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Comedy Movie Posters

Brits have a funny old attitude towards sex, funny as in ha ha. Another word might be immature...British Comedy posters represent a sort of evolution of social attitudes as we go from Comedy Movies with a bit of sex to Sex Movies with a bit of comedy. Brits never really got the hang of pure blue movies, porn was imported from those countries good at it, from the arty Vaseline on the camera lens French stuff to the Vaseline everywhere but the camera lens Scandinavian true blue. Any domestic product could just never take itself seriously, Brits had to turn it into a bit of a giggle. Sex and Comedy have always gone together in the UK like Sex and Violence do in the USA, I know which I find healthier. American comedies are well represented here too, I would have liked to have more Ealing here but there you go, my pockets are as shallow as I am.

A love of Carry On movies is in my genes, but I don't really find the Poster art that great. Exceptions being my favorite, Carry On Screaming, which I have and treasure, and Carry on Cleo which I would love to own some day. There are different versions, some not that good and re-releases were common at holidays. So the Carry On's aren't as represented here as they should be; I am pacing myself since too many other people specifically collect them.

I started to buy the 70's exploitation comedies since they were relatively cheap compared to my Hammer Habit which is getting harder and harder to feed. No doubt the art meets all the salaciousness requirements and for cheap movies; the art is really very good.

Comedies are cheap films to make. Sight gags, one liners and maybe the occasional stunt or two. No special effects beyond the occasional fly away bra and familiar TV faces the public knows and loves.. They cost next to nothing and if successful rake in a fortune. It’s not the epics or the blockbusters that keep the industry alive, to this day it is the comedies.

The Carry On's and other classic British working class comedies were all things I was exposed to long before I was old enough to get even one of the risqué double entendres. Yet I still found them hilarious. There was plenty of physical comedy, obviously, but the faces and expressions of people like Kenneth Williams, Sid James, Charles Hawtrey, Frankie Howerd, etc were enough in themselves to amuse any young lad. I don't think it warped my development but then again my wife might disagree.

Sadly, a sign of my own aging is that there are less of these guys around. Stephen Fry is a great successor to Kenneth, whether he would enjoy that comparison or not. So there are still people who have the knack for both low brow toilet humor and high brow word games. There still seems to be a niche in Brit comedy for this kind of humor even though it has become more PC. More performers are finding it just as comfortable out of the closet and it doesn't seem to have effected the enjoyment of camp us Brits seem to love.

Carry on Columbus still stunk though.


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Cheaper by the Dozen 1950 Quad Poster Cheaper by the Dozen (1950) Quad

Clifton Webb * Jeanne Crain * Myrna Loy

I had no idea this was based on a true story...

Hotel Sahara 1951 Quad Poster Hotel Sahara (1951) Quad

Yvone DeCarlo * Peter Ustinov * David Tomlinson

The type of Saturday afternoon movie my parents were always keen to watch.

Night Beauties 1952 Quad French Les Belles de Nuit Night Beauties (1952) Quad French Les Belles de Nuit

Gérard Philipe * Martine Carol * Gina Lollobrigida * Magali Vendeuil * Marylin Bufferd

Otherwise interesting picture of some forgotten icons as well as at least one well remembered one, being ruined by the "Cinema History" glued across the top. Apparently it was a Royal Performance...and then it wasn't.

Doctor at Sea 1954 UK Quad Poster Doctor at Sea (1954) Quad

Dirk Bogarde * Brenda de Banzie * Brigitte Bardot * James Robertson Justice * Maurice Denham * Michael Medwin * Geoffrey Keen * Joan Sims

Number two in the film series, the artist sadly not choosing to make the best of Bardot like the French version of the poster did.

the lieutenant wore skirts 640x480.jpg (99932 bytes) The Lieutenant Wore Skirts   (1956) Quad

Tom Ewell * Sheree North * Rita Moreno

Dated and misogynistic but you can't complain about a girl in uniform and stockings with seems.

Oh! For a Man! / US Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? 1957 Quad Poster Oh! For a Man! / US Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Jayne Mansfield * Tony Randall * Betsy Drake * Joan Blondell

Mansfield trying very hard to look like Monroe.

Doctor At Large 1957 Quad poster Doctor At Large (1957) Quad

Dirk Bogarde * Muriel Pavlow * Donald Sinden * James Robertson Justice * Shirley Eaton

Third one for the Doctor series, the early Carry On's seem to go for similar art to this, maybe the same artist, don't know for sure. Another series that can get expensive to collect.

Oh, Men! Oh, Women! 1957 Quad Poster Oh, Men! Oh, Women! (1957) Quad

Dan Dailey * Ginger Rogers * David Niven * Barbara Rush * Tony Randall

Man in a Mac on the poster, Hm...wonder what that's all about then.

Further Up The Creek 1958 Quad PosterJohn Stockle Further Up The Creek (1958) Quad Art: John Stockle

David Tomlinson * Frankie Howerd * Shirley Eaton * Thora Hird * Lionel Jeffries

A sequel but a good one and of course it's got Frankie. Art is similar to the Doctor series. This is actually a Hammer film. so I am mis-categorizing it here, but I've decided to keep the Hammer section more about the films they are generally known for. You can see the folds on this example have quite a lot of brown staining.

The Captains Table 1959 Quad British Poster The Captains Table (1959) Quad

John Gregson * Peggy Cummins * Donald Sinden * Nadia Gray * Maurice Denham * Richard Wattis * Bill Kerr * Joan Sims * John Le Mesurier

Odd place to run aground.

Upstairs and Downstairs 1959 Quad Poster Upstairs and Downstairs (1959) Quad Attributed: Renato Fratini

Michael Craig * Anne Heywood * Mylène Demongeot * James Robertson Justice * Claudia Cardinale * Sid James * Joan Hickson * Joan Sims

Some Euro glamour mixed in with the usual suspects for Brit comedy.

Some Like It Hot 1959 Quad BFI re-release 2000 Poster Some Like It Hot (1959) Quad BFI re-release 2000

Marilyn Monroe * Tony Curtis * Jack Lemmon * George Raft

Well, clearly not the original release poster. Ha, ha, yeah right...Even this British Film Institute version from 2000 is starting to become harder to find and I think every poster collection should have at least one original Marilyn.

Carry on Nurse 1959 Quad UK Poster Carry on Nurse (1959) Quad Attributed: David Langdon

Kenneth Connor * Shirley Eaton * Charles Hawtrey * Hattie Jacques * Bill Owen * Leslie Phillips * Joan Sims * Kenneth Williams * Wilfrid Hyde-White * Terence Longdon

Second of the classic series, starting to get more into the groove but before going all innuendo. It's got the famous daffodil scene and early appearance of Leslie Phillips Ding-Dong Bell so plenty to enjoy. The hospital theme would of course be irresistible to return to. For a quad this example is slightly undersized, 29x38, there doesn't seem to be any evidence of trimming. I also have some over size quads, which are a bugger to store, so I guess not all quads are created equal..

Carry on Teacher 1959 Quad UK Poster Carry on Teacher (1959) Quad Attributed: David Langdon

Kenneth Connor * Charles Hawtrey * Leslie Phillips * Joan Sims * Kenneth Williams * Hattie Jacques * Rosalind Knight * Cyril Chamberlain * Ted Ray * Richard O'Sullivan

Made before I was born, just, set in a boarding school completely unlike the comprehensive I would end up, yet I still remember this one affectionately. Though probably going for the St Trinians audience, the art looks a lot like Nurse above for the Third outing in the series. Third? 3-2-1, Ted Ray? Hm...

Carry on Constable 1960 1 sheet Carry on Constable (1960) 1 sheet

Sid James * Eric Barker * Kenneth Connor * Charles Hawtrey * Kenneth Williams * Leslie Phillips * Joan Sims * Hattie Jacques * Shirley Eaton

...and on to number 4, Sid James making his debut. Once again settling for the cheaper 1 sheet while the quad sits outside my price range.

Carry on Constable 1960 US Half Sheet Carry on Constable (1960) US Half Sheet

Sid James * Eric Barker * Kenneth Connor * Charles Hawtrey * Kenneth Williams * Leslie Phillips * Joan Sims * Hattie Jacques * Shirley Eaton

...and still not able to afford the Quad but the Half Sheet at least makes more of Shirley Eaton.

And The Same To You (1960) Quad

Brian Rix * William Hartnell * Leo Franklyn * Tommy Cooper * Vera Day * Sid James * Miles Malleson * Arthur Mullard * Renee Houston * Dick Bentley * John Robinson * Terry Scott * Shirley Anne Field

Not a big fan of the cheeky floating head style of poster but I am sure there is a place on the internet for the niche porn look of Vera Day in boxing gloves and over-tensioned wonderbra.

Can-Can 1960 Quad British Poster Can-Can (1960) Quad

Frank Sinatra * Shirley MacLaine * Maurice Chevalier * Louis Jourdan * Juliet Prowse

I like the imitation Art Nouveau Folies Bergère image, I believe Maurice Chevalier had actually been a performer there, you wouldn't think he had the legs for it would you? I haven't seen it but it is allegedly a comedy, in that way that musicals are. Here because you just don't to get to see posters with these names on them very often any more.

Nearly A Nasty Accident 1961 Quad Poster Nearly A Nasty Accident (1961) Quad

Jimmy Edwards * Kenneth Connor * Shirley Eaton * Eric Barker * Jon Pertwee * Ronnie Stevens * Richard Wattis * Joyce Carey * Peter Jones * Terry Scott

Quite the parade of 60's comedy faces in this one, larking about on an airfield for national service. Second feature banner has been glued on below, a 1959 Irish drama.

Come September 1961 Quad UK Poster Come September (1961) Quad Arnaldo Putzu

Rock Hudson * Gina Lollobrigida * Sandra Dee * Bobby Darin * Walter Slezak * Brenda de Banzie * Rossana Rory * Ronald Howard

Rock Hudson giving us a wink there, I wonder what secret that's all about?

Snow White and the Three Clowns US Stooges 1961 Quad Poster Snow White and the Three Clowns (1961) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Carol Heiss * Guy Rolfe * Patricia Medina * Larry Fine * Joe DeRita * Moe Howard

The Three Clowns are clearly the Three Stooges, unnecessary change of title for British audiences.

The Marriage-Go-Round 1961 Quad Tom Beauvais The Marriage-Go-Round (1961) Quad Signature Tom Beauvais

Susan Hayward * James Mason * Julie Newmar

The sexy 60's is about to start swinging, but this is just skirting around adultery that isn't going to happen. The US version of the art has Newmar vampier as the brazen seductress that she actually plays. For some the reason the slapstick UK image has Mason pursuing Newmar like Benny Hill, which is not how the story works.

The Notorious Landlady 1962 Quad British Poster The Notorious Landlady (1962) Quad

Kim Novak * Jack Lemmon * Fred Astaire * Lionel Jeffries

Nice Noir bad girl picture even if this is supposed to be a comedy.

In The Doghouse 1962 Quad British Poster In The Doghouse (1962) Quad

Leslie Phillips * Peggy Cummins * Hattie Jacques * James Booth * Dick Bentley * Esma Cannon * Fenella Fielding * Joan Hickson * Patsy Rowlands

Phillips not too caddish in this, playing a vet.

Postman's Knock (1962) Quad

Spike Milligan * Barbara Shelley * John Woods * Archie Duncan * Warren Mitchell * Lance Percival * Arthur Mullard

It's rare for Spike to star in a movie, he also played his father in his own Autobiography.

All This And Money Too 1963 Quad Poster US Love Is A Ball All This And Money Too (1963) Quad US Love Is A Ball

Glenn Ford * Hope Lange * Charles Boyer * Ricardo Montalban * Telly Savalas

Is he dancing or trying his anti bikini martial arts stance?

30 Years of Fun 1963 Quad Poster 30 Years of Fun (1963) Quad

Charlie Chaplin * Laurel & Hardy * Buster Keaton * Harry Langdon * Charley Chase

Review of the silent comedy era, it's sad that my kids will probably grow up having no idea who these people were.

