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Drama Movie Posters

Assorted tear jerker's, melodramas and romances can be found here, or just the plain old unclassifiable. The common thread being I liked the art, especially if bosoms were heaving. I am nothing if not consistent in my shallowness. There's even a little foreign exploitation and soft focus smut thrown in.

A lot of these I have never seen, especially the 50's ones. So why did I buy them? Well, sometimes the art and sometimes they came as lots with other posters. I find it hard to let any of them go even if they aren't my core interest of Horror and British comedies.



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Gone With The Wind 1980 Re-Release Quad Poster Gone With The Wind 1980 Re-Release (1939) Quad Art: Howard Terpning

Clark Gable * Vivien Leigh * Leslie Howard * Olivia de Havilland

Definitely not an original but a much more affordable 1980's version from the films re-release. Still, terrific visual of the classic romance.

Three Little Girls In Blue 1946 Quad poster Three Little Girls in Blue (1946) Quad

June Haver * George Montgomery * Vivian Blaine * Celeste Holm * Vera-Ellen * Frank Latimore

40's US Musical, all shiny faces and lacquered hair. This is amazingly unfolded and from an era of paper shortage. The very thin paper is in excellent condition and I'm doing my best to keep it that way.

Mother Wore Tights 1947 Quad British poster Mother Wore Tights (1947) Quad

Betty Grable * Dan Dailey * Mona Freeman * Connie Marshall * Vanessa Brown * Robert Arthur * Sara Allgood * William Frawley

According to the poster, mother wore a lot of kitty's...yes, I think there is a joke in there Mrs Slocombe would be proud of, but I can't be bothered.

Roseanna McCoy 1949 Quad British Poster Roseanna McCoy (1949) Quad

Farley Granger * Joan Evans * Charles Bickford * Raymond Massey * Richard Basehart

R & J with Hillbillies apparently, but here just for the 40's heaving bosom art.

The Pride Of St Louis 1952 Quad Poster The Pride of Saint Louis (1952) Quad

Dan Dailey * Joanne Dru * Richard Hylton * Richard Crenna * Hugh Sanders * James Brown * Leo T Cleary

Baseball biopic in Day-Glo orange.

Good Morning Miss Dove 1955 Quad poster Good Morning, Miss Dove! (1955) Quad

Jennifer Jones * Robert Stack * Kipp Hamilton * Robert Douglas

The Deep Blue Sea 1955 Quad Poster The Deep Blue Sea (1955) Quad

Vivien Leigh * Kenneth More * Eric Portman * Emlyn Williams

Weird eyes...

East of Eden 1955 UK Quad rerelease East of Eden (1955) Quad rerelease

Julie Harris * James Dean * Raymond Massey * Burl Ives * Richard Davalos * Jo Van Fleet

Looks like a contemporary reissue and companion to Rebel Without A Cause to me, don't know from which year though.

Rebel Without A Cause 1955 Quad rerelease Rebel Without A Cause (1955) Quad rerelease

James Dean * Natalie Wood * Sal Mineo * Jim Backus * Ann Doran * Corey Allen

Well, clearly not the original release poster and I don't know what date this reissue is. Still, nice image.

The Virgin Queen 1955 Quad Poster The Virgin Queen (1955) Quad Art: Jock Hinchliffe

Betty Davies * Richard Todd * Joan Collins * Jay Robinson * Herbert Marshall * Dan O'Herlihy

Dodgy US version of Brit history.

That Lady 1955 Quad Jock Hinchliffe Poster That Lady (1955) Quad Signature: Jock Hinchliffe

Olivia de Havilland * Gilbert Roland * Paul Scofield * Françoise Rosay * Dennis Price * Anthony Dawson * Robert Harris * Christopher Lee

Costume drama, I haven't seen it so it may be mis-categorized but what the hey. It's got a good picture of Olivia De Havilland with an eye patch, argh, but nothing to do with pirates..

3 Brave Men 1956 Quad Poster 3 Brave Men (1956) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Ray Milland * Ernest Borgnine * Dean Jagger * Frank Lovejoy * Nina Foch

Teenage Rebel 1956 Quad poster Teenage Rebel (1956) Quad

Ginger Rogers * Michael Rennie * Betty Lou Keim * Warren Berlinger * Diane Jergens

B&W parent and teenager angst from the 50's. Period photo of the weepie teen in her pencil skirt.

The Many Loves Of Hilda Crane 1956 Quad poster The Many Loves of Hilda Crane (1956) Quad Art: Jock Hinchliffe

Jean Simmons * Guy Madison * Jean Pierre Aumont * Judith Evelyn * Evelyn Varden * Peggy Knudsen * Greg Palmer

Jean Simmons having a bit of a lie down.

The Eddy Duchin Story 1956 UK Poster The Eddy Duchin Story (1956) Quad

Tyrone Power * Kim Novak * Victoria Shaw * James Whitmore * Rex Thompson

It's an old poster but it has an insane number of pin holes along every edge, mainly cropped out here but it must have had a hard life.

The Revolt of Mamie Stover 1956 Quad Poster The Revolt of Mamie Stover (1956) Quad Jock Hinchliffe

Jane Russell * Richard Egan * Joan Leslie * Agnes Moorehead * Michael Pate

Russell still wearing the Howard Hughes bra by the look of it and making Hawaii a happier place for US servicemen before Pearl Harbor spoils the party.

No Down Payment 1957 Quad Poster No Down Payment (1957) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Joanne Woodward * Sheree North * Tony Randall * Jeffrey Hunter * Cameron Mitchell * Patricia Owens * Barbara Rush * Pat Hingle

Life in 50's California suburbs without Starbucks, nothing to get out of bed for.

