald Houston * Anthony Bushell * Patric Doonan * Stanley Baker

Pay The Devil 1957 Quad Poster Pay The Devil (1957) Quad US Man In The Shadow

Jeff Chandler * Orson Welles * Colleen Miller * Ben Alexander * Barbara Lawrence * John Larch * James Gleason

Well this little nugget of cinema history has had a hard life...UK Quad but with original title painted out and Dutch version scrawled on top. Still, Jeff Chandler survived the mutilation.

Cattle Empire 1958 Quad poster Cattle Empire (1958) Quad Art: Jock Hinchliffe

Joel McCrea * Gloria Talbott * Don Haggerty * Phyllis Coates

Man Hunt 1958 Quad Poster Man Hunt (1958)  US From Hell to Texas Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Don Murray * Diane Varsi *  Chill Wills * Dennis Hopper


Sierra Baron 1958 Quad poster Sierra Baron (1958) Quad Art: Jock Hinchliffe

Brian Keith * Rick Jason * Rita Gam * Mala Powers

Ah, so this is how they picked up girls in the ol' west?

The Fiend Who Walked The West 1958 Quad poster The Fiend Who Walked The West (1958) Quad Art: Jock Hinchliffe

Robert Evans * Hugh O'Brian * Linda Cristal * Stephen McNally

Villa 1958 Quad poster Villa (1958) Quad

Brian Keith * Cesar Romero * Margia Dean * Rodolfo Hoyos


Wolf Dog 1958 Quad Wolf Dog (1958) Quad

Jim Davis * Allison Hayes * Tony Brown * Austin Willis

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw 1958 Quad Poster The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw (1958) Quad Tom Chantrell

Kenneth More * Jayne Mansfield * Henry Hull * Bruce Cabot * Ronald Squire * William Campbell * Sidney James

Quite a lot more pink than I really like in a poster, the the rest really just being b/w photos and a cartoon. Definitely a missed opportunity to feature Jayne Mansfield wearing the saloon girl outfit in a more salacious way. Cartoons attributed to Chantrell.

Seven Ways From Sundown 1960 Quad UK Poster Seven Ways From Sundown (1960) Quad

Audie Murphy * Barry Sullivan * Venetia Stevenson * John McIntire

I quite like Audie Murphy, he led a very interesting life which I am surprised hasn't been made into a film yet. Apart from his war years, when he played himself.

Freckles 1960 Jock Hinchcliff Quad Poster Freckles (1960) Quad Jock Hinchcliff

Martin West * Carol Christensen * Jack Lambert * Steven Peck * Roy Barcroft

McClintock 1963 Quad Poster McLintock! (1963) Quad

John Wayne * Maureen O'Hara * Patrick Wayne * Stefanie Powers * Jack Kruschen * Chill Wills * Yvonne De Carlo

I was so happy to get a John Wayne for this category and better still, spanking too!

Cat Ballou 1965 Quad UK Poster Cat Ballou (1965) Quad

Jane Fonda * Lee Marvin * Michael Callan * Dwayne Hickman * Nat 'King' Cole * Stubby Kaye

Great film, a comedy but it belongs here in the Westerns where Jane can annoy the ghost of John Wayne. Of all the posters, I would say the Quad has the least interesting artwork.

Bullet For A Badman 1964 Quad Poster Bullet For A Badman (1964) Quad

Audie Murphy * Darren McGavin * Ruta Lee * Beverley Owen

The only poster I have that actually smells, mildew I suspect. I have it in isolation until I can find a permanent cure for it.

The Glory Guys 1965 Quad Poster The Glory Guys (1965) Quad Signature: W. H. (Bill) Wiggins

Tom Tryon * Harve Presnell * Senta Berger * Michael Anderson Jr. * James Caan * Andrew Duggan * Slim Pickens

The Reward 1965 Quad UK Poster The Reward (1965) Quad

Max von Sydow * Yvette Mimieux * Efrem Zimbalist Jr. * Gilbert Roland * Henry Silva

Kind of a western although cars and planes make it a more contemporary one.

The Hallelujah Trail 1965 Quad UK Poster The Hallelujah Trail (1965) Quad Art Attrib: Robert McGinnis

Burt Lancaster * Lee Remick * Jim Hutton * Donald Pleasence * Martin Landau

Comedy western but with this art definitely should be rubbing shoulders with the other cow folk.

I have also seen this art attributed to Frank McCarthy elsewhere.

The Professionals 1966 Quad Poster The Professionals (1966) Quad Style B Art: Howard Terpning

Burt Lancaster * Lee Marvin * Robert Ryan * Woody Strode * Jack Palance * Claudia Cardinale * Ralph Bellamy

Hombre 1967 Quad poster Hombre (1967) Quad Art: Tom Beauvais

Paul Newman * Fredric March * Richard Boone * Diane Cilento * Cameron Mitchell * Barbara Rush


Shalako 1968 Quad Poster Tom Chantrell Shalako (1968) Quad Signature: Tom Chantrell

Sean Connery * Brigitte Bardot * Stephen Boyd * Jack Hawkins * Peter Van Eyck * Honor Blackman * Woody Strode * Eric Sykes

Weird cast for a Western, Woody Strode is obvious enough but Eric Sykes? Not a bad film though, although seeing the way Honor Blackman perishes is not good. Poster seems to sell for quite a lot considering it's a fairly obscure movie, must be the Bardot inflation factor, everything I have tried to buy with her mug on has turned out expensive.