Sparrows Can't Sing 1963 Quad Poster Sparrows Can't Sing (1963) Quad

Arthur Mullard * Avis Bunnage * Barbara Ferris * Barbara Windsor * Bob Grant * Brian Murphy * George Sewell * Harry H. Corbett * James Booth * Queenie Watts * Roy Kinnear * Stephen Lewis * Victor Spinetti * Yootha Joyce

About as much East End street cred as you can get in one place. Even the Kray Brothers showed up for the premier. Made before Carry on Spying put her in with the crowd she is most identified with, Barbara Windsor is unmistakable in the poster. Ah, the 60's, build high for happiness...

Carry on Cabby US Half Sheet Poster Carry on Cabby (1963) Half Sheet

Sid James * Hattie Jacques * Kenneth Connor * Charles Hawtrey * Esma Cannon * Liz Fraser * Bill Owen * Milo O'Shea * Jim Dale * Amanda Barrie

US Poster is a bit more cartoonish than either the very nice quad or one sheet versions but there you go, the collection budget just isn't what I'd like it to be and I am settling for this. This film is B&W, then Jack which follows it is full colour with Spying following that as the last of B&W's. Jim Dale gets his first Carry On and Amanda Barrie will have a much bigger part in Cleo, but cor, look at those shiny new Mark 1 Cortinas...

Carry on Jack 1963 Quad Carry on Jack (1963) Quad

Kenneth Williams * Bernard Cribbins * Juliet Mills * Charles Hawtrey * Donald Houston * Percy Herbert * Jim Dale

Not the standard hard core cast but Bernard Cribbins does a good job as the lead and it is one of the better ones in my opinion. The costume parodies are always less cringing than the modern day outings. Poster art isn't the best, I have seen the more interesting painted version as a postcard but not yet for sale. This may be another bank holiday re-release.

Carry on Jack 1963 Quad Dayglo Poster Carry on Jack (1963) Quad Attributed Tom Chantrell

Kenneth Williams * Bernard Cribbins * Juliet Mills * Charles Hawtrey * Donald Houston * Percy Herbert * Jim Dale

The original art is a thing of beauty, ships burning, nice blue uniform over a bulging bust we aren't supposed to be able to see and fighting with a broken sword. All washed out in the hideous Day-Glo silkscreen  that once again some deranged publicist thought would be the thing to pull us in. Click for a scan of how it should have looked. This a Postcard version that has been nicely re-touched by Yannis a fellow film fan and how Chantrell's original painting looked before it was ruined.


Nurse on Wheels 1963 British Poster Nurse on Wheels (1963) Quad

Juliet Mills * Ronald Lewis * Joan Sims * Noel Purcell * Esma Cannon Norman Rossington * Joan Hickson * Jim Dale * Deryck Guyler

Unashamedly linking to the Carry On films as part of its marketing, many of the usual faces are in it too. More daring in the art than I remember seeing in the movie itself.

Doctor In Distress 1963 Quad Poster Doctor In Distress (1963) Quad

Dirk Bogarde * James Robertson Justice * Samantha Eggar

Like the Carry On's, some of these posters can get expensive because the series is very collectable, even though  the art is not that great in my opinion. This is the Fourth in the Doctor series, another Sunday afternoon staple of Brit TV. Poster does have a good pic of Robertson Justice though, one of those great old comedy ogres.

Tom Jones 1963 Quad Poster Tom Jones (1963) Quad

Albert Finney * Susannah York * Hugh Griffith * Edith Evans * Joan Greenwood * Diane Cilento

Quirky film with the food sex scene a classic.

Crooks in Cloisters 1964 Quad English Poster Crooks in Cloisters (1964) Quad

Ronald Fraser * Barbara Windsor * Grégoire Aslan * Bernard Cribbins * Melvyn Hayes * Davy Kaye 8 Wilfrid Brambell

Cockney Crooks? Of course she's in it...highlighted in the poster by referencing her well know TV sitcom role in The Rag Trade.

Carry on Spying 1964 US Half Sheet Carry on Spying (1964) US Half Sheet

Kenneth Williams * Barbara Windsor * Bernard Cribbins * Charles Hawtrey * Eric Barker * Dilys Laye * Jim Dale *Judith Furse

Not the quad with Chantrell's art, with its parody of From Russia With Love and controversial bent gun barrel, although this version has that in 6 shooter form. Interesting that for the US Art the stars are relegated to the bomb feature, the main focus is an anonymous henchwoman showing more skin in the poster than the actual costume in the film. Sid James is not in it, Barbara Windsor makes her first Carry On appearance, they would get together in Doctor professionally and Girls unprofessionally...oo, er.

Carry on Cleo 1964 1 Sheet Art Tom Chantrell Carry on Cleo (1964) 1 Sheet Art: Tom Chantrell

Sidney James * Kenneth Williams * Kenneth Connor * Charles Hawtrey * Joan Sims * Jim Dale * Amanda Barrie

Sadly not the very rare Quad version with the art by Chantrell banned for looking much to close to the Howard Terpning Cleopatra art, with the addition of Charles & Ken under the bed of course. No, this is the 1 Sheet, also Chantrell's work, the reclining and all Kohled up Amanda Barry is the same but the lurkers under the bed are replaced with litter bearers instead. Some great expressions on those faces. This is my second favorite Carry On ever - "Infamy, Infamy, they've all got it in for me..." Oh yes.

Fanny Hill 1964 British Poster Fanny Hill (1964) Quad

Letícia Román * Miriam Hopkins * Ulli Lommel *Chris Howland

May not look like a Russ Meyer film from this poster, but it is...

The Brass Bottle 1964 Quad Poster The Brass Bottle (1964) Quad

Tony Randall * Burl Ives * Barbara Eden * Kamala Devi

Well, Barbara Eden in a Genie movie? Who'd have thunk it...but not as Jeanie, not yet.

The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders 1965 British Poster The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders (1965) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Kim Novak * Claire Ufland * Richard Johnson * Angela Lansbury * Leo McKern * Peter Butterworth

It worked for the Albert Finney above so...

A Swingin Summer 1965 Quad UK Poster A Swingin' Summer (1965) Quad

James Stacy * Lori Williams * William Wellman Jr. * Quinn O'Hara * Martin West * Mary Mitchel * Raquel Welch * Buck Holland

Since this film was "Introducing" Raquel Welsh to us and her to a bikini clad future, she was featured a lot more on the International versions of posters, including this British one. The US One Sheet poster is a lot more colorful and only mentions her below the main star's credits as the Palace Billboard Girl, but none of the main cast and the Billboard girl remark meant anything outside of USA. Whereas a girl filling a bikini this well is universally appreciated.

The Knack...and How To Get It 1965 Quad British Poster The Knack...and How To Get It (1965) Quad

Rita Tushingham * Ray Brooks * Michael Crawford * Donal Donnelly

As a generation adapted to The Pill and tights, a lot of quirkie sex comedies got filmed. This is one of the better ones, as long as you enjoy surreal anarchy in your stories. It's the kind of thing that people who like that kind of thing kind of like...or something. I am a bit of a fan of Rita Tushingham, so that's enough for me.

The Art of Love 1965 Quad Poster The Art of Love (1965) Quad

James Garner * Dick Van Dyke * Elke Sommer * Angie Dickinson * Ethel Merman * Carl Reiner

John Goldfarb Please Come Home 1965 Quad Poster John Goldfarb Please Come Home (1965) Quad

Shirley MacLaine * Peter Ustinov * Richard Crenna

Viva Maria 1965 Quad Poster Viva Maria! (1965) Quad

Brigitte Bardot * Jeanne Moreau

A couple of 60's glamour icons and a big gun. Works for me.

The Secret of My Success 1965 Quad Poster The Secret of My Success (1965) Quad Art: Frank Frazetta

Shirley Jones * Stella Stevens * Honor Blackman * James Booth * Lionel Jeffries

Black comedy, allegedly.

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines 1965 British Poster Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965) Quad

Stuart Whitman * Sarah Miles * James Fox * Robert Morley * Gert Fröbe * Eric Sykes * Red Skelton * Terry-Thomas * Benny Hill * John Le Mesurier * Jeremy Lloyd * Millicent Martin

I remember my parents taking me to the cinema to see this, I think it was on with Monte Carlo or Bust. It even has Benny Hill in it...catchy theme tune too. Been looking for this poster for a long time...

The Great Race 1965 Quad Chantrell Leary The Great Race (1965) Quad Signature Chantrell Cartoon Colin Leary

Jack Lemmon * Tony Curtis * Natalie Wood * Peter Falk * Vivian Vance * Dorothy Provine * Larry Storch

Good road movie, looking a bit like Wacky Races as it slapsticks its way across exotic locations. The artwork has both Tom Chantrell's name clearly written on it and Leary for the cartoonish part.

The Intelligence Men 1965 Quad The Intelligence Men (1965) Quad Art: Renato Fratini

Eric Morecambe * Ernie Wise * William Franklyn * April Olrich * Gloria Paul

First big screen attempt and not bad but not great. Less color in the artwork than other versions I've seen, cheaper print run I suppose.

What's New Pussycat? (1965) Quad Art: Frank Frazetta

Peter Sellers * Peter O'toole* Romy Schneider * Capucine * Paula Prentiss * Woody Allen * Ursula Andress

So happy to get this one, a classic sixties sex comedy farce, Sellers on top lecherous form, Woody before pretensions set in and Tom Jones belting out the theme tune. I have no idea how old I was the first time I saw it, but I know was too young to fully appreciate it all. That never stopped me watching it again and again every time it showed up late night on TV over the years, it was even more fun when I finally did get it all. Love it.

After the Fox 1966 Quad Poster After the Fox (1966) Quad Italy: Caccia Alla Volpe Art: Frank Frazetta

Peter Sellers * Victor Mature * Britt Ekland * Martin Balsam

Frank Frazetta brought in to make it look as much like Pussyact as possible with the tag lines adding no subtlety. This poster sets you a challenge to find the fox hidden it it...

Not With My Wife You Dont 1966 Quad Poster Not With My Wife, You Don't (1966) Quad

Tony Curtis * Virna Lisi * George C. Scott * Carroll O'Connor

Always prefer my art without the Cinema banner but you just have to take what you can find.

Sex Quartet 1966 Quad Poster Sex Quartet (1966) Quad Italy Le Fate Art: Payne

Monica Vitti * Enrico Maria Salerno * Franco Balducci * Renzo Giovampietro * Gastone Moschin * Jole Fierro * Corrado Olmi * Raquel Welch * Jean Sorel * Capucine * Olga Villi * Anthony Steel * Gigi Ballista * Ester Carloni * Nino Marchetti * Claudia Cardinale * Pia Lindström

Sixties Euro starlets (plus Raquel) in an anthology sex comedy.

Doctor in Clover 1966 Quad Doctor in Clover (1966) Quad

Leslie Phillips * James Robertson Justice * Shirley Anne Field * John Fraser * Joan Sims * Arthur Haynes * Fenella Fielding

One of the later ones in the series, sixth I think. Dirk Bogarde was not in it. Poster art is better than some of the earlier ones though in my opinion.

Carry on Screaming 1966 Quad Poster Carry on Screaming (1966) Quad Art:Tom Chantrell

Harry H Corbett * Kenneth Williams * Jim Dale * Charles Hawtrey * Fenella Fielding * Joan Sims * Angela Douglas

Favorite Carry On film, favorite poster, favorite voice (Fenella Fielding), favorite wonderbra (also Fenella Fielding), Favorite Frying Tonight Quote!

Mocking Hammer and just all round bloody brilliant.

Carry on Don't Lose Your Head 1966 Quad Poster Carry on Don't Lose Your Head (1966) Quad Art: Renato Fratini

Sidney James * Kenneth Williams * Jim Dale * Charles Hawtrey * Joan Sims * Dany Robin

Almost, but not quite, losing that Carry On prefix. This poster is not as colorful as some of the other versions I have seen, faces are just black and white. I will have to watch for a better one but they are getting expensive. Mismatching the heads and bodies shows up in another Carry On poster artwork,  one of the Carry on Cowboy versions with the saloon door.

Carry on Don't Lose Your Head 1966 Quad Poster Carry on Don't Lose Your Head (1966) Quad Art: Renato Fratini

Sidney James * Kenneth Williams * Jim Dale * Charles Hawtrey * Joan Sims * Dany Robin

...and here is a more colorful version. Normally I try not to upgrade posters I already have but this was a bargain. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it...