Silk Stockings 1957 Quad British poster Silk Stockings (1957) Quad

Fred Astaire * Cyd Charisse * Janis Paige * Peter Lorre * George Tobias

I don't know who the arist is for this but I love that they put subtle pokies on the profile of Cyd Charisse's bust.

The Sun Also Rises 1957 Quad poster The Sun Also Rises (1957) Quad

Tyrone Power * Ava Gardner * Mel Ferrer * Errol Flynn * Eddie Albert * Juliette Greco

Frenchmen in berets and scarves? Where are the onions?

Island In The Sun 1957 Quad UK Poster Island In The Sun (1957) Quad Tom Chantrell

James Mason * Joan Fontaine * Dorothy Dandridge * Joan Collins * Michael Rennie * Harry Belafonte * Diana Wynyard * John Williams * Stephen Boyd

Quite a controversial movie when it came out, getting right to the nitty gritty of interracial love in the sand while the US was still getting over the "Separate but Equal" travesty finally falling apart just three years before. Although this Quad is Chantrell's work, it is a fairly close copy of Jock Hinchliffe's US 1 Sheet with some of the figures re-painted in mirrored poses.

The Three Faces of Eve 1957 Quad Poster The Three Faces of Eve (1957) Quad Tom Chantrell

Joanne Woodward * David Wayne * Lee J Cobb * Nunnally Johnson

3 girls in one, like dating triplets except only one of them puts out. I'm guessing the Red one. Although this is a photo montage, the is credited with being Tom Chantrell's work.

The Wayward Bus 1957 Quad poster The Wayward Bus (1957) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Joan Collins * Jayne Mansfield * Dan Dailey * Rick Jason * Betty Lou Keim * Delores Michaels * Larry Keating

Mansfield clearly sporting the photo-finish in a Zeppelin race look of the 50's nosecone bra.

Sing Boy Sing 1958 Quad poster Sing Boy Sing (1958) Quad Tom Chantrell

Tommy Sands * Lili Gentle * Edmond O'Brien * John McIntire

Hm, who does this poster art make him look vaguely like? I wonder if that's a coincidence? The Chantrell attribution come from

Downbeat (1958) Quad US Daddy-O

Dick Contino * Sandra Giles * Bruno VeSota * Gloria Victor * Jack McClure

I am guessing this is one of those anti-beatnik perils of modern youth dramas based on the poster and the original US title.

The Gift Of Love 1958 Quad Poster The Gift of Love (1958) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Lauren Bacall * Robert Stack * Evelyn Rude * Lorne Greene

According to the poster art, this seems to be about snogging the severed head of Lauren Bacall...or maybe he's going bowling with it.

Raw Wind In Eden 1958 Quad British poster Raw Wind In Eden (1958) Quad

Esther Williams * Jeff Chandler * Rossana Podestà * Carlos Thompson * Rik Battaglia * Eduardo De Filippo

I wonder if she swims in this one?

The Long Hot Summer The Long, Hot Summer (1958) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Paul Newman * Joanne Woodward * Anthony Franciosa * Orson Welles * Lee Remick * Angela Lansbury

Bad boy, girl next door, dodgy hat.

Hot Spell 1958 Quad Poster Hot Spell (1958) Quad

Shirley Booth * Anthony Quinn * Shirley MacLaine * Earl Holliman

Uninspiring art but then again it's another free one, it was actually used as packaging for a much nicer poster that was sent to me.

The Wind Cannot Read 1958 Quad Poster The Wind Cannot Read (1958) Quad

Dirk Bogarde * Yoko Tani * Ronald Lewis * John Fraser

Nor The Moon By Night (1958) Quad Art: Renato Fratini

Patrick McGoohan * Michael Craig * Anna Gaylor * Belinda Lee

Don't step in the...urgh, too late, bloody elephants...

The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs 1960 Quad Poster The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs (1960) Quad Tom Chantrell

Robert Preston * Dorothy McGuire * Eve Arden * Angela Lansbury

Return to Peyton Place 1961 Quad Tom Chantrell Return to Peyton Place (1961) Quad Signature Tom Chantrell

Carol Lynley * Jeff Chandler * Eleanor Parker * Mary Astor * Robert Sterling * Luciana Paluzzi * Brett Halsey * Gunnar Hellstrom * Tuesday Weld

From books, to movies to a TV series that was the original suburban sin soap.

Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man 1962 Quad Poster Tom Chantrell Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man (1962) Quad Signature Tom Chantrell

Richard Beymer * Diane Baker * Corinne Calvet * Fred Clark * Dan Dailey * Arthur Kennedy * Ricardo Montalban * Paul Newman * Susan Strasberg * Jessica Tandy * Eli Wallach * Edward Binns

Short stories pieced together into coming of age narrative.

Walk On The Wild Side 1962 Quad Poster Walk On The Wild Side (1962) Quad Art: Saul Bass

Laurence Harvey * Capucine * Jane Fonda * Anne Baxter * Barbara Stanwyck

Of Human Bondage 1964 Quad Poster Of Human Bondage (1964) Quad

Kim Novak * Laurence Harvey * Robert Morley * Siobhan McKenna * Roger Livesey * Jack Hedley * Nanette Newman * Ronald Lacey

Bondage eh? Nah, it's the emotional kind, love and obsession amongst those laugh a minute Victorians.

