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Thrillers, Chillers & Killers

The Spy Movie, Crime, Mystery and other assorted pulse racers can be found here. Hammer was not the only studio that dripped blood. There was also Amicus, Tygon, Tyburn and others that came and went. This is a mixed bag of other British Film Studios output, other Horror movies that aren't Hammer, plus posters for US films that I liked and feel nostalgic about for one reason or another. Or the art is titillating and salacious enough...or I just couldn't place it in a better category. Once again my choice of category is subjective, try also the War, Western and Adventure sections. Hammer Horror films are of course in the exclusive Hammer section.



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Casbah 1948 Quad Poster Casbah (1948) Quad

Yvonne De Carlo * Tony Martin * Peter Lorre * Märta Torén

Oddly enough and I know this makes no sense, a poster I wanted for the voice...Peter Lorre's. He has the ultimate baddie tones, his voice is still frequently impersonated in cartoons though I doubt many kids know that's who it is any more. Loved him in The Raven with Price, also high on my want list.

Night Was Our Friend 1951 Quad Poster Night Was Our Friend (1951) Quad

Elizabeth Sellars * Michael Gough * Ronald Howard * Marie Ney

Moody stone-litho art from the days when the government required a quota of British Films to be made in order to balance the Hollywood onslaught.

La Città si difende 1951 Quad Poster Città si difende, la (1951) Quad

Gina Lollobrigida * Cosetta Greco * Renato Baldini * Paul Muller

Always got room for a controversial 50's foreign glamour icon in the collection. No idea why but this is the most fragile poster I have, dry as parchment and flakes as you look at it. I would have it linen backed but there are more valuable posters ahead of it in that queue.

The Black Castle (1952) Half Sheet

Richard Greene * Boris Karloff * Stephen McNally * Rita Corday * Lon Chaney Jr. * John Hoyt * Michael Pate * Nancy Valentine

Falling apart and in need of that restoration life support like so many of the posters in this age bracket. Still, worth it for the image of the classic Universal scream team and the Gothic atmosphere of the art. Richard Greene in hose messing about in the dark woods would prove prophetic.

A Blueprint for Murder 1953 Quad UK Poster A Blueprint for Murder (1953) Quad

Joseph Cotten * Jean Peters * Gary Merrill * Catherine McLeod

50's B movie all about a femme fatale which would have made a better poster with some art instead of Day-Glo and BnW. So why did I buy it? It came as a pair with another more noir'ish example so here it is.

Impulse 1954 Quad British Poster Impulse (1954) Quad

Arthur Kennedy * Constance Smith * Joy Shelton * Jack Allen * James Carney

Now that's a proper noir femme fatale.

The Sleeping Tiger 1954 Quad The Sleeping Tiger (1954) Quad Art: Henry Fox

Dirk Bogarde * Alexis Smith * Alexander Knox * Hugh Griffith * Maxine Audley * Glyn Houston

A fine example of the insanity of this hobby, this one is literally falling apart with bits missing all over the place. It's been photoshopped back enough to include it here but that's just all illusion...if you saw this blowing in the street you'd wash your hand after dropping it in the bin. Having said all that...I love it! Certify me now...though in my defense, it was cheap...relatively.

Pushover 1954 Quad British Poster Pushover (1954) Quad

Fred MacMurray * Philip Carey * Kim Novak * Dorothy Malone

Another heavily photoshopped distressed survivor from the 50's, I am a sucker for femme fatales.

23 Paces to Baker Street 1956 Quad Poster 23 Paces to Baker Street (1956) Quad

Van Johnson * Vera Miles * Cecil Parker * Patricia Laffan * Maurice Denham

I thought this was Sherlock Holmes, but no.

Rogues Yarn 1957 Quad UK Poster Rogue's Yarn (1957) Quad

Nicole Maurey * Derek Bond * Elwyn Brook-Jones * Hugh Latimer * John Serret

Stopover Tokyo 1957 Quad Poster Stopover Tokyo (1957) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Robert Wagner * Joan Collins * Edmond O'Brien

Art features Peaks of Mt Fuji and Joan Collins.

Tread Softly Stranger1958 British Quad Art F W Payne Tread Softly Stranger (1958) Quad Art: F W Payne

Diana Dors * George Baker * Terence Morgan * Patrick Allen

I would love more posters of Dors in her bad girl noir heyday but they always seem to go for outrageous prices. Not the best art I've seen, but pretty happy to get my hands on this one. Unusually, it has been backed with brown paper, the dealer said this was done by the distributor. It doesn't seem to have done it any harm, and it's certainly stronger, I guess I will have to wait and see what the long term effect is. The triangular object is a gummed sticker.

Lost Lives 1958 Italy Vite Perdute Quad Art Payne Lost Lives (1958) Italy Vite Perdute Quad Art: Payne

Jaques Sernas * John Kitzmiller * Virna Lisi * Sandra Milo * Gabriele Tinti

This poster art covers more isms than we would be comfortable with today....racism, sexism and sensationalism.

Family Doctor 1958 Quad Poster Family Doctor US RX For Murder (1958) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Rick Jason * Lisa Gastoni * Marius Goring

Gang War 1958 Quad Poster Gang War (1958) Quad

Charles Bronson * John Doucette * Jennifer Holden

Bronson looking like he will for a lot of his subsequent  movies.

Intent to Kill 1958 Quad Intent to Kill (1958) Quad Art: W. H. (Bill) Wiggins

Richard Todd * Betsy Drake * Herbert Lom

Crack in the Mirror 1960 Quad Poster Crack in the Mirror (1960) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Orson Welles * Juliette Gréco * Bradford Dillman

Teasing tagline undercut by the art which doesn't really leave much of a mystery about who is who.

The Challenge 1960 Quad Poster The Challenge / US It Takes A Thief (1960) Quad

Jayne Mansfield * Anthony Quayle * Carl Möhner

Jayne Mansfield, phone home.

The Spiders Web 1960 UK Quad Poster The Spiders Web (1960) Quad

Glynis Johns * John Justin * Jack Hulbert * Cicely Courtneidge * Ronald Howard * David Nixon * Wendy Turner

Agatha Christie whodunnit, film of the stage play.

The Criminal 1960 Quad Poster The Criminal (1960) Quad

Stanley Baker * Sam Wanamaker * Grégoire Aslan * Margit Saad * Jill Bennett

The Innocents 1961 Quad The Innocents (1961) Quad

Deborah Kerr * Peter Wyngarde * Megs Jenkins

Dayglo and photo, my least favorite type of poster.

Man-Trap 1961 Quad British Poster Man-Trap (1961) Quad

Jeffrey Hunter * David Janssen * Stella Stevens * Elaine Devry

Pit of Darkness 1961 1 Sheet Poster Pit of Darkness (1961) 1 Sheet

William Franklyn * Moira Redmond * Bruno Barnabe * Leonard Sachs * Nigel Green * Anthony Booth * Nanette Newman

Brit noir, blondest of the blondes.

Konga 1961 Quad UK Poster Konga (1961) Quad

Michael Gough * Margo Johns * Jess Conrad * Claire Gordon * Austin Trevor * Jack Watson

Hm, what could this possibly be a British rip off of? Screaming woman clutched in a giant ape's hand? Planes attacking him on a Tower (Big Ben, not that high really...) and of course blatantly using it in the tag line and title.

Police Nurse 1963 Quad Poster Police Nurse (1963) Quad

Ken Scott * Merry Anders * Oscar Beregi

Don't know this one but I thought it was a nice 50's type image, even if for the 60's. There's something about a nurse's uniforms...

Goldfinger 1964 Quad 2007 re-release Goldfinger (1964) Quad 2007 re-release Designed by Robert Brownjohn

Sean Connery * Honor Blackman * Gert Fröbe * Shirley Eaton * Harold Sakata 'Tosh Togo' * Bernard Lee * Martin Benson * Lois Maxwell * Richard Vernon * Burt Kwouk * Desmond Llewelyn * Margaret Nolan

This is not the original 1964 Goldfinger poster, although it is very similar, but the 2007 re-release which is also quite hard to find and expensive. My version looked like it had been rolled up and used to beat Oddjob about his bowler, doing a lot of damage to the black background. Despite that, I am happy to have it as I am not likely to find a better version any time soon. The art is clipped more or less from Robert Brownjohn's title sequences, while From Russia With Love and Dr No both had nice painted art which would return for Thunderball. The Bond pose is absent too, which would evolve from the relaxed version of Dr No, through the more recognizable pistol and crossed arms of From Russia With Love into the version used by McGinnis on Thunderball, which became a standard for a lot of poster variations, banners and other advertising material.

Goldfinger 1964 Dr No 1962 3 Sheet Poster Goldfinger (1964) Dr No (1962) 3 Sheet

Sean Connery * Honor Blackman * Gert Fröbe * Shirley Eaton * Harold Sakata 'Tosh Togo' * Bernard Lee * Martin Benson * Lois Maxwell * Richard Vernon * Burt Kwouk * Desmond Llewelyn * Margaret Nolan

Sean Connery * Ursula Andress * Joseph Wiseman * Jack Lord * Bernard Lee * Anthony Dawson * Zena Marshall * John Kitzmuller * Eunice Gayson * Lois Maxwell

An enormous poster, its slightly unpopular size for collectors brings this one a bit closer to my price range for older Bonds. The gun Connery is holding is still the Air Pistol famously used by mistake instead of a Walther PPK, but it's been edited to shorten the barrel and make it look more convincing to firearm savvy US audiences.

