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Family Movie Posters

Most of these were purchased around the birth of my children just to perk up their rooms. Nothing valuable, most are re-releases that still happen seasonally for Easter, Christmas and Summer Holidays in the UK. Also the occasional nostalgia item for me.

The Big D (who shalt not be named) are notoriously protective of their copyright so just low resolution images here and even these may disappear if I pop up on their radar. Only classics and vintage, no recent productions.


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Cinderella Quad Poster Cinderella (1950) Quad Art: Arnold Beauvais

I have two versions of this, thanks to not keeping track of what I was buying.

Cinderella Quad Poster Cinderella (1950) Quad Unknown reissue

The other version...

Lady and the Tramp Quad Poster Lady and the Tramp (1955) Quad unknown re-issue date

Again, kids decoration but I quite like the art...resonates with my childhood nostalgia too.

Sleeping Beauty (1959) 3 Sheet 1970's rerelease

It's a big one, 40x80...still haven't worked out how I am going to frame it.

Mary Poppins 1964 British Quad Poster Mary Poppins (1964) Quad

Julie Andrews * Dick Van Dyke * David Tomlinson * Glynis Johns * Karen Dotrice * Matthew Garber * Elsa Lanchester

What can you say? Dunno, but I bet you could do it in a better accent than Dick.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1968 Quad Style B UK Poster Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) Quad Style B

Dick Van Dyke * Sally Ann Howes * Lionel Jeffries * Gert Fröbe * Desmond Llewelyn * Stanley Unwin " Arthur Mullard * Anna Quayle * Benny Hill * James Robertson Justice * Barbara Windsor

Well, we've all seen this one haven't we? I still make my kids watch it when we visit the reli's at Crimbo. The child catcher invading your nightmares is character building...When I saw it at the movies, there were still intermissions for a Kia-Ora from a woman in tights, they stopped the film for it just as the whole lot of them went over the cliff. I am still traumatized. The poster has Potts driving on the wrong side of his car, he was English after all despite Dick's accent, This may be 1976 reissue, not sure.

A Boy Named Charlie Brown 1969 Quad Poster A Boy Named Charlie Brown (1969) Quad Art: Charles M Schulz

I could have done without the "Read it In The Mirror" sticker plastered on this poster leaking acids and creasing it up, other than that, it was unfolded, unwrinkled and unmarked.

The Railway Children 1970 Quad The Railway Children (1970) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Dinah Sheridan * Bernard Cribbins * William Mervyn * Iain Cuthbertson * Jenny Agutter * Sally Thomsett * Gary F. Warren

They don't make 'em like this any more...a classic and nicer art than the re-release photo versions. Sorry to say I couldn't afford a better example, this one has nasty stains and a sticker with movie times pasted on it. Sometimes this cinema history authenticity stuff is a bit of a pain.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks 1971 Quad rerelease 1979 Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) Quad re-release 1979

Angela Lansbury * David Tomlinson * Roddy McDowall * Sam Jaffe * John Ericson * Bruce Forsyth * Cindy O'Callaghan

I remember being quite keen to go and see this one, I would have been an immature eleven. Despite being endlessly featured on The Disney Hour around about Christmas, a lot of it's scenes have stood up well. The suit of armor emptying a boot full of German machine gun bullets still gets a snort from me. However you look at it, way better than Mary Poppins just for not having Van Dyke's terrible accent.

Alices Adventures in Wonderland 1972 Quad Poster Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1972) Quad

Fiona Fullerton * Michael Jayston * Hywel Bennett * Michael Crawford * Davy Kaye * Ralph Richardson * Patsy Rowlands * Roy Kinnear * Peter Sellers * Dudley Moore * Dennis Waterman * Ray Brooks * Richard Warwick * Dennis Price * Flora Robson * Rodney Bewes * Spike Milligan * Michael Hordern

Well, if you were a British actor and you weren't on the cast list of this you must have been irked.

Freaky Friday 1976 Quad Freaky Friday (1976) Quad

Barbara Harris * Jodie Foster * John Astin * Patsy Kelly * Dick Van Patten

The Slipper and the Rose 1976 Quad Poster The Slipper and the Rose (1976) Quad

Richard Chamberlain * Gemma Craven * Annette Crosbie * Edith Evans * Christopher Gable * Michael Hordern * Margaret Lockwood * Kenneth More

Like panto...only not like it at all. Nasty tape stain across the top of my example.

The Black Stallion 1979 Quad The Black Stallion (1979) Quad Art: Jack Thurston

Kelly Reno * Mickey Rooney * Teri Garr

The Spaceman and King Arthur 1979 Quad The Spaceman and King Arthur (1979) Quad Art: Brian Bysouth

Dennis Dugan * Jim Dale * Ron Moody * Kenneth More * John Le Mesurier

Jim Dale turns out to be a good baddie but not a great movie. These weren't D's greatest years.

Beauty and the Beast Quad Poster Beauty and the Beast (1991) Quad reissue

With Oscar nominations and annoying EuroD sticker wrinkling it up. I quite like the art on this one and not a bad movie for modern D either.

Megamind (2010) Teaser Poster

Will Ferrell * Brad Pitt * Tina Fey * Jonah Hill * Justin Theroux * Ben Stiller

End with a modern one that was a gift from a friend on a corporate visit to Dreamworks.

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