The Chalk Garden 1964 Quad Poster The Chalk Garden (1964)  Quad Art: Renato Fratini

Deborah Kerr * Hayley Mills * John Mills * Edith Evans

Doctor Zhivago 1965 Quad Poster Doctor Zhivago (1965) Quad Art: Howard Terpning

Omar Sharif * Julie Christie * Geraldine Chaplin * Tom Courtney * Alec Guinness * Siobhan McKenna * Ralph Richardson * Rod Steiger * Rita Tushingham

My 1st release (I think) Doctor Zhivago is pretty beaten up, missing bits around the edges which I admit I photoshopped back in for this pic.

Dr Zhivago 1965 reissue Quad Poster Doctor Zhivago Reissue (1965) Quad Art: Howard Terpning

Omar Sharif * Julie Christie * Geraldine Chaplin * Tom Courtney * Alec Guinness * Siobhan McKenna * Ralph Richardson * Rod Steiger * Rita Tushingham

Much better condition re-release version. My wife's favorite movie, a guilty pleasure for me too (but don't tell her). There is also a stripped down red art version of this that comes up now and then.

A Rage to Live 1965 Quad Poster A Rage to Live (1965) Quad Attributed Renato Fratini

Suzanne Pleshette * Bradford Dillman * Ben Gazzara * Peter Graves

I appreciate the extra complexity of art featuring a mirror...

Sandra Of A Thousand Delights 1965 Quad Poster Sandra Of A Thousand Delights (1965) Quad France Vaghe stelle dell'Orsa

Claudia Cardinale * Jean Sorel * Michael Craig * Renzo Ricci * Fred Williams

Great title...

A Blonde in Love 1965 Peter Strausfeld linocut A Blonde in Love (1965) Quad Art: Peter Strausfeld, linocut

Hana Brejchová * Vladimír Pucholt * Vladimír Mensík * Ivan Kheil * Jirí Hrubý

Czechoslovakian B&W film that I have never seen called "Lásky jedné plavovlásky", try saying that after your 4th (or even first) pint. Nice art in my opinion though, despite the watery smudge in top left.

Primitive London 1965 UK Quad Poster Primitive London (1965) Quad

David Gell * Barry Cryer * Mick McManus * Ray Martine

Documentary setting out to shock by exposing the alleged steamy underside of London. Great image, whether the hock-shorror  is really there or not...who knows.

Secrets of a Windmill Girl 1966 Quad Poster Secrets of a Windmill Girl (1966) Quad

April Wilding * Pauline Collins * Renee Houston * Derek Bond * Harry Fowler * Howard Marion-Crawford * Peter Gordeno * Peter Swanwick * Martin Jarvis

A "Windmill Theater Girl" would have been associated by the audience of the day with showgirls, revues and living naked statues (what?) but in case there was any doubt, let's have a picture of Pauline Collins in her undies. This film is not un-related to Primitive London above, and uses some of it outtakes as stock footage for the real Windmill Girls. I was a No, Honestly fan in the 70's but Pauline didn't really get 'em off until Shirley Valentine.

Helga 1967 Quad German Vom Werden des menschlichen Lebens Helga (1967) Quad German Vom Werden des menschlichen Lebens

Ruth Gassmann * Eberhard Mondry

Soft porn in the early days snuck in from foreign parts as being "educational". I suspect with an "A" rating this would likely disappoint but there would be more of the same coming soon enough, especially those naturist "documentaries".

Two Weeks in September 1967 UK Quad À coeur joie Two Weeks in September (1967) Quad France: À coeur joie

Brigitte Bardot * Laurent Terzieff * Jean Rochefort * James Robertson Justice * Michael Sarne * Georgina Ward * Carole Lebel

Always very hard to resist a Euro glamor icon of the 60's like Bardot.

Woman Times Seven 1967 Quad UK Poster Woman Times Seven (1967) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Shirley MacLaine * Alan Arkin * Rossano Brazzi * Michael Caine * Anita Ekberg * Vittorio Gassman * Peter Sellers

Seven stories about love and sex starring Shirley MacLaine with quite an interesting bunch of 60's stars.

Two For The Road 1967 Quad Poster Two for the Road (1967) Quad

Audrey Hepburn * Albert Finney * Eleanor Bron * William Daniels * Claude Dauphin * Nadia Gray

Those glasses are back in style amongst the WAGs now...beware the bug woman.

Valley Of The Dolls 1967 Quad English Poster Valley Of The Dolls (1967) Quad

Barbara Parkins * Patty Duke * Paul Burke * Sharon Tate * Tony Scotti * Martin Milner * Charles Drake* Alex Davion * Lee Grant * Naomi Stevens * Robert H. Harris * Susan Hayward

Big old giant pill in case you weren't sure what the Doll in the title was. The blurb on the bottom right goes out of its way to tell you resemblance to living or dead is coincidental but of course that is exactly what you are supposed to infer, these are real Hollywood types popping pills to get through the trials of celebrity.

The Graduate 1967 Play Dirty 1968 British quad poster The Graduate (1967) Play Dirty (1968) Quad

Anne Bancroft * Dustin Hoffman * Katharine Ross

Classic movie, poster with the classic image, even if a double bill and likely re-release.

Oliver! 1968 Quad Poster Oliver! (1968) Quad Art: Howard Terpning

Ron Moody * Shani Wallis * Oliver Reed * Harry Secombe * Mark Lester * Jack Wild

Yep, got dragged to this one by my parents, never have been a big fan of musicals. Poster looks to be Oscar rerelease, maybe 1972 vintage, not sure.

Star! 1968 Quad Poster Star! (1968) Quad

Julie Andrews * Richard Crenna * Michael Craig * Daniel Massey * Bruce Forsyth * Beryl Reid

I had no idea Brucie had been in a movie. 60's garish art hits you right in the eyeballs.