Crypt of Horror 1966 Terrified 1963 UK Quad Poster Crypt of Horror (1964) Terrified (1963) Quad Italy La cripta e l'incubo

Christopher Lee * Audry Amber * Ursula Davis * José Campos * Vera Valmont * Angel Midlin

Rod Lauren * Steve Drexel * Tracy Olsen

Spanish/Italian B&W dubbed horror with Christopher Lee raising it's standards.

The Third Secret 1964 Quad Poster The Third Secret (1964) Quad

Stephen Boyd * Jack Hawkins * Richard Attenborough * Diane Cilento * Peter Sallis * Patience Collier * Freda Jackson * Judi Dench * Nigel Davenport

Topkapi 1964 Quad Topkapi (1964) Quad

Melina Mercouri * Peter Ustinov * Maximilian Schell * Robert Morley

Another Saturday afternoon caper comedy from the days when you weren't allowed to show crime paying off.

Masquerade 1965 Quad Poster Masquerade (1965) Quad Attributed Renato Fratini

Cliff Robertson * Jack Hawkins * Marisa Mell * Michel Piccoli * Bill Fraser * Charles Gray * John Le Mesurier

Light hearted Brit Spy thriller.

Le Crane Diabolique 1965 Belgian The Skull Poster Le Crane Diabolique (1965) Belgian The Skull

Peter Cushing * Patrick Wymark * Jill Bennett * Nigel Green * Patrick Magee

An Amicus outing for Peter Cushing.

The Collector 1965 Quad The Collector (1965) Quad

Terence Stamp * Samantha Eggar

Very disturbing, I remember catching this one on TV and being taken a bit by surprise. Poster art with the embrace distorted by bound hands, another clue to go along with the tagline, this isn't your usual romantic drama.

Repulsion 1965 Quad Jan Lenica Repulsion (1965) Quad Signature Jan Lenica

Catherine Deneuve * Ian Hendry * John Fraser * Yvonne Furneaux * Patrick Wymark * Renee Houston

I m not really that big a fan of Art that tends towards the abstract, but I do like this poster, it really captures the creepiness and shadow of madness this film is all about.

The Liquidator 1965 Quad Poster The Liquidator (1965) Quad

Rod Taylor * Trevor Howard * Jill St. John * Wilfrid Hyde White * David Tomlinson * Eric Sykes

Well, dayglo photo so I didn't buy this one for the art. I found this one rainy Saturday afternoon and it quite cheered me up. Doesn't take itself too seriously for a spy film, definitely sixties and a good story.

Operation Tonnerre (1965) French 47x63 Robert McGinnis/Frank McCarthy UK Thunderball

Sean Connery * Claudine Auger * Adolfo Celi * Luciana Paluzzi * Rik Van Nutter * Martine Beswick * Bernard Lee * Desmond Llewelyn * Lois Maxwell

As we get to the older Bonds, I am just not able to afford the prices of the original Quad posters, so I went for this very large French Thunderball because it also looks great framed on the wall.

I am not sure which parts of this are attributed to McGinnis or McCarthy, but McGinnis is definitely credited with the Bond pose which would redress Bond in appropriate outfits on many subsequent posters, from wetsuit to spacesuit. It's a variation on the pose directed by Eric Pulford to artist Renato Fratini on his poster for From Russia With Love. The crossed arm with a a weapon went through changes too, from FRWL's .22 Air Pistol used on several posters (It should have been the famous Walther PPK but it wasn't available when publicity shots were taken, so they substituted with the photographer's Air Pistol) to Moonraker's Laser Blaster. Here, obviously, the spear gun is appropriate.

Thunderball 1965 You Only Live Twice 1967 1 Sheet rr1971 Thunderball (1965) You only Live Twice (1967) 1 Sheet re-release 1970

Sean Connery * Claudine Auger * Adolfo Celi * Luciana Paluzzi * Rik Van Nutter * Martine Beswick * Bernard Lee * Desmond Llewelyn * Lois Maxwell

Sean Connery * Akiko Wakabayashi * Mie Hama * Tetsuro Tanba * Teru Shimada * Karin Dor * Donald Pleasence

I know I saw this double bill and I have always thought these were in fact the first Bond films I ever saw, my dad took me to see them when I was about 10 years old I think. I found the whole thing a marvel, it's probably responsible for my frogman obsession lived out with Action Transfers and my later BSAC diver training where I met my wife, so there you go, powerful stuff. However, I know I saw OHMSS too, and that was before this double bill re-release in 1970 so I guess my memory is faulty and Lazneby was my first Bond. Not that anyone cares but me...It's a pity these re-releases are less colorful but the original quads are now so expensive.

Deadlier Than The Male 1965 Quad Poster Deadlier Than The Malee (1965) Quad

Richard Johnson * Elke Sommer * Sylva Koscina * Nigel Green * Suzanna Leigh * Steve Carlson

Giant chess long before Harry Potter, evil villainesses with bikini's and spear guns. Yep, another swinging sixties superspy. Bulldog Drummond got two sixties outings, reappearing with killer robot bikinied bimbos in Some Girls Do.

Where The Spies Are 1965 Quad Poster Where The Spies Are (1965) Quad

David Niven * Françoise Dorléac * John Le Mesurier * Cyril Cusack * Nigel Davenport

Another 60's spy film? Hm, let's see, guns, girls and a guy in a DJ...yup. Although the poster art might lure you into thinking it's about another 007, the film features a more austere MI6, more civil servants than super spies. Not bad for that rainy afternoon though.

Blindfold 1965 Quad Poster Blindfold (1965) Quad

Rock Hudson * Claudia Cardinale * Jack Warden * Guy Stockwell

Showgirls and shooting, what more could you want?

Gambit 1966 Quad Poster Gambit (1966) Quad

Shirley MacLaine * Michael Caine * Herbert Lom

I'm a sucker for a caper film...several variations in artwork for this movie, no idea which version was original release.

Theatre of Death 1966 Quad Brit poster Theatre of Death (1966) Quad

Christopher Lee * Julian Glover * Lelia Goldoni * Jenny Till * Evelyn Laye * Dilys Watling

Mystery story really, but by now anything with Lee in it was assumed to be a Horror film. It's quite an atmospheric one and the poster reflects a touch of Ripper on holiday to France.

Modesty Blaise 1966 Poster Art Bob Peak Modesty Blaise (1966) Window Card Art: Bob Peak

Monica Vitti * Terence Stamp * Dirk Bogarde * Harry Andrews

Over camped up version of the daily strip even by 60's standards. They really messed up a good idea, the hair colors for Willie and Modesty are reversed but that's the least of the problems. The whole thing is just a mess.

Modesty Blaise 1966 Half Sheet Bob Peak Modesty Blaise (1966) Half Sheet Signature: Bob Peak

Monica Vitti * Terence Stamp * Dirk Bogarde * Harry Andrews

Edging closer to the expensive-for-a-bad-film quad with this half sheet. Since I got the window card above, I have watched it's still cack. I assume the director or whoever was trying to show how clever they were for deciding not to make an actual Modesty Blaise film, but instead an ironic mock-spy film that even references the source material on screen while going out of their way to be contrary to the cartoon strips. They even have Willy and Modesty in a relationship, for no good plot reason other than it's the antithesis of the strip. However, the true testament to it's fatuousness is that even if you had never heard of Modesty, or James Bond for that matter, it would still be an awful film, even for the 60's.

The Silencers 1966 Quad Poster The Silencers (1966) Quad Attributed Robert McGinnis

Dean Martin * Stella Stevens * Daliah Lavi * Victor Buono * Nancy Kovack * Cyd Charisse

First Matt Helm movie, another Bond bandwagon jumper with some unfortunate singing thrown in. Actually, I quite liked this series. Martin doesn't seem to take himself too seriously, so it's another good rainy afternoon film. My copy of this poster is in a very poor state so I will admit to extensive photoshop tweaking to be able to present it here. Great collection of Slaygirls, who would be spoofed by Austin Powers as Fembots. There was certainly a casual attitude to dispatching enemy female agents back in those days, a bit hard to watch now.

Murderers Row UK Quad Poster 1966 Murderer's Row (1966) Quad Attributed Robert McGinnis

Dean Martin * Ann-Margret * Karl Malden * Camilla Sparv * James Gregory * Beverly Adams

A Matt Helm sequel came along pretty quickly. Like bond there were gadgets, but they were often gimmicks to fit in contrived but amusing escapes for Matt. This one had a gun that would fire 10 seconds after the trigger was pulled, inviting the bad guys to look down the barrel to see what had happened to the bullet...A similar trick was a gun that fired backwards in the first of the series.

Where The Bullets Fly 1966 Quad Poster Where The Bullets Fly (1966) Quad

Tom Adams * Dawn Addams * Tim Barrett * Michael Ripper * Sidney James * Wilfrid Brambell

...and yet another 60's Bond wannabe...I think there was an earlier film with the same hero so this is a sequel. Interesting to see Sid James acting more or less a straight man in this one.