Guns for San Sebastian 1968 Italian La Bataille de San Sebastian Quad Poster Guns for San Sebastian (1968)  Italian La Bataille de San Sebastian Quad Attrib: Frank McCarthy

Anthony Quinn * Anjanette Comer * Charles Bronson * Sam Jaffe

Bandolero! 1968 Quad Poster Bandolero! (1968) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

James Stewart * Dean Martin * Raquel Welch * George Kennedy

One of my rare Linen backed purchases which probably over priced it. With posters you buy them when you see them or you may never see them again, it's not as though you can wait until a better or cheaper one shows up. Half the time of course this is exactly what happens, you pay an arm and leg for one that shows up next week and goes for peanuts.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1969 Quad Poster Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) Quad Art: Tom Beauvais

Paul Newman * Robert Redford * Katharine Ross

This poster is a good example of unpredictable value in poster collecting. It has edge damage, tears and trimming, but without those defects it would not have come into my price range. I was happy to get it. Poster should extend another couple of inches at the bottom, on the un-modified original this would have been either whitespace for the Cinema banner or maybe a second feature if a reissue, impossible for me to tell what or which this is since it was snipped off most likely to fit a 27x41 1 sheet frame by a previous owner.

100 Rifles 1969 Quad Poster 100 Rifles (1969) Quad

Jim Brown * Raquel Welch * Burt Reynolds

The Undefeated 1969 Quad UK Poster The Undefeated (1969) Quad

John Wayne * Rock Hudson * Tony Aguilar * Roman Gabriel * Marian McCargo * Lee Meriwether * Michael Vincent

Guns of the Magnificent Seven 1969 Quad UK Poster Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969) Quad

George Kennedy * James Whitmore * Monte Markham * Reni Santoni * Bernie Casey * Scott Thomas * Joe Don Baker

Third sequel I believe and one of the better ones even without any of the original cast.

Little Big Man 1970 Quad Poster Little Big Man (1970) Quad

Dustin Hoffman * Faye Dunaway * Chief Dan George * Martin Balsam


Soldier Blue 1969 Quad Soldier Blue (1969) Quad

Candice Bergen * Peter Strauss * Donald Pleasence * John Anderson * Jorge Rivero

They did some bad endings in the late 60's...I remember my dad going to see this and coming back quite upset by it. The little inset picture tries to tell you it's a love story, which it is, but there is some nasty stuff in here.

Hannie Caulder 1971 Quad British Poster Hannie Caulder (1971) Quad Tom Chantrell

Raquel Welch * Robert Culp * Ernest Borgnine * Christopher Lee * Jack Elam * Strother Martin * Diana Dors

Quite a big production for Tigon, usually churning out soft-core and cheap'n'cheerful Hammer/Amicus horror clones. They kept it frugal by filming in Spain instead of the wilder west.

The Legend Of Frenchie King 1971 Quad Poster The Legend Of Frenchie King (1971) Quad France Les Pétroleuses

Brigitte Bardot * Claudia Cardinale * Michael J. Pollard

A French Western would-you-bloody-believe-it! I love the image of the French and Italian glamour girls slugging it out, is that wrong?

Bad Man's River 1971 Quad Signed Tom Chantrell Bad Man's River (1971) Quad Signed: Tom Chantrell

Lee Van Cleef * James Mason * Gina Lollobrigida * Simón Andreu * Diana Lorys * John Garko * Aldo Sambrell

Italian starlette way out west.

Big Jake 1971 Quad Poster Big Jake (1971) Quad Tom Chantrell

John Wayne * Richard Boone * Patrick Wayne * Christopher Mitchum * Bruce Cabot * Bobby Vinton * Glenn Corbett * John Doucette * Maureen O'Hara * John Agar

The Cowboys 1972 Quad British poster The Cowboys (1972) Quad

John Wayne * Roscoe Lee Browne * Bruce Dern * Colleen Dewhurst * Alfred Barker Jr. * Robert Carradine * Slim Pickens

The Revengers 1972 Quad Poster The Revengers (1972) Quad

William Holden * Ernest Borgnine * Woody Strode


Rooster Cogburn 1975 Quad Rooster Cogburn (1975) Quad

John Wayne * Katharine Hepburn * Anthony Zerbe * Richard Jordan * John McIntire * Paul Koslo

He's back...

Wanted Women 1975 Undergraduate Girls Double UK Quad Wanted Women (1975) US Jessi's Girls Undergraduate Girls (1975) Italy La Liceale

Sondra Currie * Regina Carrol * Jennifer Bishop * Rod Cameron * Gloria Guida

Well every category on this site should have some exploitive smut, so here's some western style.

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