The Hell With Heroes 1968 Quad British poster The Hell With Heroes (1968) Quad

Rod Taylor * Claudia Cardinale * Harry Guardino * Kevin McCarthy * Pete Deuel * William Marshall * Don Knight

The US art for this is much more impressive in it's original full colour, this version is stripped down to a virtually monochrome charcoal copy.

Emma Hamilton 1968 Quad Uk POster Emma Hamilton (1968) Quad Italy Le calde notti di Lady Hamilton

Michèle Mercier * Richard Johnson * John Mills * Harald Leipnitz * Claudio Undari * Robert Hundar * Mirco Ellis * Nadja Tiller

Putting the Blind Eye gag in at the top to lure a few punters in to thinking it's a historical comedy sex romp.

Secret Ceremony 1968 Quad Poster Secret Ceremony (1968) Quad

Elizabeth Taylor * Mia Farrow * Robert Mitchum * Peggy Ashcroft

The Sweet Body of Deborah 1968 Quad Poster The Sweet Body of Deborah (1968) Italian Il Dolce corpo di Deborah Quad Art: Signed Jim Tate (I Think)

Carroll Baker * Jean Sorel * Evelyn Stewart

Arty melodrama that promises more smut than it delivers, nice poster though.

Justine 1969 Quad Poster UK Justine (1969) Quad

Anouk Aimée * Dirk Bogarde * Robert Forster * Anna Karina * Philippe Noiret * Michael York

One of those films known for it's behind the scenes dramas more than the on screen one. Difficult stars, change of directors and locations all helped drag it down.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 1969 Quad UK Poster The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969) Quad rr1970

Maggie Smith * Robert Stephens * Pamela Franklin * Gordon Jackson * Celia Johnson

The banner pasted across the top by the local cinema has a presentation date that suggest this was during it's 1970's re-release, after Maggie Smith got an Oscar for it, and it was shown as a Royal Command Performance..

First Prize Irene 1969 Quad Italy Il primo premio si chiama Irene First Prize Irene (1969) Quad Italy Il primo premio si chiama Irene


Back in the 60's, smutty documentaries were a good way of sneaking foreign soft core into the UK. This one is allegedly about Denmark's sexual attitudes, to be shown at various Private cinemas for the Men in Mac's.

Winning 1969 Quad UK Poster Winning (1969) Quad Attributed Howard Terpning

Paul Newman * Joanne Woodward * Robert Wagner * Richard Thomas * David Sheiner * Clu Gulager

Interesting artwork, looks like crayon to me but I guess intended to give a speed blur effect.

The Secret of Santa Vittoria 1969 Quad Art Bob Peak The Secret of Santa Vittoria (1969) Quad Art: Bob Peak

Anthony Quinn * Virna Lisi * Hardy Kruger * Stergio Franchi * Anna Magnani

Another good rendering of Anthony Quinn.

The Music Lovers 1970 Quad Poster The Music Lovers (1970) Quad

Richard Chamberlain * Glenda Jackson * Max Adrian * Christopher Gable * Kenneth Colley

Ken Russell, so you know it has to be a bit dodgy...and it is. Real cinema history example here, theatre times scrawled, academy awards sticker glued on and drawing pin holes, the works.

Jane Eyre 1970 Movie Poster Jane Eyre (1970) Quad

George C. Scott * Susannah York * Ian Bannen * Jack Hawkins * Nyree Dawn Porter

I honestly can't remember why I bought this poster for the TV Movie adaptation, it's not exactly my usual style. Maybe those English Lit classes made an impression after all, thanks Mrs. Moony...

Julius Caesar 1970 Quad UK Movie Poster Julius Caesar (1970) Quad

Charlton Heston * Jason Robards * John Gielgud * Richard Johnson * Robert Vaughn * Richard Chamberlain * Diana Rigg * Christopher Lee * Jill Bennett

I see Gielgud got eponymously elbowed out of top billing by Heston, I bet that hurts.

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls -  Myra Beckinridge 1970 Poster Beyond the Valley of the Dolls / Myra Beckinridge (1970) Quad

Dolly Read * Cynthia Myers * Marcia McBroom * John Lazar

Mae West * John Huston * Raquel Welch * Rex Reed * Farrah Fawcett

Another Russ Meyer, well, he's bound to show up in here isn't he? Raquel too is a nice bonus. Mae West? You're kidding?

Walkabout 1971 British Quad Poster Walkabout (1971) Quad

Jenny Agutter * Lucien John * David Gumpilil * John Meillon * Robert McDara * Peter Carver

Minimalist and moody, loved this when I first saw it. Obviously worth seeing for a Jenny Agutter, but she was an older woman to me at the time. A very 70's film, so you know it doesn't have to have a happy ending or be PC, that keeps the preconceptions off the table. Not signed so I can't say who the artist is, but since Agutter's pubescent boobs are enhanced in the poster, I am guessing Chantrell.

Further Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl 1971 She's Too Hot To Handle 1977 Double Bill Further Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl (1971) She's Too Hot To Handle (1977) Quad

Friedrich von Thun * Rena Bergen * Kurt Bülau

Cheri Caffaro * Aharon Ipalé * Vic Diaz * Corinne Calvet

Exploitation double bill probably dating from the sometime after the second films release date. Hm, all of that was blindingly obvious wasn't it? According to IMDB one is a dodgy dubbed German documentary with gratuitous sex and the other is a American-Philippino kung fu killer bimbo adventure. Can you work out which is which? My version was quite torn up too, have people no respect for cinema history?