One of Our Spies is Missing 1966 Quad British Poster One of Our Spies is Missing (1966) Quad

Robert Vaughn * David McCallum * Leo G. Carroll * Maurice Evans * Vera Miles * Ann Elder * Bernard Fox * Dolores Faith * Anna Capri * Yvonne Craig * James Doohan

I can't resist trying to complete a set and this is number 2 of the 8 movies edited together from the TV series. The poster has a good representation of the UNCLE Gun, complete with all its extra's bolted on to it, whereas Ilya appears to be holding a Thrush Sniperscope rifle complete with infrared illuminator. Ah, boys and their toys...I want one!

The Brides of Fu Manchu 1967 British Quad Poster The Brides of Fu Manchu (1966) Quad Tom Chantrell

Christopher Lee * Douglas Wilmer * Heinz Drache * Marie Versini * Howard Marion-Crawford * Tsai Chin

I am surprised I haven't found more of these, this is number 2 in a series Christopher Lee did.

The Vengeance of Fu Manchu 1967 Quad UK Poster The Vengeance of Fu Manchu (1967) Quad Tom Chantrell

Christopher Lee * Douglas Wilmer * Horst Frank * Noel Trevarthen * Maria Rohm * Howard Marion-Crawford * Tsai Chin

Well what do you know? Within days of getting Brides above, the 3rd of the Fu Manchu's Christopher Lee performed fell into my hands.

You Only Live Twice 1967 UK Quad Art Frank McCarthy You Only Live Twice (1967) Little Nellie Quad Art Frank McCarthy / Robert McGinnis

Sean Connery * Akiko Wakabayashi * Mie Hama * Tetsuro Tanba * Teru Shimada * Karin Dor * Donald Pleasence

Oldest proper Quad Bond poster I have yet been able to get, although to fall into my price range it had to be pretty beaten up. It's missing the bottom two inches, once again to fit into a one sheet frame I am guessing. That removed the United Artists and Technicolor credits and overall there is some discoloration. Still, very happy to have it. There are at least two other quad versions, another McGinnis/McCarthy one featuring the Volcano Lair and a more Robert McGinnis one featuring girls in a bath tub.

In Like Flint 1967 Quad Poster In Like Flint (1967) Quad Art: Bob Peak

James Coburn * Lee J. Cobb * Jean Hale * Andrew Duggan

Great art, even includes the 60's egg chair and girls, Coburn having his second go at being a super spy. Dad took me to see this one as a kid and I remember being entertained, saw it more recently though and it hasn't stood the test of time.

Operation Kid Brother 1967 Quad Poster Operation Kid Brother (1967) Quad

Neil Connery * Daniela Bianchi * Bernard Lee * Lois Maxwell

So, M is in it but not called M, Moneypenny is in it but not called Moneypenny and it's stars a Connery, younger brother of the one you are thinking of, so, rip off? Of course...but just for fun.

Fathom 1967 Quad Poster Fathom (1967) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Raquel Welch * Tony Franciosa * Ronald Fraser * Richard Briers

I had been looking for this poster for a while, I remember clearly Dad taking me to see it. At the time I had no idea who Raquel was, but she made an impression on me. Actually not a bad movie and she's good in it, I've seen it a few times since and its a lot of fun. Franciosa is very annoying but the film really isn't about him, the Skydiving intro made an impact. Not to mention Richard Briers as a baddie, how often do you see that? This poster has a crease across Raquel's eyes I just couldn't flatten for this pic, will try again after it's had some book pressure time. I also have the Press Kit for this.

The Peking Medallion 1967 Bachelor Girl Apartment 1966 British Poster The Peking Medallion (1967) Bachelor Girl Apartment (1966) Quad

Elke Sommer * Robert Stack * Nancy Kwan * Werner Peters * Christian Marquand

ABC often did their own thing with the poster art, or butchered it to include their Banner across the top. Some people seem to like these for the Real Cinema History factor but I admit I prefer logoless versions. Notice how Any Wednesday gets made over and renamed for the B-Movie, with Jane Fonda perked up a bit and even given a nipple shadow.

Torture Garden 1967 US 1 Sheet Torture Garden (1967) US 1 Sheet

Jack Palance * Burgess Meredith * Beverly Adams * Peter Cushing * John Standing * Bernard Kay * Catherine Finn * Maurice Denham * Ursula Howells * Niall MacGinnis

Amicus using Robert Bloch's stories for their anthology this time out. Dr Terror's House of Horror's came before this and is high on my want list, when spotted it is very expensive so that may take awhile. I haven't seen a quad for this one so settled for the 1 sheet when it came my way.

Doctor Faustus 1967 Quad Poster Doctor Faustus (1967) Quad

Richard Burton * Elizabeth Taylor * Andreas Teuber * Ian Marter * Elizabeth O'Donovan * David McIntosh * Jeremy Eccles

Burton and Taylor together again, I am surprised nobody has done a biopic about them yet.

Casino Royale 1967 US 30x40 Art Robert McGinnis Casino Royale (1967) US 30x40 Art: Robert McGinnis

Peter Sellers * Ursula Andress * David Niven * Orson Welles * Daliah Lavi * Woody Allen * Deborah Kerr

An appalling mess of a film but with a catchy theme tune and a pretty decent poster. In the spirit of the movie, I also compromised, this is a 30x40 version rather than the quad which is what I would obviously really be after. Same Robert McGinnis art, but much, much cheaper. Clearly should really be in with the (bad) Comedies but I put it here due to the areas sad lack of proper Bond. Which I will do something about the moment I hit the Lottery...

Sumuru 1967 Quad English Poster Sumuru (1967) Quad Tom Chantrell

Frankie Avalon * George Nader * Shirley Eaton * Wilfrid Hyde-White * Klaus Kinski

Frankie Avalon having a go at the swinging spy role this time, well, if Dean Martin can do it...but this is all about the girls and their villainess leader. The poster leaves you in no doubt about it.

Danger Route 1967 Quad English Poster Danger Route (1967) Quad

Richard Johnson * Carol Lynley * Barbara Bouchet * Sylvia Syms * Gordon Jackson * Diana Dors * Maurice Denham

More the cynical Smilie type spy than the Bond shenanigans the poster would like to suggest. Some good old Brit stars in it though as the glamour girls, villains and double agents.

The Ambushers 1967 1 Sheet Poster The Ambushers (1967) 1 Sheet Attributed Robert McGinnis

Dean Martin * Senta Berger * Janice Rule * James Gregory * Albert Salmi * Kurt Kasznar * Beverly Adams

Dean Martin Bonding with the Slaygirls in the third spoof.

The Ambushers 1967 Quad Robert McGinnis The Ambushers (1967) Quad Attributed Robert McGinnis

Dean Martin * Senta Berger * Janice Rule * James Gregory * Albert Salmi * Kurt Kasznar * Beverly Adams

Quad version of the third in series. You can tell we are deep in 60's Spy themes as the poster tells you what you need to know, the girls will be wearing Oleg Cassini outfits, just like Jackie Kennedy.

The Karate Killers 1967 Quad British Poster The Karate Killers (1967) Quad

Robert Vaughn * David McCallum * Joan Crawford * Curd Jürgens * Herbert Lom * Telly Savalas * Terry-Thomas * Leo G. Carroll * Jill Ireland

I am on a fools errand to find all of the Man From UNCLE movie posters but there are a lot of collectors out there inflating the prices. I suspect some will stay out of reach. I believe this is the 6th in the movie series again made up of edited episodes of the TV show. When filming the TV show, alternative takes were made for other worldwide TV Markets with different expectations of sex and violence than US viewers. So the movies were not scene by scene identical to the US TV broadcast version, sometimes using the "stronger" versions of a take in addition to the editing stitching it all together..

The Helicopter Spies UK Poster 1968 The Helicopter Spies (1968) Quad

Robert Vaughn * David McCallum * Carol Lynley * Bradford Dillman * Lola Albright * Leo G. Carroll * John Dehner * John Carradine * Julie London

Ah, proper spies from back when we were optimistic about he UN and the CIA weren't using drones to attack cars on crowded streets. The Man from Uncle TV shows were edited together to make films for the non-USA markets. I think this is the 7th, penultimate one.

Deadfall 1968 Quad Poster Deadfall (1968) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Michael Caine * Giovanni Ralli * Eric Portman * Nanette Newman

Assignment K 1968 Quad British Poster Assignment K (1968) Quad

Stephen Boyd * Camilla Sparv * Michael Redgrave * Leo McKern * Jeremy Kemp * Robert Hoffmann * Jane Merrow * Carl Möhner

Spy movie on ski's with a special K worked into the foreground.

A Lovely Way to Go 1968 Quad Poster A Lovely Way to Go (1968) Quad (US A Lovely Way to Die) Attrib: Arnaldo Putzu

Kirk Douglas * Sylva Koscina * Eli Wallach

Art so accurate you can see the rug on his head.

Pretty Poison 1968 Quad Poster Pretty Poison (1968) Quad

Anthony Perkins * Tuesday Weld * Beverly Garland

I have a duplicate unfolded version of this if anyone wants to make me an (outrageous) offer.

Witchfinder General 1968 Quad Poster Witchfinder General (1968) Quad Attributed Frank Langford

Vincent Price * Ian Ogilvy * Rupert Davies * Patrick Wymark * Wilfrid Brambell * Hilary Dwyer * Robert Russell * Nicky Henson * Tony Selby

Vincent Price plays it very straight and outright evil in this story, loosely based on real history.