That Riviera Touch 1966 Quad Poster That Riviera Touch (1966) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Eric Morecambe * Ernie Wise * Suzanne Lloyd * Paul Stassino

Morecambe and Wise eh? Of the handful of films they made, this was the best, film really wasn't their thing. Fond memories of seeing this over Christmas as a kid, several times.

Any Wednesday 1966 Quad Poster Any Wednesday (1966) Quad

Jane Fonda * Jason Robards * Dean Jones's not Barbarella but Jane Fonda ought to be in here somewhere.

The Great St Trinians Train Robbery 1966 Quad Poster The Great St Trinians Train Robbery (1966) Quad Art: Ronald Searle

Frankie Howerd * Dora Bryan * George Cole * Reg Varney * Raymond Huntley * Richard Wattis * Terry Scott

Modernizing these classics wasn't a great idea even in the 60's, but it is much, much better than Wildcats. Great to see George Cole with his trademark on screen theme tune and plenty of great Brit Comedy characters, though sadly not Alistair Sim. Enough time had passed since the real Biggs train robbery of '63 that it had become part of British folklore, appropriately or not, and so parody worthy.

Way Way Out 1966 Poster Way... Way Out (1966) Quad

Jerry Lewis * Connie Stevens * Robert Morley * Dennis Weaver * Howard Morris * Brian Keith * Dick Shawn * Anita Ekberg

Don't think I ever saw this, I was old enough to find Lewis annoying by now.

What Did You Do In The War Daddy 1966 Quad Poster What Did You Do In The War, Daddy? (1966) Quad

James Coburn * Dick Shawn * Sergio Fantoni * Giovanna Ralli * Aldo Ray * Harry Morgan * Carroll O'Connor * Leon Askin

My copy has quite a bit of scrawl on it, both felt tip and pen commenting on the likely contents of one of the young ladies skirts. Sigh, that's cinema history for you...

The Swinger Quad Poster 1966 The Swinger (1966) Quad

Ann-Margret * Tony Franciosa * Robert Coote * Yvonne Romain * Horace McMahon * Nydia Westman

The swinging 60's but it's America so it's all a bit confused and repressed really, don't mention the war...Oo, a Triumph Tiger in the poster?

The Sandwich Man 1966 They're A Weird Mob 1966 Quad UK Poster The Sandwich Man (1966) They're A Weird Mob (1966) Quad

Michael Bentine * Dora Bryan * Harry H. Corbett * Bernard Cribbins * Diana Dors

Walter Chiari * Clare Dunne * Chips Rafferty * Alida Chelli * Ed Devereaux

Stuffed full of well known faces of the day, from veteran comedians to contemporary character actors, all going through little sketches connected by the wandering and always underestimated IMHO, Michael Bentine. At some point this poster had a stamp stuck on it and was posted to someone, no envelope! You can guess the great condition this has left it in...I gained a stamp though.

The Magnificent Two 1967 Quad The Magnificent Two (1967) Quad Art: Eric Pulford/Renato Fratini

Eric Morecambe * Ernie Wise * Cecil Parker * Isobel Black

Eric and Ernie just didn't translate well to big screen...That Riviera Touch was better.

Carry On Follow That Camel 1967 Quad Renato Fratini Carry On Follow That Camel (1967) Quad Attributed: Renato Fratini

Phil Silvers * Kenneth Williams * Jim Dale * Charles Hawtrey * Joan Sims * Angela Douglas * eter Butterworth * Bernard Bresslaw * Anita Harris * Peter Gilmore

Not really a Carry On film as you can see from the title, but hard not to count it as one. Phil Silvers is clearly shoehorned in for the 'merkin market and while I'm not a fan he was big over here too as Bilko. Actually not a bad one, not as good as Khyber it has it's moments.

Carry on Doctor 1967 1 Sheet Carry on Doctor (1967) US 1 Sheet

Frankie Howerd * Sidney James * Charles Hawtrey * Kenneth Williams * Jim Dale * Barbara Windsor * Joan Sims * Bernard Bresslaw * Hattie Jacques * Anita Harris * Peter Butterworth

Unfortunately I haven't been able to afford the quad yet, even this 1 sheet is the US art which isn't as much fun, of the classics. Anita Harris in a nurses uniform on the roof has stuck in my mind over the years for some reason.

The Oldest Profession 1967 Quad Poster The Oldest Profession (1967) Quad France Le Plus Vieux Métier du Monde

Michèle Mercier * Elsa Martinelli * Jeanne Moreau * Nadia Gray * Anna Karina * Raquel Welch

Arty French anthology of prostitution through the ages stories.

Cinderella Italian Style 1967 Quad Poster Cinderella Italian Style (1967) Quad Italy C'era una volta...

Sophia Loren * Omar Sharif

Very UN-PC tagline, talk of "taming" wouldn't be stood for these days.

Doctor Dolittle 1967 Quad Poster Doctor Dolittle (1967) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Rex Harrison * Samantha Eggar * Anthony Newley * Richard Attenborough

Another one I remember my parents taking me to see, my Cousin Paul attempted songs from this on his guitar (it had no strings so not as bad as it sounds) so I guess it made an impression on him. Filmed in a village not that far from where I lived so we even did a family outing over to Castle Combe.

The Jokers 1967 Quad The Jokers (1967) Quad

Michael Crawford * Oliver Reed * Harry Andrews * James Donald * Daniel Massey * Michael Hordern * Gabriella Licudi

Quirky and definitely 60's, I find Crawford annoying in this one but Ollie brilliant as ever.

How I Won The War 1967 Quad UK Poster How I Won The War (1967) Quad

Michael Crawford * John Lennon * Roy Kinnear * Lee Montague * Jack MacGowran * Michael Hordern

Another quirky oddity from the 60's with John Lennon being surprisingly the straight man, more or less. I am not sure what the story is with this poster, it is slightly small for a quad so may have been trimmed but the linen backing makes it hard to tell. I have never seen another example to compare with so until I do I have an open mind.

Bedazzled 1967 Quad Poster Bedazzled (1967) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Peter Cook * Dudley Moore * Eleanor Bron * Raquel Welch

I have great memories and associations with this movie, didn't see it at the cinema but it reappeared on late night TV a lot so I was generally post-pub when I saw it. Very 60's and very Pete and Dud, though I never could work out what Dud saw in the boney-chested Bron. Glad to see they shoe-horned Welch into the poster art in spite of her very limited time on screen.

The Perils of Pauline 1967 Quad UK Poster The Perils of Pauline (1967) Quad

Pat Boone * Terry-Thomas * Pamela Austin * Edward Everett Horton * Hamilton Camp

I don't know if there is a more colourful version of the quad out there than mine, but this one is very bare compared to the US Art you can see at the Raw Panic blog. The blobby b&w panels make it hard to appreciate the perils Pauline is in. The UK version also drops one of the US tag lines for "That Rebellion Girl" which is a reference to the Dodge cars advertising campaign Pamela Austin was known for in America, but would mean nothing to a British audience.

Rocket To The Moon 1967 Quad poster Rocket to the Moon (1967) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Burl Ives * Troy Donahue * Gert Fröbe * Terry-Thomas * Hermione Gingold * Daliah Lavi * Lionel Jeffries * Dennis Price * Stratford Johns

Caprice 1967 UK Quad Poster Caprice (1967) Quad

Doris Day * Richard Harris * Ray Walston * Jack Kruschen * Edward Mulhare * Lilia Skala * Michael J. Pollard

Rainy Sunday afternoon movie that's not bad for a Doris Day vehicle.

Ill Never Forget Whats His Name 1967 Quad Vic Fair I'll Never Forget What's'isname (1967) Quad Signature Vic Fair

Orson Welles * Oliver Reed * Carol White * Harry Andrews * Michael Hordern * Wendy Craig * Marianne Faithfull * Frank Finlay * Edward Fox

All you need is the art to guess the decade and you'd be right. Looks like the artist had a lot of fun with psychedelic swirls and hidden nipples, and why not, Ollie did.

The Plank 1967 Quad UK Poster The Plank (1967) Quad

Tommy Cooper * Eric Sykes * Jimmy Edwards * Roy Castle * Graham Stark * Stratford Johns * Jim Dale * Jimmy Tarbuck * Hattie Jacques * Rex Garner

I love this film, not much for dialog it is a classic of more or less silent comedy. Sykes did a few of these, and remade this one 12 years later. I have a bunch of them on VHS tape that I need to convert, including Mr H is Late and some of the Two Ronnies ones like The Picnic.

Eight On The Run 1967 Quad Poster Eight On The Run (1967) Quad Attributed: Jack Davis

Bob Hope * Phyllis Diller * Jonathan Winters * Shirley Eaton * Jill St. John

Nice collection of US character actors hanging out with Bob and local girl made gold Shirley Eaton while Jill St John would prefer diamonds in a couple of years. Eight on the Lam was the original US title.

Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush 1968 Quad British Poster Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush (1968) Quad Attributed Vic Fair

Barry Evans * Judy Geeson * Angela Scoular * Sheila White * Adrienne Posta * Vanessa Howard * Diane Keen * Moyra Fraser * Michael Bates * Maxine Audley * Denholm Elliott * hristopher Timothy * Nicky Henson * George Layton * Angela Pleasence * Spencer Davis

The first thing to notice about his poster is the complete lack of a face under the hair of Barry Evans as the films virgin on a mission. That was so it could be cut out and a piece of reflecting foil glued in so that a punter looking at the poster would see his own face reflected back, augmented with 60's hair and I Am A Virgin badge of dishonor. And who doesn't want that...The idea that the star wouldn't even have his face on the poster is just inconceivable with your modern day celebrity egos. The film itself is a lot of fun, if you are a fan of 60's oddness, hair, miniskirts, eye make-up and underwear, which I am.

Only When I Larf UK 1968 Poster Only When I Larf (1968) Quad

Richard Attenborough * David Hemmings * Alexandra Stewart * Nicholas Pennell * Melissa Stribling * Terence Alexander

Don't think I have seen this one and I usally try to catch anything with Hemmings in it.

A Flea in Her Ear 1968 Quad Poster A Flea in Her Ear (1968) Quad

Rex Harrison * Rosemary Harris * Louis Jordan * Rachel Roberts

Must have missed this one.

Where Were You When The Lights Went Out 1968 Quad Poster Where Were You When The Lights Went Out (1968) Quad Attributed Robert McGinnis

Doris Day * Robert Morse * Terry-Thomas * Patrick O'Neal * Lola Albright * Steve Allen

It's the late 60's and her virginal act is still the one she is going with.

How Sweet It Is 1968 Quad Poster How Sweet It Is (1968) Quad

James Garner * Debbie Reynolds * Maurice Ronet * Terry-Thomas * Paul Lynde

Got to be the 60's with that art...though with these faces could be the 50's...

Buona Sera Mrs Campbell 1968 Quad Poster Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell (1968) Quad

Gina Lollobrigida * Shelley Winters * Phil Silvers * Peter Lawford * Telly Savalas

Not country of origin but nice picture of La Lollo anyway.

Chastity Belt 1968 Quad Chastity Belt (1968) Quad 80's Rerelease Italy La Cintura Di Castità

Tony Curtis * Monica Vitti * Hugh Griffith * John Richardson * Nino Castelnuovo * Ivo Garrani

Decline and Fall of a Birdwatcher 1968 Quad Decline and Fall...of a Birdwatcher (1968) Quad Tom Chantrell

Robin Phillips * John Glyn-Jones * Colin Blakely * Leo McKern * Patience Collier * Geneviève Page

Scanning large colour washes like this are a bit of a bugger, one of those times a photograph would be better. Very 60's version of public school boys being ironic about their world.

Prudence and the Pill 1968 Quad Poster Prudence and the Pill (1968) Quad

Deborah Kerr * David Niven * Robert Coote * Irina Demick * Joyce Redman * Judy Geeson * Keith Michell * Edith Evans

The swinging 60's, the Pill, those were the days. I was of course too young to really appreciate what it was all about.

Carry On Up The Khyber 1968 Quad Poster Carry On Up The Khyber (1968) Quad Art: Renato Fratini

Sid James * Kenneth Williams * Charles Hawtrey * Roy Castle * Joan Sims * Bernard Bresslaw * Peter Butterworth * Terry Scott * Angela Douglas

Now this is one of my favorites "I'm feeling a little plastered", "Any time is tiffin time..." Oh god yes, a classic. One of their best. Overloaded camel art similar to that for Dick.