Dearest Love 1971 UK Quad Le Souffle au Coeur Dearest Love (1971) Quad French Le Souffle au Coeur

Lea Massari * Benoît Ferreux * Daniel Gélin * Michael Lonsdale * Ave Ninchi

It's French...that's about all I know about it but I am pretty sure dodgy sex is involved. Like I said, it's French.

Master of Love 1972 Quad Poster Master of Love (1972) Quad Art: Sam Peffer Italy Racconti proibiti... di niente vestiti

Tina Aumont * Janet Agren * Rossano Brazzi * Barbara Bouchet

I know nothing about this other than it looks like Italian soft focus nudity and the art is by Sam Peffer - which is more than enough reason for it to be here.

Forbidden Decameron 1972 Quad British Poster Forbidden Decameron (1972) Quad Italy Il decamerone proibito - le altre novelle del Boccaccio

Margaret Rose Keil * Malisa Longo

Another dodgy foreign smut fest for the private cinema market, using the catchpenny reference to Pasolini's Decameron. The original 1971 Decameron poster is high on my wish list as one of the images I spotted pasted to fences that got me into this hobby. Meanwhile, this one has boobs.

Cabaret 1972 Quad Poster Cabaret (1972) Quad Oscar Release Tom Chantrell

Liza Minnelli * Michael York

One of my guilty pleasures...There seems to be several variations in the iconic art for this movie, this was the slightly more affordable Oscars re-release version. You can tell by the bloody annoying Oscar sticker leaching chemicals all over the original release poster...

Kansas City Bomber 1972 Quad Kansas City Bomber (1972) Quad

Raquel Welch * Kevin McCarthy * Helena Kallianiotes * Norman Alden * Jeanne Cooper * Mary Kay Pass * Jodie Foster

Here not only because I will buy anything with Raquel on it, but also, my daughter is in Roller Derby too. I am very proud of her.

Sex Life In A Convent 1972 The Female Bunch 1969 Poster Sex Life In A Convent (1972) The Female Bunch (1969)

Doris Arden * Sascha Hehn * Josef Moosholzer * Ulrich Beiger

Russ Tamblyn * Jenifer Bishop * Lon Chaney Jr

I'm guessing the experience won't live up to the words for the German nun shocker. I only got it for the other more interesting half of the artwork, which I am sure, likewise, the film won't live up to.

Look In On Sex 1973 Innocent Girls Abroad 1972 Quad Poster Look In On Sex (1973) German Schlüsselloch-Report Innocent Girls Abroad (1972) German Die jungen Ausreißerinnen Quad Tom Chantrell

Karin Gotz * Josef Frohlich * Rosl Mayr * Achim Neumann * Marlene Rahn * Josef Moosholzer * Sonja Jeanine* Rinaldo Talamonti

Doris Arden * Karin Götz * Evelyne Traeger

Another double bill of foreign smut titled to titillate the trembling Mac troupe.

England Made Me 1973 Quad Poster England Made Me (1973) Quad

Peter Finch * Michael York * Hildegarde Neil * Joss Ackland * Michael Hordern * Tessa Wyatt

Yeah? Me too...

O Lucky Man Phillip Castle Quad Poster O Lucky Man (1973) Quad Attributed Phillip Castle

Malcolm McDowell * Ralph Richardson * Rachel Roberts * Arthur Lowe * Helen Mirren * Graham Crowden * Peter Jeffrey * Dandy Nichols * Warren Clarke * Bill Owen * Michael Medwin * Geoffrey Palmer

Allegedly a comedy, I am putting it here in Drama because it's not funny and if I ever get my hands on the first of this Trilogy, If..., then that's where it will be be categorized too. I loved If...but this is an arty incoherent mess, just like the third installment Britannia Hospital  would prove to be. It seems Lindsay Anderson really should have left it with the one good movie. Good to see a Bren gun makes it into the poster though, another If... leftover.

That'll Be The Day 1973 Quad Arnaldo Putzu That'll Be The Day (1973) Quad Attributed: Arnaldo Putzu

David Essex * Ringo Starr * Rosemary Leach * James Booth * Billy Fury * Keith Moon * Rosalind Ayres * Brenda Bruce * Robert Lindsay * Deborah Watling * Karl Howman * Sue Holderness

Not only do I remember the movie coming out, I also remember the Ronco advertising campaign for the soundtrack, also featured on this poster. Actually not a bad movie with quite a good depiction of the transition from 50's to 60's which would continue into "Stardust". David Essex isn't bad either, though his character becomes a bit of an a-hole. Ringo is quite good and there are some nice 70's TV faces making their initial outings.

Mistress Pamela 1974 Quad UK Poster Mistress Pamela (1974) Quad

Ann Michelle * Julian Barnes * Dudley Foster * Anna Quayle * Anthony Sharp * Rosemarie Dunham * Derek Fowlds

A late addition to the Tom Jones genre.

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore 1974 Quad Poster Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974) Quad Attributed: Petragnani

Ellen Burstyn * Alfred Lutter * Billy Green Bush * Harvey Keitel * Diane Ladd

Occasionally posters just get given to me. Can't complain, it's a lot cheaper than the usual method. A bit beaten up, lots of tape and since the Oscar is there most likely a reprint. Still free though.

Emmanuelle 1974 Quad poster Emmanuelle (1974) Quad Layout: Mike Wheeler

Alain Cuny * Sylvia Kristel * Marika Green * Daniel Sarky * Jeanne Colletin * Christine Boisson

Caused a bit of a stir in my teenage years but I never saw it, nor any of the many sequels, or even the dodgy Carry On parody. This one is more modest than some of the other famous wicker chair images.