Night of The Living Dead 1976 re-release Tom Chantrell art Night of The Living Dead (1968) Quad 1976 re-release Signature Tom Chantrell

Duane Jones * Judith O'Dea * Karl Hardman * Marilyn Eastman * Keith Wayne * Judith Ridley * Kyra Schon * George Kosana * Frank Doak

This is the more frequently seen, but still expensive thanks to being a teenage bedroom decor staple, re-release poster. A classic now, but wasn't that big a deal on it's initial release, it gathered momentum by word of mouth. I saw it as the 1976 re-release when it was preceded by it's reputation. I was surprised to see the black drapes come down the screen, it wasn't a wide screen film and was also in B&W! Not what I was expecting but the Video Nasty controversy of the 80's kept it in the public's attention despite being a pretty tame film IMHO. You can download it with a clear conscience, it's now public domain!

Curse of The Crimson Altar 1968 UK Quad Poster Curse of The Crimson Altar (1968) Quad

Boris Karloff * Christopher Lee * Mark Eden * Barbara Steele * Michael Gough * Virginia Wetherell

Obviously some great names in the genre here but I also just love the art for this. There's barmaid and virgin sacrifices mixed in, not too mention the famous faces. Probably hard to see at the size of this picture but there is a lot going on and all in glorious marker pen in seems. I don't know the artist yet, but it reminds me of Mike Vaughan's Hammer work.

Ice Station Zebra 1968 1 Sheet Art Howard Terpning Ice Station Zebra (1968) 1 Sheet Art: Howard Terpning, Robert McCall

Rock Hudson * Ernest Borgnine * Patrick McGoohan * Jim Brown

I remember very clearly my dad taking me to see this, all that underwater ice was quite otherworldly. Definitely one to see at the cinema though I suppose that's unlikely now. I also remember this is one where we walked in before the previous performance had ended, from where they were blowtorching the ice, so the end was pretty much ruined. In this version, the actors are by Howard Terpning, but the sub and paratroopers are by Robert McCall, with the overall design by Tom Jung.

Ice Station Zebra 1968 Quad Robert McCall Ice Station Zebra (1968) Quad: Robert McCall

Rock Hudson * Ernest Borgnine * Patrick McGoohan * Jim Brown

Most of the time the quad version is a blow-up of the simple Soviet and American face-off cartoon as seen in the 1 Sheet above. For a long time I have been looking for this artwork variation, which I have also seen as a US half sheet.

Lady In Cement1968 Quad UK Poster Lady In Cement (1968) Quad

Frank Sinatra * Raquel Welch * Richard Conte * Martin Gabel * Lainie Kazan * Virginia Wood * Frank Raiter * Christine Todd * Dan Blocker

Some moody misogyny from the 60's, but at least it's got Raquel in a bikini, again.

The Wrecking Crew (1969) US 1 Sheet Attributed Robert McGinnis

Dean Martin * Elke Sommer * Sharon Tate * Nancy Kwan * Tina Louise * Dahlia Lavi

For a guy who sings way too much for a proper spy, the Matt Helm movies were actually quite good fun. I think this was the fourth and last one he did. One sheet art is just the same as quad, but on a diet.

The Wrecking Crew 1969 Quad Poster The Wrecking Crew (1969) Quad Attributed Robert McGinnis

Dean Martin * Elke Sommer * Sharon Tate * Nancy Kwan * Tina Louise * Dahlia Lavi

Identical quad art, just spread out a bit more, like me in middle age. This would be the last film for Dean Martin's Matt Helm and sadly also Sharon Tate's thanks to the Manson Family.

Some Girls Do 1969 Quad British Poster Some Girls Do (1969) Quad

Richard Johnson * Daliah Lavi * Beba Loncar * James Villiers * Vanessa Howard * Maurice Denham * Robert Morley * Sydne Rome * Adrienne Posta * Florence Desmond * Virginia North * Yutte Stensgaard

Second and final outing for this version of spy Hugo Drummond. Like the Matt Helm movies and the Slaygirls, this is where the Femmebots originate.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) Style B Domestic 1 Sheet Art: Robert McGinnis/Frank McCarthy

George Lazenby * Diana Rigg * Telly Savalas * Ilse Steppat * Angela Scoular * Lois Maxwell * Catherina Von Schell * Bernard Lee * Desmond Llewelyn * Julie Ege * Joanna Lumley * Anouska Hempel * Jenny Hanley

Bond, Tracy Bond...well, nearly. I know a lot of people aren't fond of it but I love this one, Lazenby was perfectly good IMHO. First 007 I actually saw on initial release at a cinema and I remember all the promotion on TV very well, including appearances on Blue Peter. The long falls off cliffs and the churning red chum from the snowplow made an impression too. This poster also gets the gun right, it's not featuring the erroneous Air Pistol used since From Russia With Love with a couple of exceptions.

Crossplot 1969 - A Professional Gun 1968 Quad Poster Crossplot (1969) A Professional Gun (1968) Quad

Roger Moore * Martha Hyer * Alexis Kanner * Claudie Lange * Derek Francis * Ursula Howells * Bernard Lee * Veronica Carlson * Gabrielle Drake

After The Saint and before The Persuaders, he gave the whole Playboy Adventurer thing this outing before settling down as a civil servant for Her Majesty.

The Dunwich Horror 1970 Quad Poster The Dunwich Horror (1970) Quad Art: Reynold Brown

Sandra Dee * Dean Stockwell * Ed Begley * Lloyd Bochner * Sam Jaffe

A bit orange but nice monster pici, as always, better than what you will see in the actual movie.

Puppet On A Chain 1970 Quad poster Puppet on a Chain (1970) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Sven-Bertil Taube * Barbara Parkins * Alexander Knox * Patrick Allen * Vladek Sheybal

Another one my dad took me to see so nostalgia is high. The whole drugs thing in the plot went right over my head, ah innocence. The Amsterdam nightclubs made an impression though, I had my bachelor party there 23 years later.

Snake People 1971 One Sheet Poster

Snake People (1971) 1 Sheet

Boris Karloff * Anabella Vandenberg * Charles East * Ralph Bertrand * Tongolele * Quintin Bulnes * Santanon * July Marichael

I can't afford to be fussy on size or quality for Boris Karloff posters.

Chain Gang Women 1971 Point of Terror 1971 Poster Chain Gang Women (1971) Point of Terror (1971)

Michael Stearns * Robert Lott * Barbara Mills * Linda York

Peter Carpenter * Dyanne Thorne * Lory Hansen * Leslie Simms * Joel Marston * Paula Mitchell

Same art as US 1 Sheet poster spliced on for quad double bill.

When Eight Bells Toll 1971 Quad Poster When Eight Bells Toll (1971) Quad Art: Brian Bysouth

Anthony Hopkins * Robert Morley * Nathalie Delon * Jack Hawkins

Lots of Alistair Maclean being milked in the 70's.

Diamonds Are Forever 1971 Quad Art Robert McGinnis Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Quad Art: Robert McGinnis

Sean Connery * Jill St. John * Charles Gray * Lana Wood * Jimmy Dean * Bruce Cabot * Putter Smith * Bruce Glover * Norman Burton * Bernard Lee * Desmond Llewelyn * Lois Maxwell

The only Connery Bond I have that's in decent condition, although it does have paper panels pasted over the Technicolor credit for some reason, and a little square pasted over one of the AA's to make it an A. When I eventually found my way to Circus Circus in Las Vegas I was very disappointed, well past it. In my humble opinion, it wasn't worth bribing Connery back for this, it's not one of the best Bonds, great poster though.

Mrs Pollifax - Spy 1971 Quad British Poster Mrs Pollifax - Spy (1971) Quad Art: Frank Frazetta

Rosalind Russell * Darren McGavin * Nehemiah Persoff * Harold Gould * Albert Paulsen

Don't know this one, a US Mrs Marple or similar I think. Unusual art...

Straw Dogs 1971 Quad UK Poster Straw Dogs (1971) Quad

Dustin Hoffman * Susan George * Peter Vaughan * T.P. McKenna

Well, if you are going to stroll around a quaint little Cornish fishing village with no bra on, of course people are going to die violently. Susan's little pokies a big feature of this poster, and the movie.

A Clockwork Orange 1971 Quad Philip Castle A Clockwork Orange (1971) Quad Art: Philip Castle

Malcolm McDowell * Patrick Magee * Michael Bates * Warren Clarke * Adrienne Corri * David Prowse * Carol Drinkwater * Katya Wyeth * Miriam Karlin

Well, I must admit I never thought I'd get my hands on one of these and I am open to the idea that it is a fake. This is one of the few quads reproduced over the years. Still, it's supposed to be the real thing, reassuringly beaten up and almost the right size. It's missing a 2" strip guillotined off the top, probably to make it fit a cheap 1 sheet frame. Worth the risk at what I paid for it for such an icon.

Burke and Hare 1972 Quad Poster Burke and Hare (1972) Quad

Derren Nesbitt * Harry Andrews * Glynn Edwards * Yootha Joyce * Françoise Pascal * Yutte Stensgaard * Robin Hawdon

Doomwatch 1972 Quad UK Poster Doomwatch (1972) Quad

Ian Bannen * Judy Geeson * John Paul * Simon Oates * Jean Trend * George Sanders

I used to watch Doomwatch on TV where it was a mild Dr Who for grown-ups eco-horror. It got revved up a bit by Hammer wannabe's Tigon borrowing their Peter Sasdy to direct and pushing the regular cast into the background with more movie worthy faces leading the story. The poster reflects this too, with Bannen, Geeson and the monsters looming large while the poor old regular cast get a B&W Panel at the bottom, included for those regular TV viewers who needed reassurance that this is pukka Doomwatch.

