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Adventure Movie Posters

For some reason, even though I am a huge Sci-Fi Movie fan, I just don't have very many Science Fiction Movie Posters. Well come to think of it, there is a very good reason: Sci-Fi often has great poster art, much greater than the actual special effects in the movie for many, so they tend to be very collectable. Curse you Supply and Demand! So under the general heading of Adventure, I am gathering together a mixture of Epics, Fantasy, Action, Sci-Fi, Historical and other types of ripping yarns. Categorization of genres is of course subjective so try the Thriller, War or Western sections if you don't see it here.

Why was Doug McClure so popular with Amicus? I have no idea, but there was an annoying tendency to try to gain American market share by shoehorning US Stars into British movies. Yet another attempt to save the UK film industry, the common theme in all these pages.

A lot of these movies are American, though the posters are British. Let's face it the US has the budget for big adventures. They are also standard wet Saturday afternoon in England films that I remember seeing a lot of growing up, so I don't feel they are too out of place here. You will see that I don't have a lot to say about them if I don't remember the movie and the poster Art is unremarkable but that's OK because you are not here to listen to me ramble on. On with the Spectacle!


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Metropolis 1927 Quad Modern Reissued Poster Metropolis (1927) Quad Modern Reissue

Brigitte Helm * Alfred Abel * Gustav Fröhlich

Kicking off with a classic but clearly a modern reissue as far as this poster is concerned. Even so, nice image, albeit photographic.

Captain From Castile 1947 Quad Poster

Captain from Castile (1947) Quad

Tyrone Power * Jean Peters * Cesar Romero * John Sutton * Lee J Cobb

Don't think I ever saw this movie, suitably heroic matinee idol type art. Also, pre-1949 so paper rationing was still biting and making this rare, especially unfolded like this one.

Reign of Terror 1949 Quad Poster Reign of Terror (1949) Quad

Robert Cummings * Arlene Dahl * Richard Basehart * Richard Hart * Arnold Moss * Norman Lloyd * Beulah Bondi

This is a very battered and beaten copy but it's nearly 60 years old so it's not like a better one is likely to show up tomorrow, though having said that...Terrific dramatic art for this adventure set in Revolutionary France.

The Shark God 1949 British Quad Poster The Shark God (1949) Quad

Ron Randell * Devera Burton* Trevor Bardette .* Pedro de Cordoba * Richard Benedict * Michael Whalen * Rudy Robles

Sometimes I buy them just because they are old and deserve to be looked after, but I do quite like this one for it's corny foreground. Has the artist ever actually seen an octopus or even a Shark? Even the Idol seems confused.

Tyrant Of The Sea 1950 Quad Poster Tyrant Of The Sea (1950) Quad

Rhys Williams * Ron Randell * Valentine Perkins * Doris Lloyd * Lester Matthews

A B Movie all at Sea...

King Solomon's Mines 1950 Quad Poster King Solomon's Mines (1950) Quad

Deborah Kerr * Stewart Granger * Richard Carlson * Hugo Haas

Not the first version of this story to be filmed but certainly one of the early adventures that inspired the things to come such as Raiders.

Smugglers Island 1951 Quad Poster Smugglers Island (1951) Quad

Jeff Chandler * Evelyn Keyes * Philip Friend * Marvin Miller

B Movie, B cups... more old tape than poster actually, a bit distressed.

Jungle Jim in Voodoo Tiger 1952 Quad Poster Voodoo Tiger (1952) Quad

Johnny Weissmuller * Jean Byron * James Seay * Jean Dean * Charles Horvath * Robert Bray * Tamba the Chimp

Probably very un-PC these days, Weissmuller not Tarzan of Africa this time but Jungle Jim - sounds like a nice boy. Apparently this was the 9th in a series of 16 he did. Oh dear, another set to collect...

The Story of Robin Hood 1952 Attributed Eric Pulford The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952) Quad Attributed: Eric Pulford / Arnaldo Putzu

Richard Todd * Joan Rice * Peter Finch * James Hayter * James Robertson Justice * Elton Hayes * Patrick Barr * Anthony Forwood

Disney filmed this in England so the castles aren't all cardboard, but most of the characters are. Errol Flyn did it better and so would Richard Greene one day.

Androcles and the Lion 1952 Quad UK Poster Androcles and the Lion (1952) Quad

Jean Simmons * Victor Mature * Alan Young * Robert Newton * Maurice Evans * Elsa Lanchester

Nice story, this version of the ancient folk tale is based on the play by George Bernard Shaw which was a critique of organized religion. Poster may have a signature - KAF?