Stardust 1974 Quad Arnaldo Putzu Stardust (1974) Quad Signature Arnaldo Putzu

David Essex * Adam Faith * Larry Hagman * Ines Des Longchamps * Rosalind Ayres * Marty Wilde * Keith Moon * Dave Edmunds * Paul Nicholas * Karl Howman

Carrying on where That'll Be The Day left off, the rise and fall of David Essex's acting career. Actually, both that and this sequel were not at all bad for capturing the mood of the days they were supposed to represent.

Charlotte 1974 Confessions of the Campus Virgin 1979 UK Poster Charlotte (1974) Confessions of the Campus Virgin (1979) France La jeune fille assassinée / German Die Schulmädchen vom Treffpunkt Zoo

Sirpa Lane * Michel Duchaussoy * Mathieu Carrière * Roger Vadim

Marco Kröger * Katja Bienert * Ingeborg Steinbach * Walter Plumhoff

Since Charlotte is 1974 and Virgin is 1979 this clearly isn't a first release poster. The second dead give a way is the specious translation of the Foreign titles into standard English smut keywords. Charlotte is in reality a pretentious thriller, The Assassinated Young Girl, but here it just emphasizes the main characters name linked to Diary of a Nymphomaniac. The German effort is about teenagers hanging out at a train station, with to be fair some sex and drugs, but none of that is evident from teh poster art. Not that I am complaining, but I do find it funny that back in the days when the only porn films were in Private Members Cinemas, you actually have to sit through some bad but "real" films to see a little sex. VCR's brought porn into homes and the Internet now means you only have to get off the couch to get more tissues.

French Blue 1975 Quad Poster French Blue (1975) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell France Les Bijoux de Famille

Françoise Brion * Corinne O'Brien * Michel Fortin * Jean-Gabriel Nordmann

Well, obviously I got this one for the Chantrell image...I know nothing about the film...but I can guess.

Soft Places 1975 Quad Poster Soft places (1975) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

A dubious one, a soft core adult movie I believe, there's not even a cast list, never seen it...liked the Chantrell art though.

Love in a Womens Prison Sins Within The Family Quad Poster Love in a Womens Prison (1973) Sins Within The Family (1975) Quad

Anita Strinberg * Eva Czemerys * Olga Bisera * Jenny Tamburi

Michele Placido * Simonetta Stefanelli * Jenny Tamburi

Italian exploitation film but I am not 100% sure the IMDB references are right. Definitely the kind of art this site is all about though...

The Happy Hooker (1975) Quad

Lynn Redgrave * Jean-Pierre Aumont * Lovelady Powell * Tom Poston * Nicholas Pryor

Here for the sheer seventiesness of it...her book caused quite a stir but this adaption of Xaviera Hollander's memoirs is pretty tame by all accounts. I dimly remember the talk shows getting all excited about her trick dress which had a pull cord to flash her knickers. Pretty tame underwear too by today's standards...

Slade in Flame1975 Quad British Poster Flame (Slade in Flame) (1975) Quad Arnaldo Putzu

Don Powell * Jim Lea * Noddy Holder * Dave Hill * Tom Conti * Alan Lake

Well, poster I have been looking for all over. I remember the Ad's on TV for this but have never managed to see it.

The Awakening of Emily 1976 UK Quad Poster The Awakening of Emily (1976) Quad

Koo Stark * Sarah Brackett * Victor Spinetti * Jane Hayden

A soft porn film that would likely have only been known to the DMB except for it's obscure star getting it on with Prince Andrew. So that's why it is here of course.

The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea 1976 Quad Poster The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea (1976) Quad

Sarah Miles * Kris Kristofferson * Jonathan Kahn * Margo Cunningham * Earl Rhodes

Sex Dens Of Bangkok 1976 Quad Attributed Sam Peffer Sex Dens Of Bangkok (1976) Quad Attributed Sam Peffer

Angela Yu Chen * Suzie May Wong * Mailing Chang * Patty Putpun * Roman Huber * Michel Jacot * Heinz Kopitz * Claude Martin

Something very odd about those nose cone boobs with the concentric rings...this is an Erwin C. Dietrich exploitation smut fest, if you hadn't guessed, marketed through multiple releases under different titles and varying spelling of the stars names.

Private Vices and Public Virtues 1976 Quad Italy Vizi privati, pubbliche virtù Private Vices and Public Virtues (1976) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell Italy Vizi privati, pubbliche virtù

Lajos Balázsovits * Pamela Villoresi * Franco Branciaroli * Teresa Ann Savoy * Laura Betti

Historical but with lashings of orgies. A Chantrell that shows up frequently on Ebay generally described as rare. Yeah, right. I have just been waiting for prices to get down to something reasonable. This one has a date on it for it's showing at the Prince Charles Cinema for May 26th which makes it 1977 by my calculations. I'm guessing Chantrell had a lot of fun painting all those boobs.

Goodbye Norma Jean 1976 Quad Poster Goodbye Norma Jean (1976) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Misty Rowe * Terrence Locke * Patch Mackenzie * Preston Hanson * Marty Zagon * Andre Philippe

Everyone should have at least one Marilyn poster, this isn't her but I will keep looking.

Desires Within Young Girls 1977 Quad Poster Desires Within Young Girls (1977) Quad Tom Chantrell

Georgina Spelvin * Clair Dia * Annette Haven * John Leslie

Brit porn with dodgy artwork...which is why it's here. I guess this is how posters were tarted up to include an awards sticker in the good old days before photoshop. They clearly used an old original poster they had lying around and cut around the main subjects, you can still see jagged scissor marks, fold lines and a ragged tear. Then they photographed it with the awards banner to make a brand new poster for the printers. That means that all those defects are now faithfully reproduced as part of the new artwork...high tech or what?