The Hitchhikers 1972 1 Sheet The Hitchhikers (1972) 1 Sheet

Linda Avery * Tammy Gibbs * Norman Klar * Bleu McKenzie * Misty Rowe * Kathy Stutsman * Mary Thatcher

The film that spawned the urban legends, or vice versa.

How to Steal a Diamond in Four Uneasy Lessons 1972 Quad poster How to Steal a Diamond in Four Uneasy Lessons / US The Hot Rock (1972) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Robert Redford * George Segal

Poster is trying hard to look like Butch and Sundance it seems.

The Wrath of God 1975 Quad Poster The Wrath of God (1972) Quad

Robert Mitchum * Ken Hutchinson * Frank Langella * John Colicos * Rita Hayworth * Paula Pritchett * Victor Buono

Talk about many dodgy stereotypes and images can you spot in this one?

Kung Fu Fighting - Pirates of Blood Island 1972 Quad Double Bill Kung Fu Fighting - Pirates of Blood Island (1972) Quad

Carlos Quiney * Stan Cooper * Maria Pia Conte * María Dolores Tovar

I can't find an attribution for the King Fu flick, not only were the original dubbed films renamed for European markets but the names of the actors were Aliases too.

Dr Phibes Rises Again 1972 Quad UK Poster Dr Phibes Rises Again (1972) Quad

Vincent Price * Robert Quarry * Valli Kemp * Peter Jeffrey * Fiona Lewis * Hugh Griffith * Peter Cushing * Beryl Reid * Terry-Thomas

These were very popular, Price returning again for his second outing as the Abominable one. I didn't really think they were that good but what do I know.

tales From The Crypt 1972 Quad Poster Tales From the Crypt (1972) Quad

Joan Collins * Peter Cushing * Roy Dotrice * Richard Greene * Ian Hendry * Patrick Magee

Amicus anthology, predecessor to Vault of Horror. I have a fondness of this type of movie, from Rod Serling up to Creepshow and the HBO series.

The Vault of Horror 1973 Quad Poster The Vault of Horror (1973) Quad

Dawn Addams * Tom Baker * Michael Craig * Denholm Elliott * Glynis Johns * Edward Judd * Curt Jürgens * Anna Massey * Daniel Massey * Terry-Thomas * Robin Nedwell * Geoffrey Davies * Terence Alexander

Ah, another favorite...the still of the tap in the neck episode must have featured in every contemporary horror film book of the time and a bunch more since.

The Creeping Flesh (1973) 1 Sheet

Christopher Lee * Peter Cushing * Lorna Heilbron * George Benson * Kenneth J. Warren * Duncan Lamont * Michael Ripper

This has been high on the want list for the nostalgia factor, the first Horror film I actually saw at a cinema, on initial release. Even though it was an X film and I was a long way from qualifying, mum took me! Apparently I get the love of Sci-Fi from Dad, Horror from Mum. I missed both the Double bill paired with Flesh and Blood Brides, which was the actual showing I saw, and initial release Quad, because I wasn't willing to bid the outrageous amounts they went for, despite very crap art. So settling for the US version, with better art.

Slaves 1973 Quad Poster Slaves (1973) US Russ Meyer's Black Snake Quad

Anouska Hempel * David Warbeck * Percy Herbert

Not sure how Anouska found herself in this but then again surprised she finds her self in anything really. Russ Meyer included here for the obvious reasons, though not sure how involved he actually is.

Seems to me this is a bunch of anonymous stand-in models posing for this poster. Dead giveaway - nobodies face is visible, generally stars insist on having their mugs on the art. Models in both features even seem to be sharing the same bikini. Reeks of knockoff...

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot 1973 Quad Poster Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1973) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Clint Eastwood * Jeff Bridges * Geoffrey Lewis * Catherine Bach * Gary Busey

Those 70's endings again...

From Beyond The Grave 1973 1 Sheet Poster From Beyond the Grave (1973) US 1 Sheet

Peter Cushing * Ian Bannen * Ian Carmichael * Diana Dors * Margaret Leighton * Donald Pleasence * Nyree Dawn Porter * David Warner

I have read a lot of R Chetwynd-Hayes, this is based on his stories. Amicus, Max J Rosenberg and Milton Subotsky obviously thought this would be a good direction for them, they did another one, Monster Club, featuring the author himself. Art is unrelated to movie, again, but that seems true of all the versions I have seen and there seems to be more variations on poster art than usual for this film.

Live and Let Die 1973 US Half Sheet Art Robert McGinnis Live and Let Die (1973) US Half Sheet Art: Robert McGinnis:

Roger Moore * Yaphet Kotto * Jane Seymour * Geoffrey Holder * David Hedison * Gloria Hendry * Bernard Lee * Lois Maxwell

OK, so not the quad, but I was thrilled to get my hands on this one all the same. At least it's the same art, same perspective. Not the best of the Moore Bond's but it was at least the first. Quite the Shaft influence about it all as you can see in the tarot artwork. The great thing about Bond's is that they are such great memory triggers, this one always causes reminisces about Cornwall to surface.

Penny Gold 1973 Quad British Poster Penny Gold (1973) Quad

James Booth * Francesca Annis * Nicky Henson * Joss Ackland * Una Stubbs * Sue Lloyd

Obscure British thriller set in the dangerous high stakes world of, um, stamp collecting...

Wonder Women 1973 Quad Britsh Poster Wonder Women (1973) Quad

Nancy Kwan * Ross Hagen * Maria De Aragon * Roberta Collins * Tony Lorea * Sid Haig * Vic Dias * Claire Hagen

Another super spy chicks 70's B film, all bad girls, all the time.

bonnies kids - scream and die movie poster Bonnies Kids (1973) Scream and Die (1974) Quad

Tiffany Bolling * Steve Sandor * Robin Mattson * Scott Brady * Alex Rocco

Andrea Allan * Karl Lanchbury & Maggie Walker * Peter Forbes-Robertson * Judy Matheson

I thought they meant Bonnie and Clyde's kids but apparently not, just your normal trailer trash gone bad.

Superchick Knucklemen Quad Double Superchick (1973) - Knucklemen (1973) Quad Double

Joyce Jillson * Louie Quinn * Thomas Reardon * John Carradine

Don Marshall * Phyllis Davis * Ena Hartman * Marta Kristen * Barbara Leigh * Tom Selleck

Knuckle-men I have actually seen, as it's original title Terminal Island. It's not a bad story about surviving on a prison island with no rules. The other one, never seen it, but look at that art.

Flesh for Frankenstein 1973 Quad Poster Flesh for Frankenstein (1973) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Monique van Vooren * Udo Kier * Arno Juerging * Dalila Di Lazzaro

I remember this one coming out, though I was too young to see it. Always billed as "Andy Warhol's..." so you would know it was chock full of nudity. There was a similar Blood for Dracula made too.

Blood For Dracula 1974 Quad Poster Art Arnaldo Putzu Blood For Dracula (1974) Quad Art Arnaldo Putzu

Joe Dallesandro * Udo Kier * Vittorio De Sica * Maxime McKendry

Bookend to Flesh above, the poster seems to come up for sale much less frequently.

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry 1974 Quad Poster Dirty Mary Crazy Larryy (1974) Quad

Peter Fonda * Susan George * Adam Roarke

The 70's weren't afraid to do unhappy endings...Susan George looking and sounding convincingly trailer trash.

Caravan to Vaccares 1974 Quad Poster Caravan to Vaccares (1974) Quad

David Birney * Charlotte Rampling * Michael Lonsdale * Marcel Bozzuffi * Michael Bryant

Another pillage of Alistair McLean.

Death Wish 1974 Quad English Poster Death Wish (1974) Quad

Charles Bronson * Hope Lange * Vincent Gardenia * Steven Keats * William Redfield * Stuart Margolin

Controversial for it's day, what with the Vigilante thing, but who doesn't like seeing muggers ventilated.

Mama's Dirty Girls 1974 US 1 Sheet Poster Mama's Dirty Girls (1974) US 1 Sheet

Gloria Grahame * Paul Lambert * Sondra Currie * Candice Rialson * Christopher Lofton

Murderous teenagers in their underwear, about all you need to know about this movie really.

Enter the 7 virgins British Quad Poster Enter The 7 Virgins (1974) Quad Hong Kong Yang chi

Hua Yueh * Hui-Ling Liu * Sonja Jeannine * Diane Drube * Gillian Bray * Tamara Elliot * Deborah Ralls

Oh I was so happy to find this can never be sure with the masses of Kung Fu flicks that were churned out in the early 70's that you have the right title. I remember this a spotty teenager my mate Kevin and I would go to any Kung Fu film that was on, we saw some truly awful ones, but I loved this beauty. They did a preview of it on regional TV when it opened, boobs and Kung Fu, what teenager wouldn't be down there for the matinee? As I remember one of the blondes had quite prominent bugs bunny teeth, which the bad guys found very sexy...and until then I had just thought it was me!

Percy's Progress 1974 Quad Poster Percy's Progress (1974) Quad

Leigh Lawson * Elke Sommer * Denholm Elliott * Judy Geeson * Harry H. Corbett * Vincent Price * Adrienne Posta * Julie Ege* Barry Humphries

I've' never seen this sequel to Percy but it certainly has all the right 70's sex comedy stars in it.