Lock Up Your Daughters 1969 Quad English Poster Lock Up Your Daughters (1969) Quad

Richard Wordsworth * Christopher Plummer * Susannah York * Glynis Johns * Ian Bannen * Tom Bell * Elaine Taylor * Jim Dale * Kathleen Harrison * Roy Kinnear * Roy Dotrice * Fenella Fielding * Arthur Mullard

Tom Jones had quite the influence...worth it for Fenella Fielding as Lady Eager.

Sinful Davey 1969 Quad Poster Robert McGinnis Sinful Davey (1969) Quad Attributed Robert McGinnis

John Hurt * Pamela Franklin * Nigel Davenport * Ronald Fraser * Robert Morley * Fidelma Murphy * Maxine Audley

Although this is supposed to be an 18th Century Tom Jones type romp, McGinnis has painted trademark 60's girls. He's apparently trying hard to make bodices look like Quant mini's, giving everyone blue eye shadow, glue on lashes and Alice bands. Not that there is anything wrong with that, just saying...

The Assassination Bureau 1969 Quad Uk Poster The Assassination Bureau (1969) Quad Attributed Robert McGinnis

Oliver Reed * Diana Rigg * Telly Savalas * Curd Jürgens * Philippe Noiret * Warren Mitchell * Beryl Reid

A perfect film for Oliver Reed and you can't go wrong with Emma Peel either, not to mention a great looking poster. Another one I specifically remember from boxing day, always a good day for films.

Carry on Camping 1969 Quad Poster Carry on Camping (1969) Re-Release Quad Art: Renato Fratini

Sid James * Kenneth Williams * Charles Hawtrey * Joan Sims * Terry Scott * Hattie Jacques * Barbara Windsor * Bernard Bresslaw * Peter Butterworth

Another poster not in great condition and probably a re-release but it's so collectable I have had to settle for what I could afford. It has the notorious Babs shot on it, what more could you want? White patch behind goat is a mystery, not a stain, seems to be where some round object was protecting it from fading. Maybe stacked with another poster that had a big round sticker on it....who knows.

Carry On Again Doctor 1969 Quad Carry On Again Doctor (1969) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Sid James * Kenneth Williams * Charles Hawtrey * Jim Dale * Joan Sims * Barbara Windsor * Hattie Jacques * Patsy Rowlands * Peter Butterworth

They just can't stay away from the old hospital farces can they? And why not...hasn't quite got the warmth but some good physical comedy by Jim Dale, doing his own stunts even.

Monte Carlo or Bust 1969 Quad UK Poster Monte Carlo or Bust (1969) Quad

Bourvil * Peter Cook * Tony Curtis * Gert Fröbe * Susan Hampshire * Nicoletta Machiavelli * Dudley Moore * Eric Sykes * Terry-Thomas

I remember this as part of a double bill with Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines which we saw at the Gaity in Knowle on a family outing. MM is funnier, though I do like Pete and Dud in this one. Terry Thomas and Eric Sykes were in both and it's sort of a sequel to MM.

the virgin soldiers 640x480.jpg (92302 bytes) Virgin Soldiers (1969) Quad Art: John Stockle

Lynn Redgrave * Hywel Bennett * Nigel Davenport * Nigel Patrick

Always happy to see a poster with an Enfield in it...national Service was good and gone by the time I grew up, just as well.

All Neat In Black Stockings 1969 Quad British Poster All Neat In Black Stockings (1969) Quad

Victor Henry * Susan George * Jack Shepherd * Clare Kelly * Anna Cropper * Vanessa Forsyth

It's the swinging 60's still, just about, and you have Susan George and "Stockings" in your title - and this is the art you plan to lure them in with? US 1 Sheet at least has a girl actually wearing stockings in it. This movie brought to you by the letter A for Apathy. I realize as I look at some other 60's comedies here I am over using the word quirky, I should really be saying unfunny, which is what this one is.

Till Death Us Do Part 1969 Quad Poster Till Death Us Do Part (1969) Quad

Warren Mitchell * Dandy Nichols * Una Stubbs * Anthony Booth

Another TV classic getting its moment on the big screen to try to keep the industry alive.

The Best House in London 1969 Quad Poster The Best House in London (1969) Quad

David Hemmings * Joanna Pettet * George Sanders * Dany Robin * Warren Mitchell * John Bird * William Rushton * Bill Fraser

If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium 1969 Quad Poster If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium (1969) Quad

Suzanne Pleshette * Ian McShane * Hilarie Thompson * Miss Belgium

Americans touring Europe is always a good excuse to dust off some dodgy cultural stereotypes. Doesn't that bikini look positively wholesome by today's standards? Can't help think she looks a little constipated too...

Hello-Goodbye 1970 British Quad Hello-Goodbye (1970) Quad Tom Chantrell

Michael Crawford * Geneviève Gilles * Curt Jurgens * Ira Furstenberg

More mucking about in foreign parts.

Doctor in Trouble 1970 Quad Poster Doctor in Trouble (1970) Quad

Leslie Phillips * Harry Secombe * James Robertson Justice * Angela Scoular * Irene Handl * Simon Dee

Bogarde was long gone for the last in the series leaving Leslie Philip's cad as the lead, James Roberston Justice as the essential ogre. By now this series had also shown up on TV with Doctor In The House starting it all over again. Amongst the cast of the TV show was the young Stuart-Clark character, an imitation of Philip's cad who shows up as a cameo amongst the familiar faces in this one..

Take A Girl Like You 1970 Quad Poster Take A Girl Like You (1970) Quad

Hayley Mills * Oliver Read * Noel Harrison * Sheila Hancock * John Bird * Aimi Macdonald

Judging by the fashions, we must be in the 70's now...yep, Hayley is grown up.

The Last Warrior 1970 US Flap Quad Poster The Last Warrior (1970) US Flap Quad

Anthony Quinn * Claude Akins * Tony Bill * Shelley Winters

Alleged comedy on a touchy subject...I just thought it was a nice picture of Quinn.

The Owl And The Pussycat 1970 Quad Poster The Owl And The Pussycat (1970) Quad

Barbra Streisand * George Segal * Robert Klein

Streisand on the game? That, can't be right, surely?

There's A Girl In My Soup 1970 Quad Poster There's A Girl In My Soup (1970) Quad

Peter Sellers * Goldie Hawn * Tony Britton * Nicky Henson * Diana Dors

Simple art.

Scrooge 1970 Quad Poster Scrooge (1970) Quad

Albert Finney * Edith Evans * Kenneth More * Alec Guinness

Doing an Oliver! with Scrooge!

Scrooge 1970 Quad Poster Scrooge (1970) Review Re-Release Quad

Albert Finney * Edith Evans * Kenneth More * Alec Guinness

Intersting change in Art compared to the version above. Is that a Scarfe cartoon?

Carry on Loving 1970 Quad Renato Fratini Carry on Loving (1970) Quad Attrib: Renato Fratini

Sid James * Kenneth Williams * Charles Hawtrey * Joan Sims * Hattie Jacques * Terry Scott * Richard O'Callaghan * Bernard Bresslaw * Jacki Piper * Imogen Hassall

Hm, I love the carry ons but...not one of the best. Another one with the creepy theme of young girls, old guys. The historical costume parodies seemed to hide that better. One's set in the modern day make it too obvious. Much as I enjoyed the Imogen (Countess of Cleavage) Hassall zipper up, zipper down farce with Terry Scott, it does make you cringe in places. The Artist makes an interesting choice in having Hattie Jacques as a cherub in a see-thru nightie.

Carry On Up The Jungle 1970 Quad Poster Carry On Up The Jungle (1970) Quad Art: Renato Fratini

Frankie Howerd * Sid James * Charles Hawtrey * Joan Sims * Terry Scott * Kenneth Connor * Bernard Bresslaw * Jacki Piper * Valerie Leon

Not one of my personal favorites even though it has all the usual cast except, Kenneth Williams. Frankie Howerd is a good substitute, it's period, sort of, and more or less from the good old days. Just never been one I enjoy, dunno why...It's even got Valerie Leon. A mystery. Possible reissue, these always got shown again at bank holidays and such.

Dad's Army 1971 Quad UK Poster Dad's Army (1971) Quad

Arthur Lowe * John Le Mesurier * Clive Dunn * John Laurie * James Beck * Arnold Ridley * Ian Lavender * Liz Fraser

What, no Liz Fraser in the poster? After they went to all that trouble on an upgrade for Mavis, shame...Since most of the action in the TV series took place in the Church Hall, you would think they would have used the resources of Movie Money better. As with a lot of TV to Movie attempts, you lose a lot of the character in the translation.

Please Sir 1971 Quad Poster Please Sir! (1971) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

John Alderton * Deryck Guyler * Noel Howlett * Joan Sanderson * Richard Davies * Peter Cleall * Carol Hawkins

One of the many sitcoms that filled the post God Slot on a Sunday evening for many years and got made into a film. The pupil hating Chemistry teacher Mr Price was my favorite.

Carry on Henry 1971 Quad Poster Carry on Henry (1971) Quad Art: Art: Eric Pulford/Renato Fratini

Sidney James * Kenneth Williams * Charles Hawtrey * Joan Sims * Terry Scott * Barbara Windsor * Kenneth Connor

The kind of film you should skip boring meetings for and hang out with your mates watching with a beer in your hand. The film that turned me on to Garlic.

Catch Me A Spy 1971 Quad Poster Catch Me A Spy (1971) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Kirk Douglas * Marlène Jobert * Trevor Howard * Tom Courtenay * Patrick Mower * Garfield Morgan * Angharad Rees

Old ruggie is back again...dropped in to this not so funny comedy for the sake of US marketing...and doesn't he look smug about it?

Bananas 1971 Poster Art Jack Davis Bananas (1971) Quad Art: Jack Davis

Woody Allen * Louise Lasser * Carlos Montalbán * Natividad Abascal

Early Woody, not that it's necessarily a bad thing. I am in the minority that find his later work a bit too pretentious and self absorbed. Having said that, this isn't as much fun as Sleeper but it has it's moments. Art is by Jack Davis of Mad Magazine.

Suburban Wives 1971 Quad British Poster Suburban Wives (1971) Quad

Eva Whishaw * Peter May * Maggie Wright * Barry Linehan * Claire Gordon * Denys Hawthorne * Heather Chasen * Gabrielle Drake

A comedy according to IMDB, I think we can see what type. Yep more Brit soft core smut, 7 tales of infidelity from the female point of view.

Games That Lovers Play 1971 The Sex Victims 1973 Quad Poster Games That Lovers Play (1971) The Sex Victims (1973) Quad

Joanna Lumley * Penny Brahms * Richard Wattis * Jeremy Lloyd * Diane Hart

This must be a later re-release, not only because it's thrown together with some other smut but because it doesn't reference either Fanny Hill or Lady Chatterley in the advertising, when these are the catchpenny character references that were intended as the hooks to get you in originally. Instead they have made a feature of the topless Joanna Lumley, who by 1973 had done Hammer, Bond and several British TV series including Coronation Street. Clearly time to dust off the softcore comedy she had done earlier in her career and send it out again with some almost unidentifiable feature fillers.

The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins 1971 Quad Poster The Magnificent 7 Deadly Sins (1971) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Felicity Devonshire * Bruce Forsyth * Bernard Bresslaw * Joan Sims * Roy Hudd * Cheryl Hall * Harry Secombe * June Whitfield * Leslie Phillips * Julie Ege * Patrick Newell * Harry H. Corbett * Cheryl Kennedy * Bill Pertwee * Anouska Hempel * Sue Bond * Ian Carmichael * Alfie Bass * Spike Milligan * Melvyn Hayes * Ronnie Barker * Peter Butterworth * Marty Feldman * Cardew Robinson * Madeline Smith * Ronald Fraser * Stephen Lewis

Look at those guest wouldn't think it would be a stinker would you? Well...

Percy 1971 Quad British Poster Percy (1971) Quad

Hywel Bennett * Denholm Elliott * Elke Sommer * Britt Ekland * Graham Crowden * Sheila Steafel

Not here for the art but this was quite a notorious film when it came out to much hock shorror and tittering. I was too young for it but the sequel, Percy's Progress, which came out later without Hywel Bennett, I remember being all the talk at school. One of my mates was reading the novelization, which was about as close as we got.