Thief of Damascus 1952 Quad Thief of Damascus (1952) Quad

Paul Henreid * John Sutton * Jeff Donnell * Lon Chaney * Elena Verdugo * Helen Gilbert

I have seen this one come up for sale a few times which is unusual for such an old poster. Either there are just a lot in circulation or some of them are re-releases, this one is tatty enough to be original but you never know.

Slaves of Babylon 1953 Quad Poster Slaves of Babylon (1953) Quad

Richard Conte * Maurice Schwartz * Michael Ansara * Leslie Bradley

I've noticed that the art for Biblical epics often make very good use of their Starlettes curves. Funny that...

Serpent Of The Nile 1953 Quad British poster Serpent Of The Nile (1953) Quad

Rhonda Fleming * William Lundigan * Raymond Burr * Jean Byron * Michael Ansara * Michael Fox * Robert Griffin * Julie Newmeyer

It's a Cleo carry on as if you didn't guess.

War of the Worlds 1953 / The Sentinel 1977 Quad Double Rerelease War of the Worlds (1953) / The Sentinel (1977) Quad

Gene Barry * Ann Robinson

No surprise that I bought this poster for the War of the Worlds part, one of my favorite films. Not the best art, odd double bill reissue which I'm guessing is around 1977 based on the second feature. It does have some War Machine art, even if not in color. Mainly though, it's in my price range whereas the wonderful original art definitely isn't. A first release color version half sheet with war machine art and dramatic color went for $40,000 in 2006. I'll settle for this one...for now.

City Beneath The Sea 1953 Quad UK Poster City Beneath The Sea (1953) Quad

Robert Ryan * Mala Powers * Anthony Quinn

A little heavy on the sea green but nice old B Movie poster.

Rogues March 1953 Quad Poster Rogues March (1953) Quad

Peter Lawford * Richard Greene * Janice Rule * Leo G. Carroll

Looks like he went in to snog her and missed, maybe decided to lick her cheek instead.

King of the Khyber Rifles 1953 Quad Poster King of the Khyber Rifles (1953) Quad

Tyrone Power * Terry More * Michael Rennie

Classic heroic posing and a dramatic cavalry charge going on in the foreground too. What adventure films are all about.

Khyber Patrol 1954 Quad Poster Khyber Patrol (1954) Quad

Richard Egan * Dawn Addams * Raymond Burr * Patric Knowles

Getting gritty round The Khyber again.

River Of No Return 1954 King Of The Khyber Rifles 1953 UK Poster River Of No Return (1954) King Of The Khyber Rifles (1953)

Robert Mitchum * Marilyn Monroe * Rory Calhoun * Tommy Rettig

Maybe this should be in with the Westerns, but it's Canada so really a North-Western, gold rush era. Interesting scene chosen to feature Monroe, Mitchum looking like he insists on being on top. The art for Khyber is much simplified from the original above.

20000 Leagues Under The Sea 1954 Quad re-release 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (1954) Quad re-release

Kirk Douglas * James Mason * Paul Lukas * Peter Lorre * Robert J. Wilke

I must have seen this movie several times over the years, but I still have great memories of the first time which may well have been when this poster was re-released. Like a lot of Big D films you look back on now, the character stereotypes can be a bit grating. Certainly Kirk Douglas plays a real excitable and brainless a-hole in this one. I know I saw it in the 60's because Craig across the road gave me a clockwork Nautilus for my 8th Birthday. Thanks to Douglas I was rooting for Cpt Nemo, the Squid and Peter Lorre.

The Rocket Man (1954) Quad

Charles Coburn * Spring Byington * Anne Francis * John Agar * George Foghorn Winslow

50's SF art for what looks to be a bit of a kids flick, not one I remember seeing.

The Golden Mistress 1954 Quad Poster The Golden Mistress (1954) Quad

John Agar * Rosemarie Bowe * Jacques Molant

Tied to a stake in your nightie...happened all the time back then I'm sure. I like the boy's adventure tone of the art, very 50's.

The Slave Woman 1954 Quad Poster The Slave Woman (1954) Quad Italy Cortigiana di Babilonia Art: EMC

Rhonda Fleming * Ricardo Montalban * Roldano Lupi * Carlo Ninchi * Tamara Lees

I haven't seen it and probably never will but interesting that a young Ricardo Montalban apparently hasn't changed that much. Diaphanous nightie is always the way to go costume wise with your dancing girls.Artist signature on this poster is idea who that is.

Demetrius and The Gladiators 1954 Quad UK Poster Demetrius and The Gladiators (1954) Quad Signature Eric W Pulford

Victor Mature * Susan Hayward * Michael Rennie * Debra Paget * Anne Bancroft * Jay Robinson * Barry Jones * Richard Egan * Ernest Borgnine

An Epic sequel to The Robe with an even crazier Roman emperor as Caligula builds up his reputation. Oh, and tigers.