The Man With The Golden Gun 1974 Half Sheet Art Robert McGinnis The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) Half Sheet Art: Robert McGinnis

Roger Moore * Christopher Lee * Britt Ekland * Maud Adams * Herve Villechaize * Clifton James * Richard Loo * Soon-Taik Oh * Bernard Lee * Lois Maxwell * Desmond Llewelyn

Better than the first, Live and Let Die, in my opinion. I remember seeing an interview on British Kids TV Movie Review Show Clapperboard with Christopher Lee demonstrating the killer tea tray, how often do you get to see that? Would have preferred the quad know the story.

The Big Zapper 1974 Quad British Poster The Big Zapper (1974) Quad

Linda Marlowe * Richard Monette * Gary Hope * Sean Hewitt * Michael O'Malley * Jack May * Penny Irving

Good grief, a British King Fu flick! To be fair, it is just an excuse for your typical Adventure/Confessions type larks only with a female lead doing badly choreographed karate. It was reissued later as "The Sex Life of a Female Private Eye" and has Benny Hill regular Penny Irving in a minor role which gives you a better idea of what it is really all about.

Legend of the Werewolf - Vampire Circus Quad Poster Legend of the Werewolf (1975) / Vampire Circus (1972) Quad Art: Vic Fair

Peter Cushing * Ron Moody * Hugh Griffith * Roy Castle

Vampire Circus is already in the Hammer section, Legend is from Tyburn not Hammer, so this seems the right place for it. Hammer's foray was The Curse of the Werewolf (1961), much better, and I finally have the quad!

Paper Tiger 1975 Quad Poster Paper Tiger (1975) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

David Niven * Toshirô Mifune * Hardy Krüger

The Hindenburg 1975 Quad poster The Hindenburg (1975) Quad Attributed: Mort Kunstler

George C. Scott * Anne Bancroft * William Atherton * Roy Thinnes * Gig Young * Burgess Meredith

What was it about the 70's and disaster movies?

The Man From Hong Kong 1975 Quad The Man From Hong Kong (1975) Quad Art: Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Jimmy Wang Yu * George Lazenby

As you will have noticed, I am too cheap to get heavily in to the James Bond poster collecting lark, though I have been catching up when I can. I have consoled myself by picking up the many superspy rivals and wannabe's whenever possible. George Lazenby was a perfectly adequate Bond in my opinion, and OHMSS was one of my favorites. Meanwhile, I love the over the top action in this poster.

Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold 1975 Quad Poster Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold (1975) Quad

Tamara Dobson * Stella Stevens * Norman Fell

SuperVixens 1975 Quad Poster Russ Meyer SuperVixens (1975) Quad

Shari Eubank * Charles Napier * Uschi Digard

Russ Meyer, famous for, um, girls like this in dodgy movies. A few more of his would be on my wish list if he wasn't such a cult favorite with way too many collectors inflating prices.

3 Days Of The Condor 1975 Quad Poster 3 Days Of The Condor (1975) Quad

Robert Redford * Faye Dunaway * Cliff Robertson * Max von Sydow * John Houseman * Addison Powell

Not your average spy thriller, the good old cynical 70's where nobody trusts authority any more. I am not sure the poster really does the film justice, it's hardly a romance yet that features prominently, maybe it's hard to come up with an artistic portrayal of betrayal.

The Devil's Rain 1975 Vampyres 1974 Quad UK Poster The Devil's Rain (1975) Vampyres (1974) Quad

Ernest Borgnine * Eddie Albert * Ida Lupino * William Shatner * Keenan Wynn * Tom Skerritt * Woodrow Chambliss * John Travolta

Marianne Morris * Anulka * Murray Brown * Brian Deacon * Sally Faulkner * Michael Byrne

Post Hammer's Carmilla trio, Lesbian Vampires seem to have been much more interesting theme to explore than old guys in opera capes. It's interesting that for this double bill The Devil's Rain should be the B film, it's a year older, but is placed equal and to the left of Vampyres.

The Eiger Sanction 1975 Quad The Eiger Sanction (1975) Quad Art: M'Aleu

Clint Eastwood * George Kennedy * Vonetta McGee * Jack Cassidy

Eastwood well established now...good mug shot on this poster.

The Dirty Half Dozen 1976 Quad Poster The Dirty Half Dozen (1976) Quad US Hustler Squad

John Ericson * Ramon Revilla * Karen Ericson * Lynda Sinclaire * Nory Wright * Lisa Lorena

This is what they want...bimbo's with guns, pure exploitation art. Love it!

Hustler Squad 1976 US 1 Sheet Hustler Squad (1976) US 1 Sheet

John Ericson * Ramon Revilla * Karen Ericson * Lynda Sinclaire * Nory Wright * Lisa Lorena

I know I shouldn't have but the color is a bit better on the 1 sheet. Interesting how they moved elements of the same art around to use the different perspective.

The Terror of Dr Chaney 1976 Revenge of the Dead 1977 The Terror of Dr Chaney (1976) Revenge of the Dead (1977)

Richard Basehart * Gloria Grahame * Trish Stewart * Lance Henriksen

Christopher Lee * Mason Harrue * J. Arthur Craig * James Habif * Bob Mead

The original titles have been changed for both films on this double bill. It will be interesting to see what confused traffic ends up here from the keywords "Terror" and "Chaney".

Werewolf Woman 1976 La Lupa mannara Quad Poster Werewolf Woman (1976) Quad Art: Sam Peffer Italy Lupa mannara, La

Annik Borel * Howard Ross * Dagmar Lassander * Tino Carraro

Eurosmut in a fur wrapping...nothing wrong with that but some joyless sentinel of virtue used a felt tip to add a bra and skirt on the artwork...bugger.

Blackboard Massacre Circle of Fear 1976 Quad Poster Blackboard Massacre  / Circle of Fear (1976) Quad US Massacre at Central High

Derrel Maury * Andrew Stevens * Robert Carradine * Kimberly Beck

Doesn't it just scream exploitation at you? In a way you know will never be delivered on...

Mother Jugs and Speed 1976 Quad Poster Mother, Jugs and Speed (1976) Quad Art: John Alvin

Raquel Welch * Bill Cosby * Harvey Keitel

Bill Cosby is Mother, Hmm, I wonder which one is Jugs?

The Deadly Females 1976 Quad UK Poster The Deadly Females (1976) Quad

Tracy Reed * Jean Harrington * Olivia Munday * Gennie Nevison * Angela Jay * Rula Lenska

Novel, but not great art. Irresistible because of the soap stars and TV faces doing their bit for the British Film Industry.

The Spy Who Loved Me 1977 Quad Poster The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Quad Art: Bob Peak

Roger Moore * Barbara Bach * Curt Jürgens * Richard Kiel * Caroline Munro

Ah, finally...a classic Bond poster. Great perspective art, loads of hidden details and blur your eyes for the Stromberg facial. It was the first to fall into my meager price range. I have good memories of this and the date I was on when I saw it. Sadly, it is the version with the Seiko watch promotion over the top of the nice submarine art but beggars and tight wads can't be choosers. Can you believe 127 quid for a very tacky digital watch? Wow, lot of money back then too...

Sweeney! 1977 Quad Art Frank Langford The Sweeney! (1977) Quad Art: Frank Langford

John Thaw * Dennis Waterman * Barry Foster * Ian Bannen * Colin Welland * Diane Keen * Michael Coles * Joe Melia * Brian Glover * Lynda Bellingham

Shut it! Yes guv...Oh so 70's...definitely not Dixon or Z-Cars...violence, nudity, swearing and on every week. The movie even pushed it a bit further than the TV series. Art also features the rather disturbing murder of the Oxo lady from the opening.

The Squeeze 1977 British Quad Poster The Squeeze (1977) Quad

Stacy Keach * David Hemmings * Edward Fox * Stephen Boyd * Carol White * Freddie Starr

I have caught this one late night a few times, definitely 70's grit. Anything with David Hemmings is good in my opinion, even when he is the bad guy taking his kidnap victim for a recreational spin. Sawn-off's seemed to be such a feature of 70's British gangster films.

Golden Rendezvous - That's Carry On 1977 Quad Poster Golden Rendezvous / That's Carry On (1977) Quad Arnaldo Putzu

Richard Harris * Ann Turkel * Gordon Jackson * John Vernon * David Janssen * Burgess Meredith

Stockings and SMG's, oh yes.

Ruby - Satans Slave Quad Poster Ruby (1977) / Satan's Slave (1976) Quad

One of those posters that seems to come up frequently on Ebay. I was weak, I bought it. I have now seen Warren's Satans Slave and I'd say this is a fair artistic hint to the movie content, not sure why but I even acquired some Lobby Cards.

The Great Gundown 1977 Trip to Kill 1971 Double Bill Quad Art John Solie The Great Gundown (1977) Trip to Kill (1971) Quad Signature: John Solie

Robert Padilla * Malila Saint Duval * Richard Rust * Steve Oliver * David Eastman

Tom Stern * Telly Savalas * Robert Vaughn * John Marley * Burgess Meredith

Terror 1978 Quad Poster Terror (1978) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

John Nolan * Carolyn Courage * James Aubrey * Sarah Keller * Tricia Walsh * Glynis Barber

I haven't seen many Norman Warren movies though he has a bit of a following amongst lovers of the dodgy.