Emmanuelle III 1977 Young Lady Chatterley 1977 Emmanuelle in Tokyo 1976 Quad Emmanuelle III (1977) Young Lady Chatterley (1977) Emmanuelle in Tokyo (1976) Quad Attributed Sam Peffer

Sylvia Kristel * Umberto Orsini * Jean-Pierre Bouvier

Harlee McBride * Peter Ratray * William Beckley

Katsunori Hirose * Mitsuyaso Mainu * Midori Otani

I really need to start a dedicated section for smut...clearly these are not really "dramas". In fact, I'm not even 100% sure they are what the title says. Dirty movies were always having their titles changed to hitch their wagon to the phenomenon of the day - like Emmanuelle. Although, Emmanuelle III does legitimately have Sylvia Kristel in it, if that's what this is.

Cruel Passion 1977 Quad UK Poster Cruel Passion (1977) Quad

Koo Stark * Martin Potter * Lydia Lisle * Katherine Kath

Well, we have actors with alliterative names and Koo Stark, hm...soft porn? Yep, probably, but it's home grown Brit smut so you know it will be a disappointment.

Seven Nights in Japan 1977 Quad UK Poster Seven Nights in Japan (1977) Quad Arnaldo Putzu

Michael York * Hidemi Aoki * Peter Jones * Charles Gray

Saturday Night Fever 1977 Quad Poster Saturday Night Fever (1977) Quad

John Travolta * Karen Lynn Gorney * Barry Miller * Joseph Cali * Paul Pape * Donna Pescow

Before it became a teeny bop sensation focused on the BG's reincarnation as wannabe disco stars, it was actually a good movie, X-rated no less. This is the poster for that version, the one I saw with it's gritty story of racism, rape and unrequited dreams. It's interesting that his discarded original dance partner "Annette" is pictured on the poster, the one I would have stuck with personally, but she didn't didn't make the credits text. It was re-released as an A rated version without the grit so more teenagers could be exposed to RSO's music thinking that's what adult discos actually played back then.

The Betsy 1978 Quad Poster The Betsy (1978) Quad

Laurence Olivier * Robert Duvall * Katharine Ross * Tommy Lee Jones * Jane Alexander * Lesley-Anne Down

The Stud 1978 Quad The Stud (1978) Quad

Joan Collins * Oliver Tobias * Sue Lloyd

Joanies comeback film, amazing what a flash from the over 40's can do for your career. Very 70's soundtrack, even The Sweet trying to piggyback their comeback on it. A blip on the radar of the the declining 70's British film industry so worth a nod even if the poster art is a bit basic.

The World Is Full Of Married Men 1979 Quad Poster The World is Full of Married Men (1979) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Anthony Franciosa * Carroll Baker * Sherrie Lee Cronn * Paul Nicholas * Gareth Hunt * Georgina Hale

Jumpsuits? I thought that was 80's...I guess not.

The Bitch 1979 Quad Poster The Bitch (1979) Quad

Joan Collins * Michael Coby * Kenneth Haigh * Ian Hendry * Pamela Salem * Sue Lloyd

I'm surprised I have never seen this film, John Collins pre-Dynasty, that's got to be worth a look, plus of course the dodgy soundtrack. Follow up to the The Stud, indicated by the inclusion of a clip from the art.

The Marriage of Maria Braun 1979 German Die Ehe der Maria Braun Quad Art Jean-Marie Troillard The Marriage of Maria Braun (1979) German Die Ehe der Maria Braun Quad Art: Jean-Marie Troillard

Hanna Schygulla * Klaus Lowitsch * Ivan Desny * Gisela Uhlen * Elisabeth Trissenaar * Gottfried John

Couldn't pass up an image like this...

Caligula 1979 Quad Poster Caligula (1979) Quad

Malcolm McDowell * Teresa Ann Savoy * Guido Mannari * John Gielgud * Peter O'Toole * Giancarlo Badessi * Bruno Brive * Adriana Asti * John Steiner * Mirella Dangelo * Helen Mirren

Not a great scan of this poster, dark background colours always give me a problem. Quite a notorious film in it's day, Gielgud wondering if had accidentally made a porn film. The poster art is classic but tame which might have reassured until he saw it. There are some much more interesting Italian versions around that focus more on the orgy that was a cause of outrage on its release.

Love Lust and Ecstasy 1980 Quad Poster Love, Lust and Ecstasy (1980) Quad Greece Erotiki ekstasi

Ajita Wilson * Mireille Damien * Danilo Micheli

More Euro-smut that is just here for the image to brighten up your day. Hey, it was cheap...

Breaking Glass 1980 Quad Chantrell Poster Breaking Glass (1980) Style A Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Hazel O'Conner * Phil Daniels * Jon Finch

I love this movie, punk fairytale with Hazel O'Conner when she seemed so talented for her age. Poster is Chantrell too and captures the essence.

Breaking Glass 1980 Quad Poster Breaking Glass (1980) Style B Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Hazel O'Conner * Phil Daniels * Jon Finch

Second version of this movie poster I have, no idea which one was used most originally to promote the film but this is the art you will also see on the UK Soundtrack album.

The Great Rock and Roll Swindle 1980 Quad Art M Hirsch The Great Rock and Roll Swindle (1980) Quad Art: M Hirsch

Malcolm McLaren * Steve Jones * Paul Cook * Sid Vicious * John Lydon * Ronald Biggs * Liz Fraser * Mary Millington

Urgh, mess of a film with McLaren trying to pretend the rise and fall was all to his cunning plan. Yeah, right, tosser. Saw it because I was a fan and felt I had to, even though I knew it was all bollox going in. Still, an important milestone, so the poster is one I have been very happy to find. Sad to admit I have had the LP since the day it went on release, that was a mess too. The color registration on this is terrible, not sure if it's deliberate or just cheap. You almost need 3D glasses to look at it.