Land of the Pharaohs 1955 Quad Land of the Pharaohs (1955) Quad

Jack Hawkins * Joan Collins * Dewey Martin * Alexis Minotis * James Robertson Justice * Luisa Boni

Greek, Roman, Egyptian...I am a big fan of sand and sandal epics, biblical or not. Before Conan showed up, these were as ripping a yarn as you could get, even if some religion or other got thrown in occasionally. In this case I remember as a kid being fascinated by the sand based hydraulic mechanism for sealing it all up. Nice poster art with the obligatory glamour shot of our Joan enjoying one of her first bites of the cherry as Hollywood starlette.

The Prodigal 1955 British Quad Poster The Prodigal (1955) Quad

Lana Turner * Edmund Purdom * Louis Calhern * Audrey Dalton * James Mitchell * Neville Brand * Walter Hampden * Taina Elg

Every now and then a poster is a bit to racy for the theater showing it, so they do some amateur censorship. In this case Lana's dress was a bit too revealing so a more modest one was hand painted straight on the poster. I have held it up to the light to see what's revealed and it looks pretty tame to me. Ah well, undressing Lana will be this year's winter project...

Oasis 1955 Quad Poster Oasis (1955) Quad

Michele Morgan * Pierre Brasseur

Desert art is so moody.

Ulysses 1955 Quad Poster Ulysses (1955) Quad Italy Ulisse Art: Manno

Kirk Douglas * Silvana Mangano * Anthony Quinn * Rossana Podestŕ

I like the poster art, in spite of the nice big white window they provide so the local cinema can scrawl on it. Luckily in this case, they left it blank.

Pirates of Tripoli 1955 Half Sheet Poster Pirates of Tripoli (1955) Half Sheet

Paul Henreid * Patricia Medina * Paul Newlan * John Miljan* Mark Hanna

Pirates! Cleanshaven!

Helen of Troy 1956 Quad British poster Helen of Troy (1956) Quad

Rossana Podestŕ * Jack Sernas * Sir Cedric Hardwicke * Stanley Baker * Niall MacGinnis * Nora Swinburne * Robert Douglas * Torin Thatcher * Harry Andrews * Janette Scott * Ronald Lewis * Brigitte Bardot

Even for a 50 year old poster this one is very distressed. The old tape on the back caused deep wrinkles, tearing and it would need linen backing to restore it. I didn't attempt any photo-shopping and included a higher res version so you can see what state some of these old posters can be in. Still how many times have I seen this for sale? Never. Having said that, one will show up the moment I post this update...Whatever, I love this poster.

On The Threshold Of Space 1956 UK Quad Poster On The Threshold Of Space (1956) Quad

Guy Madison * John Hodiak * Virginia Leith * Dean Jagger * Warren Stevens * King Calder

More about the real life Air Force preparations for possibly leaving the atmosphere than a sci-fi movie. Still, nice 50's image.

Space Master X-7 1957 Quad Poster Space Master X-7 (1957) Quad

Bill Williams * Lyn Thomas * Robert Ellis

Great 50's SF art, shiny rockets and lots of stars, though of course none could be afforded for the movie itself..

The Colossus of New York 1957 Quad Poster The Colossus of New York (1957) Quad

John Baragrey * Mala Powers * Otto Kruger * Robert Hutton * Ross Martin * Charles Herbert * Ed Wolff

One of the first sci-fi / horror movies I was allowed to stay up and see on TV as a kid. Dunno how old I was but I remember being a bit under-whelmed. Pretty basic art, 4 colour hand cut silkscreen according to Sim.

The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad 1974 re-release poster The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (1958) Watch Out Were Mad (1974) Quad Art: Sanford (Sandy) Kossin

Kerwin Mathews * Kathryn Grant * Richard Eyer * Torin Thatcher * Alec Mango * Danny Green

I am told this is 1975, which fits in the with the 1974 Double Bill, but it is more or less the original artwork being squished over. I made my kids watch the DVD because I remembered seeing it as a kid. They weren't impressed, the pacing is quite slow, but Harryhausen's effects have stood the test of time with them. Back in it's day, a real rip snorting adventure, even if a little un-pc in places now. Hero a little clean shaven for a good Muslim too.