The Bermuda Triangle 1978 Quad Poster The Bermuda Triangle (1978) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell (Mexico Triángulo diabólico de las Bermudas)

John Huston * Andrés García * Hugo Stiglitz * Gloria Guida * Marina Vlady * Claudine Auger

There were a rash of Bermuda triangle books and films in the 70's, among them, this one from Mexico.

Death on the Nile 1978 Quad UK Poster Death on the Nile (1978) Quad Attrib: Richard Amsel

Peter Ustinov * Jane Birkin * Lois Chiles * Bette Davis * Mia Farrow * Jon Finch * Olivia Hussey * George Kennedy * Angela Lansbury * Simon MacCorkindale * David Niven * Maggie Smith

A pity they went for the photo art and faces on this, but at least there are some hieroglyphics around the edge.

The Big Sleep 1978 Quad Richard Amsel The Big Sleep (1978) Quad Signature Richard Amsel

Robert Mitchum * Sarah Miles * Richard Boone * Candy Clark * Joan Collins * Edward Fox * John Mills * James Stewart * Oliver Reed * Colin Blakely * Richard Todd * Diana Quick

Classic noir image of helpless doe eyed fatale snuggling into square jawed hero - with his tiny gun. Id have put Joan Collins in the picture personally, looking a lot less innocent.

The Thirty Nine Steps 1978 Quad UK Poster The Thirty Nine Steps (1978) Quad

Robert Powell * David Warner * Eric Porter * Karen Dotrice * John Mills * George Baker

I like this version of the movie and the poster too, but for some reason I have watched it sell for surprising amounts for a recent and relatively common item. Still, this one was a bargain, so worth the wait.

The First Great Train Robbery 1979 Quad Poster The First Great Train Robbery (1979) Quad Art: Tom Jung

Sean Connery * Donald Sutherland * Lesley-Anne Down * Alan Webb * Michael Elphick * Wayne Sleep * Pamela Salem

Ooh, choo-choo's and L-A D for the lads.

Firepower 1979 UK Quad Art C W Taylor Firepower (1979) Quad Art: C W Taylor

Sophia Loren * James Coburn * O.J. Simpson * Eli Wallach * Anthony Franciosa

Presented here for your appreciation solely on the basis of Loren's pigment rendered cleavage and the fact it was so very cheap, less than a Buck in fact. Still, even then I almost didn't go for it due to the specter of OJ looking way too smug...

The Riddle of The Sands 1979 Quad The Riddle of The Sands (1979) Quad Art: Brian Bysouth

Michael York * Jenny Agutter * Simon MacCorkindale * Alan Badel

Michael York and Jenny Agutter back together again.

Moonraker 1979 Quad Art Dan Gouzee Moonraker (1979) Quad Art: Dan Gouzee

Roger Moore * Lois Chiles * Michael Lonsdale * Richard Kiel * Corrine Clery * Bernard Lee * Geoffrey Keen * Desmond Llewelyn * Lois Maxwell

About as over the top as you could get, definitely no sight of anybodies' feet still being on the ground. Still, fun in a guilty pleasure kind of way. The sequel came back to Earth a bit more and is not onlya good film but has the Legs art. The dimensions on this poster are out for a quad, 29x36, so I was very cheesed at Heritage for selling me a trimmed quad. Since then I have seen others the same size as well as the normal 30x40 version, which has a bit more space filling the space. It is a legitimate theatre poster sized specifically for the London Underground, I am told. One day I will still be getting me the "proper" quad...

The Golden Lady 1979 Quad Poster The Golden Lady (1979) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Christina World * Suzanne Danielle * June Chadwick * Anika Pavel * Stephan Chase * Desmond Llewelyn

TV grade bimbos in low budget wannabe female Bond territory, not that I am saying it's a bad thing...look at that art. How on earth did they get Q involved?

No 1 Licensed To Love and Kill 1979 Quad Poster No. 1, Licensed To Love and Kill (1979) Quad

Gareth Hunt * Nick Tate * Fiona Curzon * Geoffrey Keen * Gary Hope * John Arnatt * John Junkin * Me Me Lai * Imogen Hassall

Apparently there were three of these, Number One of the Secret Service (1977), Licensed to Love and Kill (1979) Number One Gun (1980). The wannabee Bond was called Charles Vine. Mr Vine had featureed in an earlier 60's trilogy too: The Second Best Secret Agent in the Whole Wide World, Where The Bullets Fly and O.K. Yevtushenko. Not that long ago really so it's surprising to see a remake trilogy for a pretty obscure character so soon.

American Gigolo 1980 Quad Poster American Gigolo (1980) Quad

Richard Gere * Lauren Hutton * Hector Elizondo

Glossy and photo art, but still moody.

Eaten Alive 1980 Quad Poster Eaten Alive (1980) Quad Sam Peffer

Robert Kerman * Janet Agren * Ivan Rassimov * Mel Ferrer

Along with Zombie films as we now know them, cannibalism films were the other great outrage of the video nasties panic in the 80's. Films I heard talked about more than I ever actually saw. Just like the people who were outraged by them.

Silent Scream 1980 Quad UK Movie Poster Silent Scream (1980) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Rebecca Balding * Cameron Mitchell * Avery Schreiber * Barbara Steele * Yvonne De Carlo

I could really do with Barbara Steele brightening up the place more, have to keep a look out for some of her classic Italian screamers. Meanwhile, I'm not sure who's big gob this is.

For Your Eyes Only 1981 Quad Art Bill Gold For Your Eyes Only (1981) Quad Art: Bill Gold

Roger Moore * Carole Bouquet * Topol * Lynn-Holly Johnson * Lois Maxwell * Desmond Llewelyn

One of the better Moore years Bond, in fact this and The Spy Who Loved Me are the best ones IMHO. It was good to see reality come back somewhat after Moonraker, the opening 2CV chase was a welcome return to earth. I well remember the advertising hype and controversy with the legs, the fact the model is wearing bikini pants backwards led rise to an incorrect rumor the model was a boy. In fact the actual model attribution was also a source of controversy, three girls (and zero boys) claimed they were hers.

Scared to Death 1981 Quad Poster Scared to Death (1981) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

John Stinson * Diana Davidson * Jonathan David Moses * Toni Jannotta

This poster is offered on Ebay every week as far as I can tell, maybe the entire print run made it into the hands of the dealers when they decided to go direct to video? Haven't seen it...

The Monster Club 1981 Quad Graham Humphreys The Monster Club (1981) Quad Attributed Graham Humphreys

Vincent Price * Donald Pleasence * John Carradine * Stuart Whitman * Richard Johnson * Barbara Kellerman * Britt Ekland * Simon Ward * Anthony Valentine * Patrick Magee * Lesley Dunlop

I am a fan of every ingredient in this, R. Chetwynd-Hayes stories, Amicus anthologies of which this is the last and Vincent Price. But it's awful. Where to start? The cheap and impossible to act through masks? The shoehorning in of flavor of the day pop stars? The inability to decide if this is a comedy or a horror film and for an audience of kids or adults? What I really don't understand is why are the posters so expensive, even now? Surely only I have a sentimental attachment to this obscure film due to reading Ronald a lot as a teen?

The Entity 1982 Quad Poster The Entity (1982) Quad

Barbara Hershey * Ron Silver * David Labiosa * George Coe * Margaret Blye

Another one I vaguely remember from the Video Home Rental days. It got some attention in the press for being allegedly based on a trueish story (if you believe in demons'n'stuff) and a cursed cast & crew plagued by set accidents.

The Man With The Deadly Lens 1982 Quad Poster The Man With The Deadly Lens (1982) Quad

Sean Connery * George Grizzard * Robert Conrad * Katharine Ross * John Saxon

Poster looks to be marketing this with a Bondish pose from Connery.

Brimstone and Treacle 1982 Quad Poster Brimstone and Treacle (1982) Quad

Sting * Denholm Elliott * Joan Plowright * Suzanna Hamilton * Mary MacLeod

I am not totally convinced about Sting as an actor, but this is about as good as it gets for him. Not sure why the double 1-sheet type art, I noticed Monty Python movies have this too, probably cost cutting so one sheet and quad are effectively the same. Quite a disturbing movie with Sting looking suitably evil though it's not clear from the movie what his alignment is. Great to see an ambiguous movie that you can argue about in the pub afterwards.

Vice Squad 1982 Quad British Poster Vice Squad (1982) Quad

Season Hubley * Gary Swanson * Wings Hauser

Do I even need to say why this is here? Yep, that and it was cheap.

The House of the Long Shadows 1983 Quad Poster House of The Long Shadows (1983) Quad

Vincent Price * Christopher Lee * Peter Cushing * John Carradine

I quite like this type of movie, spoofed by the likes of Clue, although this film doesn't take itself too seriously either. You have to love the 4 famous faces on this poster.

Double Jeopardy 1983 Quad Poster Chantrell Double Jeopardy (1983) Quad Signature Tom Chantrell

Suzanna Love * Robert Walker * Jeff Winchester * Amy Robinson

If the perkiness of Ms Love didn't tell you this was a Chantrell, he has tagged London Bridge to remove all doubt.

The House of Evil 1983 Quad Poster The House of Evil (1983) Quad US House on Sorority Row

Kate McNeil * Eileen Davidson * Janis Ward * Robin Meloy * Lois Kelso Hunt

Not a huge fan of teen slasher movies but the art isn't bad for 80's.