Up Pompeii 1971 Quad poster Up Pompeii (1971) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Frankie Howard * Julie Ege * Patrick Cargill * Michael Hordern * Barbara Murray * Lance Percival * Bill Fraser * Adrienne Posta

I am still a big fan of Frankie Howard and was lucky enough to see him on stage before he died. I used to watch this on TV as a kid, most of it went over my head but it never stopped me enjoying it.

Up The Chastity Belt 1971 Quad Poster Up the Chastity Belt (1971) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Frankie Howerd * Graham Crowden * Bill Fraser * Roy Hudd * Hugh Paddick * Anna Quayle * Eartha Kitt

My Dad took me to see this but it was AA (over 14) and we were turned away. Luckily the hormones kicked in soon after this embarrassment and 70's audiences dwindled so they were less fussy at the box office soon enough.

Up the Front 1972 Quad Poster Up the Front (1972) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Frankie Howerd * Bill Fraser * Hermione Baddeley * Lance Percival * Dora Bryan* Stanley Holloway * * Zsa Zsa Gabor * Madeline Smith

Didn't actually see this one at the movies, I caught it on TV much later. Amazing how few films Zsa 4Zsa has actually been in, for all her notoriety. Anyway, this is one of them, but it's all Frankie. Last of the Up movies, not the best but still worth a titter. Poster spotted less often than the earlier films.

Carry On Matron 1972 Quad Poster Carry On Matron (1972) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Sidney James * Kenneth Williams Charles Hawtrey * Joan Sims * Hattie Jacques * Bernard Bresslaw * Kenneth Cope * Terry Scott * Barbara Windsor * Kenneth Connor

Not bad, before they started to go really down hill. I love the Carry On's so thought I would start buying the posters, I stopped with this one, there are just too many other collectors pushing prices up.

Adolf Hitler My Part In His Downfall 1972 Quad Poster Adolf Hitler My Part In His Downfall (1972) Quad Art: Vic Fair

Jim Dale * Arthur Lowe * Bill Maynard * Tony Selby * Spike Milligan * Pat Coombs * Windsor Davies * Stephen Yardley * Bob Todd * Anthony Booth

Based on Spike Milligan's excellent Second World War memoirs of which this was the first book in the series.

Our Miss Fred 1972 Quad Poster Our Miss Fred (1972) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Danny La Rue * Alfred Marks * Lance Percival * Lally Bowers * Frances de la Tour

Odd thing about Danny la Rue, he seemed to be beloved by the likes of the hairy arsed lorry driver who lived next door to us. Drag is not gay I was assured as a kid and I know La Rue claimed he wasn't...but, I find it ironic that Camp is such an essential and accepted part of working class comedy. Even when bigotry was queen, clearly queer characters were hugely popular. Of course if they publicly came out of the closet, they were finished. A dated double standard in the double entendre's business that looks like it is finally dying away. Good job too.

Steptoe and Son 1972 Quad Art Arnaldo Putzu Steptoe and Son (1972) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Wilfrid Brambell * Harry H. Corbett * Carolyn Seymour

Quite a depressing tale for their first big screen outing. The TV show could do downer episodes as well but the sequel Ride Again would feel better in my humble O. Great picture of the father and son in in the poster, complete with the stripper looking suitably devious..

Bless this House 1972 Quad Poster Bless this House (1972) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Sidney James * Diana Coupland * Terry Scott * June Whitfield * Peter Butterworth * Sally Geeson * Robin Askwith * Carol Hawkins

If you can't beat way of keeping British films alive and actors working was to make movies of popular TV series, this was a real industry for the 70's.

Father Dear Father 1972 Quad Poster Father Dear Father (1972) Quad

Patrick Cargill * Natasha Pyne * Ann Holloway * Noël Dyson

Yet another small screen to big screen excursion. I was never very sure what this sitcom was supposed to be about, other than the dad with two daughters hilarity. Just what was the situation supplying the comedy supposed to be? Generation gap? Single Dad? Seems pretty weak these days...

The Alf Garnett Saga 1972 Quad The Alf Garnett Saga (1972) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Warren Mitchell * Dandy Nichols * Paul Angelis * Adrienne Posta * John Le Mesurier * John Bird * Roy Hudd * Roy Kinnear * Joan Sims

Mucking around with the well known faces playing these characters (Tony Booth and Una Stubbs are MIA) and worse, changing their personalities and locations, made a mess of this sequel.

Avanti! 1972 Quad UK Poster Avanti! (1972) Quad Art: Sanford Kossin

Jack Lemmon * Juliet Mills * Clive Revill * Carlo Carlucci

I have also seen the art attributed to Robert McGinnis but the signature I can see says Kossin, although this may be one of those designer/illustrator things..

Ooh You Are Awful 1972 UK Quad Poster Ooh, You Are Awful (1972) Quad

Dick Emery * Derren Nesbitt * Ronald Fraser * Pat Coombs * William Franklyn * Cheryl Kennedy * Norman Bird * Liza Goddard

Back in the early 70's I was too young to get up to much on a Saturday night, most of them were spent watching the telly. Dick Emery had his own show of odd character impressions which apparently earned a movie too. I wasn't very impressed at the time but I do seem to have some nostalgia for it all now. From what I remember, the film was funny for it's day with all the usual characters in it. In fact, it was awful, but I liked it. Sorry.

The Erotic Adventures of Zorro 1972 Quad British Poster The Erotic Adventures of Zorro (1972) Quad

Douglas Frey * Robyn Whitting * Penny Boran * John Alderman * Jude Farese * Robert W. Cresse * Lynn Harris * Starlyn Simone

I quite like living in a world where there are porn parodies of mainstream films and with porn star names too - what fun! Keeps it all in perspective...

Carry on Abroad 1972 1 Sheet Carry on Abroad (1972) 1 Sheet Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Sidney James * Kenneth Williams * Charles Hawtrey * Joan Sims * Bernard Bresslaw * Barbara Windsor * Kenneth Connor * Peter Butterworth * Jimmy Logan * June Whitfield * Hattie Jacques * Derek Francis * Sally Geeson * Ray Brooks * Carol Hawkins

Old blokes lusting after young girls which would prove to be the theme for the last few years of the series. Still, I do have fond memories of this one. First saw it on a rainy afternoon in Paignton, my whole family was escaping the good old British weather on the annual holiday. Ironic or what?

Malizia 1973 Quad Poster Malizia (1973) Quad

Laura Antonelli * Turi Ferro * Alessandro Momo * Tina Aumont

Italian smut with dark comedy elements, although it's obviously here just for the smut factor which is well represented in the art. Also an early example of the kinky stepmother antics that would get more outings in 80's American sex comedies.

The House In Nightmare Park 1973 Quad Poster The House In Nightmare Park (1973) Quad

Frankie Howerd * Ray Milland * Hugh Burden * Kenneth Griffith * John Bennett * Rosalie Crutchley

Frankie getting to do his tortured actor character, not one of my favorites films but it's still Frankie...look at that face...

Keep it Up Jack 1973 Quad Poster Keep it Up Jack! (1973) Quad

Mark Jones * Sue Longhurst * Frank Thornton * Queenie Watts * Paul Whitsun-Jones

In spite of the cheapness of movies like this, the art is still pretty good. The version below featuring a bed in the foreground seems rarer.

Keep it Up Jack 1973 Quad Poster Keep it Up Jack! (1973) Quad

Mark Jones * Sue Longhurst * Frank Thornton * Queenie Watts * Paul Whitsun-Jones

Being a true anorak I couldn't resist trying to get hold of both versions.


Carry on Girls 1973 Quad Poster Carry on Girls (1973) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Sidney James * Barbara Windsor * Joan Sims * Kenneth Connor * Bernard Bresslaw * June Whitfield * Peter Butterworth * Jack Douglas * Patsy Rowlands * Jimmy Logan

Trying to catch up with the sex comedies above, Carry On's got smuttier too but it was the beginning of the end, the girls they brought in were young enough but seeing the old men chasing after them was just sad.

The Lovers 1973 Quad Poster The Lovers (1973) Quad

Richard Beckinsale * Paula Wilcox

Movie version of underappreciated TV sitcom whose two actors went on to some real classic 70's TV shows. Poster art is basic and simple but so was the series, very much a dialogue thing, ie low budget. Good though.

Not Now Darling 1973 Quad Poster Not Now Darling (1973) Quad

Leslie Phillips * Julie Ege * Bill Fraser * Moira Lister * Derren Nesbitt * Joan Sims * Barbara Windsor * Jack Hulbert * Cicely Courtnedge * Ray Cooney

More farce than sex comedy, Leslie Phillips is just such a great cad and a lot of the usual comedy faces are here.

Bawdy Tales 1973 UK Poster Bawdy Tales (1973) Quad Italy Storie Scellerate

Franco Citti * Ninetto Davoli * Nicoletta Machiavelli

Pretty unattractive character in the poster, I wonder what he is doing?

No Sex Please Were British 1973 Quad UKPoster No Sex Please We're British (1973) Quad

Ronnie Corbett * Beryl Reid * Arthur Lowe * Ian Ogilvy * Susan Penhaligon * Michael Bates * Cheryl Hall * David Swift * Deryck Guyler * Valerie Leon * Margaret Nolan * Robin Askwith

Film version of a very long running stage farce, which despite the name has very little sex in it. It doesn't even make very good use of the glamour girls of the day that have parts in it.

Sleeper 1973 Quad Poster Sleeper (1973) Quad Art: Robert McGinnis

Woody Allen * Diane Keaton * John Beck * Mary Gregory * Don Keefer

I am not one of those people that find everything Woody Allen has done funny, a lot of the time he is just whining and annoying, IMHO of course. This is an earlier more slapstick effort that is pretty jolly, often scorned by fans of his later (and more pompous) works. The poster does a good job of summing it up.

Danish Pillow Talk 1973 Quad Denmark Romantik på sengekanten Danish Pillow Talk (1973) Quad Denmark Romantik på sengekanten

Birte Tove * Annie Birgit Garde * Ole Søltoft * Søren Strømberg

Alleged comedy and I think we can see what type. The thing about 1973 was you couldn't just go and rent a video for your smut, they hadn't been released on the consumer market yet. Very few people had cine projectors to enjoy real blue movies when they really were actually blue tinted. What you did have was Cinema Clubs, strictly adults only with membership and Mac required. They were furtive places often in a seedy part of town and this is the kind of thing they showed. May have been sidesplittingly funny in Danish but I doubt anyone was reading the sub-titles.

Love Thy Neighbour 1973 Quad Signed Arnaldo Putzu Love Thy Neighbour (1973) Quad Signed: Arnaldo Putzu

Jack Smethurst * Rudolph Walker * Nina Baden-Semper * Kate Williams * Bill Fraser * Patricia Hayes * Melvyn Hayes * Keith Marsh * Tommy Godfrey

Infamous, but I just found it boring, settling into a pretty one dimensional routine. Still, a Hammer movie and a milestone one way or another. I'll 'ave an'alf. A close look at the cut out head of Kate Williams shows that it is in fact the same one used for Holiday on The Buses, that's recycling for you...

Holiday On The Buses (1974) Quad Attributed: Arnaldo Putzu

Reg Varney * Stephen Lewis * Doris Hare * Michael Robbins * Anna Karen * Bob Grant * Wilfrid Brambell * Kate Williams * Arthur Mullard * Queenie Watts * Henry McGee

Another Hammer film, they did quite a few TV to Movie adaptations to stay afloat and this is the third for the On The Buses. Wouldn't watch it with a gun to my head now but was there every Sunday evening back in the day.

The Nine Lives of Fritz The Cat 1974 Quad Poster The Nine Lives of Fritz The Cat (1974) Quad

Skip Hinnant * Reva Rose * Bob Holt

Ralph Bakshi was not back for Fritz's second offence, which was more an anthology, a cat of nine tales.

Carry On Dick 1974 Quad Poster Carry On Dick (1974) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Sid James * Barbara Windsor * Kenneth Williams * Hattie Jacques * Bernard Bresslaw * Joan Sims * Kenneth Connor * Peter Butterworth * Jack Douglas * Patsy Rowlands * Bill Maynard

The period costumes help but not enough, starting to lose it's charm with the same old jokes. I like this poster though.