Harry Black US Harry Black and the Tiger 1958 Quad Poster Harry Black / US Harry Black and the Tiger (1958) Quad

Stewart Granger * Barbara Rush * Anthony Steel

Image is of the tiger terrorizing the locals in India.

the barbarian and the geisha 1958 quad poster The Barbarian and the Geisha (1958) Quad

John Wayne * Eiko Ando * Sam Jaffe * Sô Yamamura

John Wayne, playing a diplomat and romantic lead this time. No, really.

The Warrior and The Slave Girl 1958 Quad UK Poster The Warrior and The Slave Girl (1958) Quad Italy, La Rivolta Dei Gladiatori

Rafael Luis Calvo * Gianna Maria Canale * Mara Cruz * Salvatore Furnari * Ettore Manni * Georges Marchal * Ricardo Montalban

It's worth including a slightly higher resolution image of this one, just because there is so much slave girl in nightie action going on in it. They are being whipped, menaced, ravished, burnt and dragged. How much of this is actually in the cheapo Italian dubbed wannabe epic, who knows? Great poster though!

The Naked Earth 1958 Quad Poster The Naked Earth (1958) Quad

Richard Todd * Juliette Greco * Finlay Currie * Laurence Naismith * Orlando Martins * Christopher Rhodes * John Kitzmiller

Haven't seen this and apparently nor has anyone at IMDB, our heroine doing the posing this time.

The Moonraker 1958 Quad Poster The Moonraker (1958) Quad

George Baker * Sylvia Syms * Peter Arne * John Le Mesurier * Patrick Troughton

Debatable whether these swashbucklers belong in Drama or not, what with the inevitable romance aspect, but I like to think of them as adventures. Certainly the art seems chock full of rip snorting fights as well as a decent image of clinging Sylvia Syms.

Slave Women of Corinth (1958) Quad Signature A Payne Italy, Afrodite, dea dell'amore

Isabelle Corey * Anthony Steffen * Irčne Tunc * Ivo Garrani

Ah, those Roman's eh? Knew how to party...

Son of Robin Hood 1958 Quad Tom Chantrell Son of Robin Hood (1958) Quad Signature: Tom Chantrell

Al Hedison * June Laverick * David Farrar * Marius Goring * Philip Friend * Delphi Lawrence

The twist for this story being that the Son was useless, it was Robin's daughter that inherited the knack.

Solomon and Sheba 1959 Quad Poster Solomon and Sheba (1959) Quad

Yul Brynner * Gina Lollobrigida * George Sanders

Well, if it's biblical, you have to have a busty bad girl in the lead, it's the rule. This poster is likely a later re-release. The Daily Mirror banner and review notes are a bit of a giveaway, that and the condition is way too good. Still, a nice one and has the priceless factor since I remember watching it while staying with my Aunt Sally in Llanelly, Wales. She was quite a religious old lady so there was plenty of disapproving  tutting of La Lollo as an accompanying soundtrack to all the good bits.

Journey to the Lost City 1959 1 Sheet German Das Indische Grabmal Journey to the Lost City (1959) 1 Sheet German Das Indische Grabmal

Debra Paget * Paul Hubschmid * Walter Reyer * Claus Holm * Sabine Bethmann * Valéry Inkijinoff * René Deltgen

Nah, that's not a this is a knife...

The White Warrior 1959 Quad UK Poster The White Warrior (1959) Quad

Steve Reeves * Giorgia Moll * Scilla Gabel * Renato Baldini * Gérard Herter * Milivoje Zivanovic

Steve Reeves leaving his peplum behind to strut his stuff in a white cossack outfit that looks a lot like a, um, peplum. I bet your thought the Russia- Chechnya thing was today's news? Nope, it's been simmering for at least 200 years. There something about a broken sword as a resistance image, just seems like a good symbol.

The Sign of the Gladiator 1959 Half Sheet The Sign of the Gladiator (1959) Half Sheet Italy Nel segno di Roma

Anita Ekberg * Georges Marchal * Folco Lulli * Chelo Alonso * Gino Cervi

The thick paper for Half Sheets makes creases a real pain.

The Giant of Marathon 1959 British Quad Poster The Giant of Marathon (1959) Quad Italy La battaglia di Maratona

Steve Reeves * Mylčne Demongeot * Sergio Fantoni * Daniela Rocca * Philippe Hersent * Alberto Lupo * Daniele Vargas

Dubbed Italian version of the Spartan's story with great poster art.

The Last Days of Pompeii 1959 UK Quad Poster The Last Days of Pompeii (1959) Quad Italy Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei

Steve Reeves * Cristina Kaufmann * Fernando Rey * Barbara Carroll * Anne-Marie Baumann * Mimmo Palmara * Guillermo Marín

Togas in a twist as Vesuvius blows its top, with some Christians shoehorned into the plot to make it all seem a bit more Sodom and Gomorrah like divine retribution. Always wanted to see Pompeii and Herculaneum, and I actually made it last year - brilliant!