The Osterman Weekend 1983 Quad British Poster The Osterman Weekend (1983) Quad Art: Bryan Bysouth

Rutger Hauer * Craig T. Nelson * Dennis Hopper * Chris Sarandon * Meg Foster * Helen Shaver

Another I remember for the video rental, VHS seems so long ago now. Odd film and for some reason the poster always sells much more expensive than it should for a minor 80's movie.

Campsite Massacre 1983 Hellcat Mud Wrestlers 1983 Double Bill Quad Poster Campsite Massacre (1983) US The Final Terror Hellcat Mud Wrestlers (1983) Quad Signature: Tom Chantrell

John Friedrich * Adrian Zmed * Ernest Harden Jr. * Lewis Smith * Rachel Ward * Daryl Hannah

Dee Booher (Queen Kong) * John M East * Vicki Scott * John Roach

Possibly her Thorn Birds fame prompted a promotion up the credits on this poster for Rachel Ward, Daryl Hannah is in here somewhere too. Twinned with...Mud Wrestling? I guess this was new and big in the early eighties.

Crimes of Passion 1984 Quad Poster Crimes of Passion (1984) Quad

Kathleen Turner * Bruce Davison * Gordon Hunt * Dan Gerrity * Anthony Perkins

Here for the guilty pleasure factor and the fact that it was incredibly cheap...Romancing the Stone will most likely show up at some point too...mock if you must.

Angel 1984 Quad Poster Angel (1984) Quad

Donna Wilkes * Cliff Gorman * Susan Tyrrell * Dick Shawn * Rory Calhoun

Another great new phenomenon for the 80s - Direct To Video! Bad films, dodgy premises and guilty pleasures, all in the comfort of your own home. I am told this did in fact get a theatrical release in the US.

City Heat 1984 Quad Poster UK City Heat (1984) Quad

Clint Eastwood * Burt Reynolds * Jane Alexander * Madeline Kahn * Rip Torn * Irene Cara * Richard Roundtree * Tony Lo Bianco

I like a noir poster, especially one with a femme fatalle, but this one isn't that interesting in my opinion. So why did I buy it? Well, it actually came with a bunch of others and I am incapable of letting anything's a sad affliction.

The Company Of Wolves 1984 Quad Poster The Company Of Wolves (1984) Quad Art: Alan Lee

Sarah Patterson * Angela Lansbury * David Warner

Some nice variations on the usual theme, everyone was doing better transformation sequences post American Werewolf in London, which is another one of my favorites, really need to find the poster some time...

Certain Fury 1985 Quad Art R Cabaro Certain Fury (1985) Quad Art: R Cabaro

Tatum O'Neal * Irene Cara * Moses Gunn * Peter Fonda

...and I thought Irene Cara had only been in Fame, well there you go. Good to see actual art in an 80's movie poster.

Swordkill 1985 Quad Poster Swordkill (1985) Quad

Hiroshi Fujioka * John Calvin * Janet Julian * Charles Lampkin * Frank Schuller

Acquired as part of a lot and badly creased.

Commando Leopard 1985 Quad UK Poster Commando Leopard (1985) Quad

Lewis Collins * Klaus Kinski * Cristina Donadio * Manfred Lehmann * John Steiner

Wondering whatever happened to Lewis Collins after The Professionals? Determined to go with the tough guy thing apparently.

The Living Daylights 1987 British Quad Art Brian Bysouth The Living Daylights (1987) Quad Art Brian Bysouth

Timothy Dalton * Maryam d'Abo * Jeroen Krabbé * Joe Don Baker * John Rhys-Davies * Art Malik

Main poster art that was one of the last to be painted rather than a photomontage.

The Living Daylights 1987 Quad Poster The Living Daylights (1987) Quad

Timothy Dalton * Maryam d'Abo * Jeroen Krabbé * Joe Don Baker * John Rhys-Davies * Art Malik

Dalton doing the more ruthless version of Bond is like the Lazenby outing, one of my favorite variations of the character. He played Bond straight before the Craig reboot and went under-appreciated for it. This is the see through dress version of the Poster.

Return of the Living Dead Part II 1988 UK Quad Return of the Living Dead Part II (1988) Quad

Thom Mathews * Dana Ashbrook * Marsha Dietlein * Phil Bruns * Michael Kenworthy

So many Zombie films...

Licence to Kill 1989 Quad British Poster Licence to Kill (1989) Quad Art: Robert Behling

Timothy Dalton * Carey Lowell * Robert Davi * Talisa Soto

I have liked all the controversial Bonds, OHMSS is still one of my favorites, I thought Dalton was underestimated too. His Bond was a little more cynical and hard edged.. Nibbling round the edges of the expensive 007 poster collecting lark, I am trying to grab the more recent ones when they show up cheap.

Bullseye 1990 Quad poster Bullseye (1990) Quad

Michael Caine * Roger Moore * Sally Kirkland * Deborah Moore * Derren Nesbitt * Deborah Leng * Steffanie Pitt

More modern than I usually collect but the art is more like earlier decades and of course these are well known faces. Possibly mis-categorized, more comedy than caper but going with the crime aspect.

The Witches 1990 British Quad Poster The Witches (1990) Attributed: Greg Winters

Anjelica Huston * Mai Zetterling * Jasen Fisher * Jane Horrocks * Rowan Atkinson * Brenda Blethyn

Even though it is a bit too recent, I like the art and it's a pretty decent version of the Roald Dahl story with some well known British faces. Maybe it should be in Family but...

The Hawk 1993 Quad Uk Poster The Hawk (1993) Quad

Helen Mirren * George Costigan * David Harewood * Clive Russell * Christopher Madin * Rosemary Leach * Owen Teale * Melanie Hill

Obscure BBC financed film, uninteresting photo artwork...what's this doing here? Well, I am in it! Well, no I'm not, but some friends and I did walk straight into the location when they were filming in Bristol. We were stuck behind the barrier while they filmed and we had quite the chat with one of the location people. We were standing in a place where we might have been  captured on camera, the bit where he makes a phone call in the rain, but when the film eventually came out, we were nowhere to be seen...interestingly the Film was set in Manchester, but apparently Bristol looked more like Manchester is supposed to look!

Pulp Fiction 1994 Quad Pulp Fiction (1994) Quad

John Travolta * Samuel L. Jackson * Tim Roth * Amanda Plummer * Eric Stoltz * Bruce Willis * Ving Rhames * Rosanna Arquette * Uma Thurman

Here for the nostalgic milestone of being one of the first movies I saw after moving to America. I enjoyed Travolta's comeback, even if he did go all ET after this. One of several quad versions, this has the Canne's Logo on it, it got reprinted post Oscars too.

Goldeneye (1995) Quad

Pierce Brosnan * Sean Bean * Izabella Scorupco * Famke Janssen * Joe Don Baker * Judi Dench * Gottfried John * Robbie Coltrane * Alan Cumming * Desmond Llewelyn * Samantha Bond

Welcome to the corner of the site for more recent Bond posters that I can actually afford. Sadly, they are collages rather than proper art but oh well, I know I will only regret not buying them as they age so may as well plunge in now. This example was unfolded but quite scuffed which was annoying.

Tomorrow Never Dies 1997 Quad UK Poster Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Quad

Pierce Brosnan * Jonathan Pryce * Michelle Yeoh * Teri Hatcher * Götz Otto * Joe Don Baker * Judi Dench * Desmond Llewelyn * Samantha Bond * Geoffrey Palmer

This one was surprisingly cheap, it's a single sided version with a blueish backing for some reason. No idea why, most posters of this period are usually Double Sided for use in cinema light boxes. Good grief, was it ten years ago this was out? Where is my life going...sitting here in my underwear talking bollox about old posters, I need to get out more...nah.

The World Is Not Enough 1999 Quad Poster The World Is Not Enough (1999) Quad

Pierce Brosnan * Sophie Marceau * Robert Carlyle * Denise Richards * Robbie Coltrane * Judi Dench * Desmond Llewelyn * John Cleese * Samantha Bond

Another Bond I gave into temptation on, one of the more affordable recent ones. Photo collage has become the norm by's Bond enough for the likes of me. Denise Richards in a crop top is a total waste of a good cleavage though, what were they thinking?

Die Another Day 2002 Quad Poster Die Another Day (2002) Quad

Pierce Brosnan * Halle Berry * Toby Stephens * Rosamund Pike * Rick Yune * Judi Dench * Michael Madsen * John Cleese * Samantha Bond * Madonna

Well, now I have started I may as well keep up with the modern ones. Swings between ruthless water-boarding and far fetched invisible cars but still a good one to end on for Brosnan. In my HO Halle Berry gets more credit than necessary on the poster.

Twilight 2008 British Quad Twilight (2008) Quad

Kristen Stewart * Robert Pattinson * Billy Burke * Ashley Greene * Nikki Reed * Jackson Rathbone * Kellan Lutz * Peter Facinelli * Cam Gigandet * Taylor Lautner

This poster is here to pass on the torch to the next generation. This is my daughters favorite film, book, t-shirt, mousepad, calendar, chocolate bar and every other possible branded product. I took her to the midnight premier, I (of course) bought her the poster. Actually, I thought they did a good job turning the book into a film, I hope they do as well with the sequels.

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