Celestine 1974 1 Sheet Signed Gignilliat Celestine (1974) 1 Sheet Signature: Gignilliat

Lina Romay * Howard Vernon * Pamela Stanford * Olivier Mathot * Lyne de Monteil

A French sex comedy, so I'm told. I'm sure everyone went to see it for the laughs, nothing like sub-titled titters. It's battered, it's an obscure film but...well, it's a French maid, how could I turn down that? I'm not 100% on the signature, could be Jignilliat, Fignilliat, hard to decipher.

The Prostitution Racket 1974 Private Lesson 1975 Quad Double The Prostitution Racket (1974) Private Lesson (1975) Quad Double: On The Game / Lezioni private Attrib: Tom Chantrell

Carroll Baker * Rosalino Cellamare * Leonora Fani

With all the name changing of dubbed foreign movies and pairing up earlier releases into exploitive double bills it can be tricky to identify the original films. In this case I believe Prostitution Racket was a renamed Stanley Long comedy called "On The Game" but can't be 100% sure on that or when this double bill dates to. Who cares? We are only here for the over the top sensationalism of the art, which the films wouldn't live up (down) to anyway.

The Amorous Milkman 1974 Quad Poster The Amorous Milkman (1974) Quad Art: Sam Peffer

Julie Ege * Diana Dors * Brendan Price * Alan Lake * Donna Reading * Roy Kinnear

More smut than comedy but nothing wrong with that. Though not a fan of Alan Lake (who was?) always good to see his long suffering wife, Diana Dors, who was something of an essential guest star in these kinds of film.

Confessions of a Window Cleaner 1974 Quad Poster Confessions of a Window Cleaner (1974) Quad Art: Vic Fair

Robin Askwith * Anthony Booth * Linda Hayden * Bill Maynard * Dandy Nichols * Sheila White * John Le Mesurier * Richard Wattis

Robin Askwith's arse saved the British Film industry...strange but nearly true. This raised the tone of sex comedies by delivering on both the sex and the comedy. Same formula, better cast and writing. This movie was a huge success, another my Dad took me to see and the atmosphere was amazing in the cinema, people literally rolling in the aisles. Well, not literally but that group enjoyment you just don't get any more. Everyone came out with a grin on their faces talking about it, dominating TV and Radio for weeks with interviews.

Man About the House 1974 Quad Poster Man About the House (1974) Quad

Richard O'Sullivan * Paula Wilcox * Sally Thomsett * Brian Murphy * Yootha Joyce

This is a Hammer movie, as their Horror output went out of favor they tried to keep going by doing movies of popular TV shows of the day. Putting this in the Comedy genre seems the right place for it, it is the tail end of the Hammer history.

Porridge 1974 Quad Poster Porridge (1974) Quad Art: Tom Beauvais

Ronnie Barker * Richard Beckinsale * Brian Wilde * Fulton Mackay

Norman Stanley Fletcher...another movie from a TV series. I love that they had to invent a whole new vocabulary of made up swear words to get round the language censor. Scroat I think even made it into real life occasionally. Classic series and nice rendition of Barker.

Flesh Gordon 1974 Quad Poster Flesh Gordon (1974) Quad Art: Sam Peffer

Jason Williams * Suzanne Fields * Joseph Hudgins * William Dennis Hunt * Candy Samples

I got the version below first, then broke my own rules and upgraded to get this one without the sticker over the robots. A classic...of it's type. I have great memories of seeing this as a teenager at local age flexible cinema with mate, I think we may have even skipped school for it. Cheap, exploitive and with stop motion effects that would have Harryhausen twitching in his grave. Even the smut was relatively weak. Still, a lot of fun. I've got it on video somewhere...

Flesh Gordon 1974 Quad Poster Flesh Gordon (1974) Quad Art: Sam Peffer

Jason Williams * Suzanne Fields * Joseph Hudgins * William Dennis Hunt * Candy Samples

Red sticker used to update the original poster is a bit annoying, right on top of the nasty robots and their, um, appendages. In the weird way this works sometimes, original poster cost me a lot less than this reissue but then its condition isn't as good.

Soft Beds, Hard Battles 1974 Quad Poster Soft Beds, Hard Battles (1974) Quad

Peter Sellers * Lila Kedrova * Curt Jürgens * Béatrice Romand * Jenny Hanley * Françoise Pascal * Rula Lenska

This poster is pretty much ruined, lots of water staining. I am not sure why I bought it apart from it being cheap, probably should have waited for a better condition version. Sometimes I get carried away...

Vampira 1974 Quad Poster Vampira (1974) Quad Art: Vic Fair

David Niven * Teresa Graves * Peter Bayliss * Jennie Linden * Nicky Henson * Linda Hayden * Bernard Bresslaw * Veronica Carlson

Weirdly enough, I remember this film being released and not getting to see it for one reason or another. Since then I have never seen it on TV, Video or anywhere else. It must be out there somewhere...cast list looks interesting and I was very happy to get my hands on the poster. I wonder if I will ever see the movie?

Alfie Darling 1975 Quad Poster Alfie Darling (1975) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Alan Price * Jill Townsend * Joan Collins * Sheila White

One of those showing my age rather than nostalgia, I remember this coming out as a new film and everyone trashing it because it wasn't Michael Caine. That wasn't the problem, the weak storyline was. Lots of TV faces in it or those who would be soon.

Jungle Burger 1975 British Quad Poster Jungle Burger (1975) Quad Sam Peffer France Tarzoon, la honte de la jungle

Johnny Weissmuller Jr. * Bill Murray * John Belushi * Emily Prager

The good thing about Foreign cartoons is that when you dub them into English, like they did with The Magic Roundabout and Asterix, you can't really tell. For this French sex cartoon they used US comedy personalities in the English version, as well as the original Tarzan's son.

Carry On Behind 1975 Quad Poster Carry on Behind (1975) Quad Art: Aranldo Putzu

Elke Summer * Kenneth Williams * Bernard Bresslaw * Kenneth Connor * Jack Douglas * Joan Sims * Windsor Davies * Peter Butterworth * Liz Fraser

Another in my series of "maybe I will collect Carry On posters..." Though this is a relatively modern one rather than a classic, Elke Summer is quite good in the Kenneth Williams scenes, so it has its moments. Unfortunately the visual of Windsor Davies hitting on young girls is cringing...too, too old. Last of the even nearly decent Carry Ons, it's rapidly downhill after this.

Confessions of a Pop Performer 1975 Quad Poster Confessions of a Pop Performer (1975) Quad Art: Vic Fair

Robin Askwith * Anthony Booth * Carol Hawkins * Bill Maynard * Doris Hare * Sheila White * Peter Cleal * Bob Todd

With this new installment and another 19 novels to draw from, looking like becoming the most legitimate heir to the Carry On series, less sex in this one but the comedy is pretty good and the characters well rendered, especially the Lea family.

Ups And Downs Of A Handyman 1975 Quad Poster The Ups and Downs of a Handyman (1975) Quad Art: Sam Peffer

Barry Stokes * Gay Soper * Sue Lloyd * Bob Todd * Valerie Leon * Chic Murray * Robert Dorning

Definitely hints of Benny Hill in the background but I haven't seen it so can't say what its like, I can guess though...

That Lucky Touch 1975 Quad Poster That Lucky Touch (1975) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Roger Moore * Susannah York * Shelley Winters * Lee J Cobb * Jean-Pierre Cassel

I haven't seen this one so...who makes up these tag lines?

Eskimo Nell 1975 Quad Poster Eskimo Nell (1975) Quad Attributed: Sam Peffer

Michael Armstrong * Terence Edmond * Christopher Timothy * Roy Kinnear * Rosalind Knight * Christopher Biggins * Katy Manning * Diane Langton * Chris Neal* Jenny Short * Mike Worsley* Nicholas Young * Lewis Barber * Anna Quayle

Not your average Stanley Long sex comedy, it has layers...On the one hand, a dodgy dolly bird sex comedy, on another level a subtle satire mocking itself and it's genre. Worth a look because Katy Manning is in it as are a surprising collection of well known British character actors. Not quite a mid summers night dream, but a touch of Friday night's hangover with delusions of epiphany.

Royal Flash 1975  Quad Poster Royal Flash (1975)  Quad Art: John Alvin

Malcolm McDowell * Alan Bates * Florinda Bolkan * Oliver Reed * Tom Bell * Joss Ackland * Christopher Cazenove * Henry Cooper

Based on the book by George MacDonald Fraser.

The Naughty Stewardesses 1975 The Love Keys 1971 The Naughty Stewardesses (1975) The Love Keys (1971)

Robert Livingston * Connie Hoffman * Richard Smedley * Donna Desmond * Tracy King * Sydney Jordan * Mikel James

Horst Tappert * Heidi Hansen * Uwe Friedrichsen * Margot Trooger

Art trying to hype this into a sexier story than it really is.

Linda Lovelace for President 1975 Quad Linda Lovelace for President (1975) Quad Attributed: Tom Chantrell

Linda Lovelace * Micky Dolenz * Scatman Crothers * Joe E. Ross * Vaughn Meader * Chuck McCann

Another notorious character of her time who's films I have never seen. I am no expert but 70's porn stars seem to be very much girl-next-door types rather than the toned, sculpted and enhanced versions today.

Not Now, Comrade 1976 Quad Frank Langford Not Now, Comrade (1976) Quad Signature Frank Langford

Ray Cooney * Windsor Davies * Michele Dotrice * Don Estelle * Lewis Fiander * Carol Hawkins * Roy Kinnear * Ian Lavender * Richard Marner * Leslie Phillips * June Whitfield

Lot's of British TV faces and character actors joining classic cad Leslie Phillips for another farce by the same playwright who did Not Now, Darling.

Carry on England 1 Sheet Poster Carry on England (1976) 1 Sheet Arnaldo Putzu

Kenneth Connor * Windsor Davies * Judy Geeson * Patrick Mower * Jack Douglas * Joan Sims * Melvyn Hayes * Peter Butterworth * Peter Jones

Awful film that didn't even do well when it first came out, so why they thought doing it all again for Emmannuelle would work is incomprehensible. Sid James died just before this was made which should have augured a good time to stop.

The Likely Lads 1976 Quad Poster Tom Beauvais The Likely Lads (1976) Quad Art: Tom Beauvais

Rodney Bewes * James Bolam * Brigit Forsyth * Mary Tamm * Sheila Fearn

Another big screen outing for a TV series, a chance to go on location with some well known 70's character actors and assorted dolly birds of the day. Aren't we all wondering what the hell happened to us?

Im Not Feeling Myself Tonight 1976 Housewives On The Job 1973 UK Poster I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight (1976) Housewives On The Job (1973) Germany Hausfrauen Report International

Barry Andrews * James Booth * Sally Faulkner * Billy Hamon * Ben Aris * Brian Murphy * Chic Murray * Graham Stark * Katya Wyeth * Rita Webb * Mary Millington

I haven't seen very many of these 70's sex comedies other than the Confessions series, but back in the day I doubt very much I would have gone anywhere near this one based on his ugly mug. The right hand side of this double bill, another foreign parts re-dub, makes complete sense, it has a typical soft porn playmate. I don't understand why they decided to go with Barry Andrews dominating the main feature, it wouldn't have been the artists choice, especially Chantrell who delighted in doing cheesecake. There actually was quite a lot of sex in this film, quite untypical of the usual poster bait and switch, with plenty of girls featured topless and more. It even had a brief appearance of Mary Millington, so why they thought the dirty old man demographic would flock to see a tosser in a tanktop is beyond me. Worst marketing ever...

Adventures Of A Taxi Driver 1976 Quad Poster Adventures of a Taxi Driver (1976) Quad Art: Sam Peffer

Barry Evans * Judy Geeson * Adrienne Posta * Liz Fraser * Ian Lavender * Stephen Lewis * Robert Lindsay * Henry Magee

Adventures were an inconsistent series, trying to build up a confessions type following I guess. Not very good even with the usual TV faces sprinkled through it.

Big Banana Feet 1976 Quad Poster Big Banana Feet Billy Connolly (1976) Quad Art: Vic Fair

Probably doesn't fit in with the others since it's a documentary following Billy Connolly's stand up tour. I am a huge Connelly fan so it has to be somewhere, may as well be here.