Hussy 1980 Quad Poster Hussy (1980) Quad Art: Sam Peffer

Helen Mirren * Paul Angelis * Murray Salem * Jenny Runacre * Patti Boulaye * Marika Rivera

I know nothing about the movie but like the art for all the usual reasons and the word Hussy; enough s's so you can really hiss it the way your mother would.

Silver Dream Racer (1980) Quad

David Essex * Beau Bridges * Cristina Raines * Clarke Peters * Harry H. Corbett * Diane Keen * Lee Montague * Sheila White * Ed Bishop * T.P. McKenna

Last movie I remember Essex being in after he decided he wanted to be an actor, although he did eventually make it to Eastenders. This is not exactly a true story, but the bike was real enough and was revolutionary for its day, the Barton Suzuki 350 being used as a prototype for the Buell company in America.

Lola 1981 Quad Poster Fassbinder Lola (1981) Quad

Barbara Sukowa * Armin Mueller-Stahl * Mario Adorf * Matthias Fuchs * Helga Feddersen * Karin Baal * Ivan Desny * Hark Bohm * Rosel Zech

I just dunno what it is about the posters for the Fassbinder films that I like so much but...this one has it too.

utterfly 1982 Quad Poster Tom Chantrell Butterfly (1982) Quad Signature: Tom Chantrell

Stacy Keach * Pia Zadora * Orson Welles * Edward Albert * James Franciscus * Stuart Whitman * June Lockhart * Ed McMahon

Pia Zadora was all over the papers in the 80's, thanks to her dodgy financier husband, twice her age, shoe horning her into films that he funded and then bribed awards committees to say were great. Were they any good? No, but she did have a photogenic pout.

Nutcracker 1982 Quad Poster Nutcracker (1982) Quad

Joan Collins * Carol White * Paul Nicholas * Finola Hughes * William Franklyn * Leslie Ash * Cherry Gillespie * Ed Bishop

Joan reunited with Paul Nicholas to cement the Bitch typecasting that would serve her well for her third (fourth?) bite of the cherry.

Star 80 1983 Quad British Poster Star 80 (1983) Quad

Mariel Hemingway * Eric Roberts * Cliff Robertson * Carroll Baker * Roger Rees

One of a couple of movies made about poor Dorothy Stratten, exploited and murdered by her deadbeat boyfriend after her success as a Playmate.

Out of Africa - Academy Sticker Release (1985) Quad

Meryl Streep * Robert Redford * Klaus Maria Brandauer * Michael Kitchen * Malick Bowens

Up into the 80's now so the posters get a bit glossier and more photographic than proper canvas art. About where I try to stop more or less. Poster not enhanced by Academy Awards sticker plastered on it.

A Midsummer Nights Dream 1985 Quad Movie Poster A Midsummer Nights Dream (1985) Quad

Lindsay Kemp * Manuela Vargas * Jack Birkett * Michael Matou

Shakespear? Wossat doing here? Well, the art's the thing, innit?

Sid and Nancy 1986 Quad Poster Sid and Nancy (1986) Quad

Gary Oldman * Chloe Webb

I love punk but never was a big fan of Sid. Still, seeing this whole story unfold during my teenage years made this a movie I had to see. Photographic art though it does capture the look well.

Absolute Beginners 1986 Quad Poster Absolute Beginners (1986) Quad Art: Art David Scutt, Design Tracy Drew

Patsy Kensit * Eddie O'Connell * David Bowie * James Fox * Ray Davies * Mandy Rice-Davies * Eve Ferret

Talk about over hyped, this was set up by the PTB as the film to save an industry. Sad it turned out to be such a flop. Certainly some interesting ingredients. Just not that good. I do like the poster art though so not a total write off. Hey, it had Eighth Wonder in it, how could it fail?

Betty Blue 1986 Quad Poster Betty Blue (1986) Quad Art Attributed to Christian Blondel

Jean-Hugues Anglade * Béatrice Dalle

I should have got the French 37.2 Degrees Le Matin original version for COA, not this reissue. Oh well, I will make do with the Beatrice Dalle image on this one.

I also have a subway size version I have yet to photograph properly.

Betty Blue 1986 Subway Poster Betty Blue (1986) Subway

Jean-Hugues Anglade * Béatrice Dalle

And the rough picture of the Subway size version which is too big to scan...

The Commitments 1991 Quad UK Poster The Commitments (1991) Quad

Robert Arkins * Michael Aherne * Angeline Ball * Maria Doyle Kennedy * Dave Finnegan * Bronagh Gallagher * Félim Gormley * Glen Hansard * Dick Massey * Johnny Murphy * Kenneth McCluskey * Andrew Strong * Colm Meaney * Anne Kent * Andrea Corr

A cast of unknowns, a not terribly what this site is about poster and it's much too recent anyway. What the hell, I love this film.

In Bed With Madonna 1991 Quad Movie Poster In Bed With Madonna (1991) Quad B D Fox Independent


Well I don't really have a category for this...but it's certainly full of drama. Not entirely unconnected with what this site is all about even if the poster art is just a big ol' photo.

The Notorious Betty Page 2005 Quad The Notorious Betty Page (2005) Quad

Gretchen Mol * Chris Bauer * Jared Harris * Sarah Paulson * Cara Seymour

I always feel slightly guilty buying modern posters and usually only give in if they are cheap enough. I think the image is at home here though.

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