Under The Doctor 1976 Quad Poster Under the Doctor (1976) Quad Art: Sam Peffer

Barry Evans * Liz Fraser * Hillary Pritchard * Penny Spencer * Peter Cleall * Jonathan Cecil * Elizabeth Counsell

Another one I haven't seen.

Caught With Their Pants Down 1976 Quad US Revenge of the Cheerleaders Caught With Their Pants Down (1976) Quad US Revenge of the Cheerleaders

Jerii Woods * Rainbeaux Smith * Helene Lang

Not sure why the name change, the US title makes more sense and I would have thought was more likely to entice the average Mac Man in. A lot of the time they just changed the name of stuff like this and re-released it so they could get more mileage.   Private cinema punters wouldn't realize they were watching a renamed oldie until it was too late, and they are not a demographic that likes to make a fuss and attract attention by complaining.

The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones 1976 Quad Poster The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones (1976) Quad

Nicky Henson * Trevor Howard * Terry-Thomas * Arthur Lowe * Georgia Brown * Joan Collins

A Musical would you believe? My copy arrived with some unfortunate staining right on the the, um, artwork.

Confessions From A Driving Instructor 1976 Vic Fair Poster Confessions From A Driving Instructor (1976) Quad Vic Fair

Robin Askwith * Anthony Booth * Sheila White * Doris Hare * Bill Maynard * Windsor Davies * Liz Fraser * Irene Handl * George Layton * Lynda Bellingham * Avril Angers * Suzy Mandel * Sally Faulkner * John Junkin

This was the last poster I needed to complete the quartet for a very long time, but I just wasn't willing to pay the ridiculous prices they always seemed to be offered at. Once again my stubborn resistance to the laws of supply and demand eventually worked, but I had to wait for a world wide recession to make prices go down...The Confessions films peaked with Pop Performer, this one at least has the Oxo lady being clumsily fumbled but that's about all you can say for it. To be fair, I only saw this for the first time a few years ago on DVD, I missed all the films after Pop on their release. These days, none of them can be watched without being in full cringe for the entire running time.

Confessions From A Holiday Camp 1977 Quad Poster Vic Fair Confessions From A Holiday Camp (1977) Quad Art: Vic Fair

Robin Askwith * Anthony Booth * Bill Maynard * Doris Hare * Sheila White * Linda Hayden * Lance Percival * John Junkin * Liz Fraser * Colin Crompton

Last and hardest to watch of the series. I am not sure why this one didn't work, maybe their moment had just passed. The slapstick certainly makes me cringe, Askwith hams it up way too much but they were all like that to some extent so it can't just be that. There is a lot of 70's stuff that is unwatchable now, TV sitcoms, music videos and comedians, I don't know that you can say that about the 60's or 50's.

Kentucky Fried Movie 1977 Quad Poster Kentucky Fried Movie (1977) Quad Tom Chantrell

George Lazenby* Bill Bixby * Tony Dow * Donald Sutherland * Shadoe Stevens

This one is here for the nostalgia rather than the art. All over the place as a sketch comedy film but it had it's moments and was a favorite for the lunchtime at college. Every VHS copy probably had the Catholic Schoolgirls Shower scene worn out by excessive pausing.

The Other Cinderella 1976 UK Quad Poster The Other Cinderella (1976) Quad

Cheryl Smith * Yana Nirvana * Marilyn Corwin * Jennifer Doyle * Sy Richardson * Brett Smiley

More costumes than you usually see in softcore and I am sure the VHS versions are all worn out in certain places.

Lets Get Laid 1977 Quad Poster Lets Get Laid (1977)  Quad Art: Sam Peffer

Fiona Richmond * Robin Askwith * Anthony Steel * Graham Stark * Linda Hayden

Haven't seen it but the art gives a pretty good indication of what to expect in case you were unfamiliar with Ms Richmond's work.

Fiona Richmond Hardcore 1977 Quad UK Poster Hardcore (1977) Quad

Fiona Richmond * Anthony Steel * Victor Spinetti * Ronald Fraser * Graham Stark * Graham Crowden * Harry H. Corbett * Adam West

Although I saw 2 of the 4 Confessions films when they came out, most of the 70's sex comedies completely passed me by. I have seen a few of them in retrospect, on late night TV, where they haven't dated well. This one has escaped me so far but if Adam West is in it I may have to risk a peep, what was he thinking?

Are You Being Served? 1977 Quad Movie Poster Are You Being Served? (1977)  Quad Art: Frank Langford

John Inman * Mollie Sugden * Frank Thornton * Trevor Bannister * Wendy Richard

The notorious...The poster does a good caricature of the main cast, all present and politically incorrect.

Come Play With Me 1977 Quad Poster Come Play With Me (1977) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Mary Millington * Suzy Mandel * Irene Handle * Alfie Bass * Harrison Marks * Ken Parry * Bob Todd * Henry McGee * Tommy Godfrey * Cardew Robinson * Talfryn Thomas " Jerry Lorden * Rita Webb * Anna Bergman * Sue Longhurst * Ronald Fraser

Never seen the movie and I missed the whole Mary Millington excitement in the 70's but certainly the art does it's job.

Adventures Of A Private Eye 1977 Quad Poster Adventures of a Private Eye (1977) Quad

Christopher Neil * Suzy Kendall * Harry H Corbett * Fred Emny * Liz Fraser * Irene Handl * Ian Lavender * Julian Orchard * Jon Pertwee * Adrienne Posta * Anna Quayle * William Rushton * Robin Stewart * Diana Dors

Another confessions wannabe, haven't seen this one either but I am told that it is one of the better Adventures.

Stand Up Virgin Soldiers 1977 Quad Poster Stand up Virgin Soldiers (1977) Quad Art: Arnaldo Putzu

Robin Askwith * Nigel Davenport * George Layton * John Le Mesurier * Warren Mitchell * Robin Nedwell * Edward Woodward * Irene Handle * Lynda Bellingham * Pamela Stephenson * Fiesta Mei Ling

Haven't seen it, allegedly a sequel to Virgin Soldiers also by Leslie Thomas...there's that 303 again.

What's Up Nurse? 1977 Quad Poster What's Up Nurse? (1977) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

John Le Mesurier * Graham Stark * Kate Williams * Angela Grant * Nicholas Field * Felicity Devonshire * Jack Douglas * Barbara Mitchell * Peter Butterworth * Bill Pertwee * Cardew Robinson

Never mind the film, enjoy the art.

What's Up Superdoc? 1978 Quad Poster What's Up Superdoc? (1978) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Harry H Corbett * Christopher Mitchell * Melvin Hayes *Julia Goodman * Bill Pertwee * Angela Grant * Chic Murray * Beth Porter * Sheila Steafel * Hughie Green

Sequel to above, must have been a success.

Adventures Of A Plumbers Mate 1978 Quad Poster Adventures of a Plumbers Mate (1978) Quad

Christopher Neil * Arthur Mullard * Stephen Lewis * William Rushton * Anna Quayle * Nina West * Suzy Mandel * Prudence Drage

..and another one...

Carry On Emmannuelle - Speedtrap 1978 Quad Poster Carry on Emmannuelle (1978) / Speedtrap (1977) Quad Art: Eric Pulford

Kenneth Williams * Kenneth Connor * Joan Sims * Jack Douglas * Peter Butterworth * Suzanne Danielle

The final nail in the coffin...or so we thought until the stinker that was Carry On Columbus emerged in 1992. Kenneth Williams in the wicker chair parodying the original art.

Rosie Dixon Night Nurse 1978 Quad poster Rosie Dixon Night Nurse (1978) Quad Art: Vic Fair

Debbie Ash * Beryl Reid * John Le Mesurier * Arthur Askey * Liz Fraser * Lance Percival * John Junkin * Bob Todd * Caroline Argyle

Along the same lines as the confessions series, and based on books from the same writer, Christopher Wood. Had all the signs of gearing up for a series, but it just wasn't that good.

Playbirds 1978 Quad poster Playbirds (1978) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Mary Millington * Alan Lake * Glynn Edwards * Derren Nesbitt * Suzy Mandel * Penny Spencer * Kenny Lynch * Sandra Dorne * Gavin Campbell * Windsor Davies

Can't make its mind up if it wants to be a sex comedy or a thriller.

Animal House 1978 Quad UK poster Animal House (1978) Quad

Thomas Hulce * Stephen Furst * Mark Metcalf * Mary Louise Weller * Kevin Bacon * John Belushi * Christian Miller * Karen Allen * Tim Matheson * Donald Sutherland

Alien to my comprehensive school to polytechnic personal history but still a laugh. My favorite bit was the Angel/Devil on the shoulders scene, now I am a dad I think he made the right choice, "I'm proud of you Lawrence", "homo."

Art was produced in layers according to the this site which has seen the original artwork, with the broken picture frame as an acetate on top...still no word on an artist though.

The Hound of The Baskervilles (1978) Quad

Dudley Moore * Peter Cook * Spike Milligan * Josephine Tewson * Prunella Scales * Jessie Matthews * Lucy Griffith * Dana Gillespie * Roy Kinnear * Kenneth Williams * Max Wall * Terry-Thomas * Irene Handl * Hugh Griffith * Joan Greenwood * Denholm Elliott

For some reason the 70's was the decade of stuffing a film with really great actors and comedians and yet the film turns out unfunny and incoherent. Even Dana Gillespie's cleavage getting another outing doesn't make it worth watching even if it does feature on the poster.

Confessions From The David Galaxy Affair 1979 Quad Tom Chantrell Confessions From The David Galaxy Affair (1979) Quad Tom Chantrell

Alan Lake * Glynn Edwards * Anthony Booth * Bernie Winters * Kenny Lynch * Mary Millington * Sally Faulkner * Rosemary England * Queenie Watts

It's a wonder sometimes that some posters go for high prices when they wouldn't seem to be worth it. Alan Lake was a tragic feature of 70's tabloid gossip, mainly because of his personal issues and rocky relationship with Diana Dors, but not really a well remembered star of the day. In fact, he was not well regarded even then precisely because he was perceived as a blight on a great British institution, Diana Dors. I can see that Mary Millington also has her followers, but despite cynically placing her high in the credits and foreground, she's not really in it much. Of course it is a Chantrell, and a very nice one, but there are lots of nice Chantrells that don't sell for anything like this. Finally, how well remembered a film is this? It didn't even do well on release, as soon as word got out it was all Lake and no Mary it died at the box office. So why the high price tags? And why was I stupid enough to buy it anyway...although I did resist for a long, long time.

Queen Of The Blues 1979 Massage Girls of B'Kok  UK Quad Poster Queen Of The Blues (1979) Massage Girls of B'Kok

Mary Millington * Rosemary England * John M. East * Allan Warren * Ballard Barclay * Milton Reid * Pat Astley

I am probably mis-categorizing this in the Comedy section, I think it's more a drama, but it is in better company with the other smut here and most of these aren't funny either. The last of Mary Millington's starring roles before she ended it all, although death wouldn't stop the exploitation by recycling for years to come, such as Mary Millington's World Striptease Extravaganza etc. I can't find the real name for the Bangkok foreign accompaniment, it may be Sex Dens of Bangkok again or something entirely different. I have found links for a 1979 Chinese Film called Massage Girls in B'kok from Minicat Productions, because enquiring minds want to know this stuff...

Adult Fairy Tales 1979 Quad Signed Colin Leary Tom Beauvais Adult Fairy Tales (1979) Quad Signed: Colin Leary, Figure: Tom Beauvais

Don Sparks * Sy Richardson * Prof. Irwin Corey * Robert Harris * Simmy Bow * Robert Staats * Martha Reeves * Brenda Fogarty * Linnea Quigley

Well, I haven't seen it but I like the idea.

Wildcats Of St Trinians 1980 Quad poster Wildcats of St Trinians (1980) Quad Art: Ronald Serle

Sheila Hancock * Michael Hordern * Rodney Bewes * Maureen Lipman * Julia McKenzie * Joe Melia * Veronica Quilligan * Thorley Walters

Virtually unwatchable in spite of the Page 3 girls stuffed into it. Bought it for the small Serle art...honest. Theme tune was the sound of Alistair Sim rolling in his grave...

Come Play With Me 2 1980- Come Play With Me 1978 Poster Tom Chantrell Come Play With Me 2 (1980) Swiss Die Nichten der Frau Oberst Come Play With Me (1978) Signature Tom Chantrell

Simone Sanson * Brigitte Lahaie

Mary Millington * Suzy Mandel * Irene Handle * Alfie Bass * Harrison Marks * Ken Parry * Bob Todd * Henry McGee * Tommy Godfrey * Cardew Robinson * Talfryn Thomas " Jerry Lorden * Rita Webb * Anna Bergman * Sue Longhurst * Ronald Fraser

Yet another example of the way smut films were re-packaged and renamed multiple times to piggy back on other popular films or themes. CPWM2 is no relation to CPWM, which was a very British Sex Comedy with all the usual TV familiar character actors and dolly birds of the day.CPWM2 is Swiss/German soft porn, The Nieces of Madame Oberst, was also released to UK home video viewers again as Secrets of a French Maid in the 80's. It is a remake of the same directors 1968 film of the same name, which itself was sold to British Mac-men as Guess Who's Coming For Breakfast in the 70's. Whatever, definitely no Mary Millington in it, although she was really barely in the original, despite top billing.

Seems Like Old Times 1980 Quad Poster Seems Like Old Times (1980) Quad Art: Robert Tanenbaum

Goldie Hawn * Chevy Chase * Charles Grodin

Artistic interpretation of Hawn's bum was main attraction on this one...

Middle Age Crazy 1980 Quad Poster Middle Age Crazy (1980) Quad

Bruce Dern * Ann-Margret * Graham Jarvis * Deborah Wakeham

...honestly bought this just because it was cheap. After I got it decided I need to be more discriminating or I am going to run out of storage space. Still, nice nightie...

Private Lessons 1981 Quad Poster Private Lessons (1981) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Sylvia Kristel * Howard Hesseman * Eric Brown

Your basic US Sex Comedy. Contrast with the Brit version of dirty old men chasing young crumpet to US teenage boys seduced by older women. Which is healthier? Hmm....

Student Bodies 1981 1 Sheet Poster Morgan Kane Student Bodies (1981) 1 Sheet Signature: Morgan Kane

Kristen Riter * Matt Goldsby * Richard Belzer * Joe Flood * Joe Talarowski

Not really a fan of teen slasher movies but I suppose I was in the minority during the 80's. This is allegedly a comedy, a sort of pre-Scream/Scary Movie parody. Certainly not the world's first comedy horror as the tag line proclaims, Universal made a living out of sending Bud and Lou in to discredit their classics.

The Last American Virgin 1982 Quad Poster The Last American Virgin (1982) Quad

Lawrence Monoson * Diane Franklin * Steve Antin * Joe Rubbo * Louisa Moritz * Brian Peck

Call me a weirdo (...and it's happened before) but I nearly left this one out, I don't like this poster or movie much. I remember I rented the video for this back in the 80’s, based on the box art which was fundamentally this…twenty years later I buy the poster because it reminds me of the video and remember that the film is depressing and the image obnoxiously leery. I know...odd in amongst all the images here it would be this one bothers me. Bad Karma or something...

Private School 1983 Quad UK Poster Private School (1983) Quad

Phoebe Cates * Betsy Russell * Matthew Modine * Michael Zorek * Fran Ryan * Kathleen Wilhoite * Ray Walston * Sylvia Kristel

80's sex American teen comedy...I wonder if there will be a girls shower scene?

Party Party 2003 Quad Poster Party Party (1983) Quad

Daniel Peacock * Karl Howman * Phoebe Nicholls * Gary Olsen * Caroline Quentin * Kenneth Farrington * Sarah London * Robin Hayter * Debbie Bishop * Nick Berry * Pat Ashton

I suppose this poster continued what it was supposed to do 30 years later, it lured me into tracking down the DVD and watching it. It was fun to see a lot of now famous British faces so young but other than that it has not dated very well.

Baby Love 1984 US Lemon Popsicle V Quad Art Tom Chantrell Baby Love (1984) US Lemon Popsicle V Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Yftach Katzur * Zachi Noy * Jonathan Sagall

Israel's entry into the teen sex comedy genre was the Lemon Popsicle series. Can't say I've seen it but Chantrell's art is likely to express its main theme I'm sure. I bought it because it's an unfolded example and the roller skating model used for the art is interesting trivia to be found in Sim's book.

Compare this image with Last American Virgin above, one bothers me, the other doesn't, weird...

Bachelor Party 1984 Quad British poster Bachelor Party (1984) Quad

Tom Hanks * Tawny Kitaen * Adrian Zmed * George Grizzard * Barbara Stuart * Robert Prescott * William Tepper * Monique Gabrielle

Really only here because I went to the cinema depressed and prepared to watch whatever happened to be on...and it was this. Cheered me up and I have loved it ever since. Interesting that Monique Gabrielle's legs feature detached from her body, this happened to her in Airplane where her boobs flew solo for the jiggle seat scene. Maybe it's too expensive to hire all of her...

Hollywood Hot Tubs 1984 UK Quad Hollywood Hot Tubs (1984) Quad Tom Chantrell

Paul Gunning * Donna McDaniel * Michael Andrew * Stafford Morgan * Remy O'Neill * Katt Shea * Edy Williams * Becky LeBeau

80's teen sex comedy, what more is there to say...

Electric Dreams 1984 Quad Uk Poster Electric Dreams (1984) Quad

Lenny von Dohlen * Virginia Madsen * Maxwell Caulfield * Bud Cort * Don Fellows * Alan Polonsky * Miriam Margolyes

Guilty pleasure, more for the soundtrack than the film.

Bloodbath At The House Of Death (1984) Quad

Kenny Everett * Pamela Stephenson * Vincent Price * Gareth Hunt * Cleo Rocos

Title promises more than it delivers on the gore but it is a lot of fun. I had higher expectations when I went to see it but it is one of those films that grows on you apparently. I have seen it since and enjoyed it a lot more than the first viewing. Probably Kenny nostalgia is a factor, taking it for granted he would be around forever and sadly not so, always good to see Vincent Price too.

Clue 1985 Quad Poster Clue (1985) Quad

Eileen Brennan * Tim Curry * Madeline Kahn * Christopher Lloyd * Michael McKean * Martin Mull * Lesley Ann Warren * Colleen Camp

Tim Curry brilliantly bug eyed and mad in this excellent post-pub Saturday night staple.

Letter to Brezhnev 1985 Quad Poster Letter to Brezhnev (1985) Quad Art: Jamie Reid

Alfred Molina * Peter Firth * Tracy Lea * Alexandra Pigg * Margi Clarke

Following in the steps of Gregory's Girl, the new wave of more grown up Brit comedies. It's not all about dirty old men any more, which has got to be good. Jamie Reid is of course best known for his Sex Pistols work as well as intimately connected with Margi Clarke.

National Lampoons European Vacation 1985 Quad UK POster National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985) Quad Signature Boris Vallejo

Chevy Chase * Beverly D'Angelo * Dana Hill * Jason Lively * John Astin * Angus MacKay * Jeannette Charles * Mel Smith * Robbie Coltrane * Maureen Lipman * Eric Idle

This sequel also has Boris Vallejo's distinctive fantasy art to promote it. Most of the humor comes from Euro clichés, but the over politeness of Eric Idle is fairly funny as a Brit stereotype.

The Breakfast Club 1985 Quad British Poster The Breakfast Club (1985) Quad

Emilio Estevez * Paul Gleason * Anthony Michael Hall * John Kapelos * Judd Nelson * Molly Ringwald * Ally Sheedy

Well, when you have a room full of my daughters friends enjoying this film just as much as we did back in the day, something must be right about it. Of course it has some silly 80's stuff in it and the Duckling/Swan transformation with Ally Sheedy at the end makes no sense, she was a cute unconventional duckling to start with and should have stayed that way, but films can be flawed and still be great.

Desperately Seeking Susan 1985 Quad Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) Quad

Rosanna Arquette * Madonna * Aidan Quinn * Mark Blum * Robert Joy * Laurie Metcalf

Well, you can't get much more 80's than this. A guilty pleasure and still the only starring role worth seeing Madonna in. Ms Arquette is far more interesting though.

Something Wild 1986 Quad British Poster Something Wild (1986) Quad B D Fox Independent

Jeff Daniels * Melanie Griffith * Ray Liotta

Modern poster but I love this movie so there you are.

Jane And The Lost City 1987 Quad British Poster Jane And The Lost City (1987) Quad

Sam Jones * Maud Adams * Jasper Carrott * Kirsten Hughes * Graham Stark * Robin Bailey

Before becoming a movie I saw this first as an episodic TV serial with Glynis Barber looking better in the live action version of the eponymous comic strip. I didn't think the TV show was that well received either so I am surprised to see it made it to moviehood. Hard to believe anyone would sit through this just for the contrived glimpses of Jane in her vintage 40's underwear, other than me of course.

Earth Girls Are Easy 1988 Quad UK Poster Earth Girls Are Easy (1988) Quad FEREF Associates

Geena Davis * Jeff Goldblum * Jim Carrey * Damon Wayans * Julie Brown

I rented this back in the old VCR days and had no idea it was a musical, but that wasn't the only reason didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Despite some good people in it, an early Jim Carrey and I am always happy to watch Geena Davis, it just doesn't flow very well as a story. Thanks to the title, I was also expecting more boobs.

Elvira Mistress of The Dark 1988 One Sheet Elvira Mistress of The Dark (1988) One Sheet

Cassandra Peterson * W. Morgan Sheppard * Daniel Greene * Susan Kellermann * Jeff Conaway * Edie McClurg

You can't have a a tribute to cleavage site like this without a couple of entries from 80's phenomenon, Elvira.

Elvira Mistress of The Dark 1988 Teaser Elvira Mistress of The Dark (1988) Teaser

Cassandra Peterson * W. Morgan Sheppard * Daniel Greene * Susan Kellermann * Jeff Conaway * Edie McClurg

This is some kind of fold out press book that came with the poster above. Looks like the teaser art.


Erik the Viking UK Quad Poster Erik the Viking (1989) Quad

Tim Robbins * Mickey Rooney * Eartha Kitt * Terry Jones * Imogen Stubbs * John Cleese * Antony Sher * Tim McInnerny * John Gordon Sinclair * Freddie Jones * Samantha Bond * Jim Broadbent * Jim Carter

Another one here just because I think it is an underrated non-Python project. There are some brilliant bits, the invisibility cloak, the berserker and a Viking who's really only OK with the pillaging part of the job description.

Flesh Gordon 2 1989 Quad Poster Flesh Gordon 2 (1989) Quad

Vince Murdocco * Robyn Kelly * Tony Travis * William Dennis Hunt * Morgan Fox

Oh wow, I had no idea there was a sequel until I found this poster. I wonder if the special effects have improved? I feel it my duty to seek out this movie and compare it to the original. I have to do it for art.

Carry On Columbus 1992 Quad UK Poster Carry On Columbus (1992) Quad Attributed: Brian Bysouth

Jim Dale * Bernard Cribbins * Maureen Lipman * Peter Richardson * Alexei Sayle * Rik Mayall * Nigel Planer * Leslie Phillips * June Whitfield * Julian Clary * Sara Crowe * Keith Allen * Jack Douglas * Don Henderson * Burt Kwouk * Danny Peacock * Jon Pertwee * Richard Wilson * Lynda Baron * Peter Gilmore

We knew it would disappoint, we just didn't expect it to stink. Some of my comedy heroes are in this, old and new, but that only makes it worse. Like Star Trek The Motion Picture, you have anticipated it for too long, the expectations are never going to be met, so why not just forget trying to be what it used to and just make a good film. Sigh...

Spanking the Monkey 1994 British Quad Spanking the Monkey (1994) Quad

Jeremy Davies * Elizabeth Newett * Benjamin Hendrickson * Alberta Watson * Carla Gallo

Out on the edge of the dark sex comedy genre and it's not even French!

St Trinians 2007 Quad Poster St Trinians (2007) Quad Style A

Rupert Everett * Colin Firth * Russell Brand * Anna Chancellor * Celia Imry * Stephen Fry

I know, a 2007 poster, what on earth am I doing? It's such a classic series I gave in to temptation...and no it's not as good as the originals, but it is actually quite good which isn't bad when you have such high expectations. See Columbus above, or rather, don't.

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