Hannibal 1959 Quad Uk Poster Hannibal (1959) Quad Italy Annibale

Victor Mature * Gabriele Ferzetti * Rita Gam * Milly Vitale * Rik Battaglia * Franco Silva * Terence Hill * Mario Girotti* Renato Cesana * Carlo Pedersoli

Dubbed Elephant Epic with minor appearance of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer still going by his original pre-spaghetti western Italian name. The poster has one of those annoying amateur censorship additions, a white painted out panel below Victor Mature's name. By tweaking the contrast on my scanner you can see it's a more or less harmless picture of some snogging. I guess that the cinema manager had standards going way beyond the Hays Code.

The Warrior Empress 1960 Quad Poster Saffo Venere di Lesbo The Warrior Empress (1960) Quad Italy Saffo Venere di Lesbo

Kerwin Mathews * Tina Louise * Enrico Maria Salerno

Couple of American leads gate crashing this Italian toga party featuring a heroine named Sappho...sounds like my kind of party but more importantly, looks like my kind of poster.

Esther And The King 1960 Tom Chantrell Uk Poster Esther And The King (1960) Signature Tom Chantrell

Joan Collins * Richard Egan * Denis O'Dea * Sergio Fantoni * Rick Battaglia * Robert Buchanan * Daniela Rocca * Folco Lulli

Another religious mini-epic, so of course it has the under-dressed slave girls, gauzy dancers and starlets over-flowing their togas that you would expect. Joan playing the good Jewish girl for a change.

Warlord of Crete 1960 English Quad poster Warlord of Crete (1960) Quad Italy Teseo contro il minotauro

Bob Mathias * Rosanna Schiaffino * Alberto Lupo * Rick Battaglia * Carlo Tamberlani * Nico Pepe * Susanne Loret * Nerio Bernardi * Paul Muller

I am a big fan of Greek legends and their Pantheon of Gods, it would explain a lot if we are all just chess pieces for their amusement. Poster has a lot of debauchery and mayhem going on in the background and muscles and cleavage in the foreground, all you need really..

Francis of Assisi 1961 Quad Poster Francis of Assisi (1961) Quad

Bradford Dillman * Dolores Hart * Stuart Whitman * Pedro Armendariz

The pointy hat is mightier than the sword...

The Revolt of the Slaves 1961 Quad Poster Revolt of the Slaves (1961) Quad French Rivolta degli schiavi, La

Rhonda Fleming * Lang Jeffries

Well, pretty much got this one for the art, no surprise. A dubbed French/Spanish/Italian effort I haven't seen. It's got a girl with a whip though, what more do you need? Something about that image looks familiar...actually, there is an amazing amount of detail painted into the background, crucifixions, gladiators, fights and battles, it's all there. I wonder if any of that is in the actual film?

El Cid 1961 Quad Poster El Cid (1961) Quad

Charlton Heston * Sophia Loren * Genevičve Page

One of Mum's favorites and I have certainly seen this one several times on bank holidays and Saturday afternoons over the years.

The Colossus of Rhodes 1961 British Quad Poster The Colossus of Rhodes (1961) Quad Italy Il colosso di Rodi

Rory Calhoun * Lea Massari * Georges Marchal * Conrado Sanmartin

Before serving up Spaghetti Western style, Sergio Leone got his start in the peplum industry.

Duel of the Titans 1961 Duel of the Titans (1961) Quad Italy Romolo e Remo

Steve Reeves * Gordon Scott * Virna Lisi

Can't get enough of the toga tales, no matter how cheap and cheesy. This one I don't actually remember seeing, so I can't say who is responsible for tears on the slave girls outfit. There is all sorts of interesting pillaging going on in the details of the background, these guys knew how to party while founding an empire.

The Thief of Baghdad 1961 1 Sheet Italy Il ladro di Bagdad The Thief of Baghdad (1961) 1 Sheet Italy Il ladro di Bagdad

Steve Reeves * Giorgia Moll * Edy Vessel * Arturo Dominici * Daniele Vargas * Antonio Battistella

There is some better slave girl pictures and colour in the 1 sheet version than the quad.

Thief of Baghdad 1961 Quad The Thief of Baghdad (1961) Quad Italy Il ladro di Bagdad

Steve Reeves * Giorgia Moll * Edy Vessel * Arturo Dominici * Daniele Vargas * Antonio Battistella

Looking more than a little Douglas Fairbanks and going for Persian tights instead of a Roman skirt for a change.

Fury of the Vikings 1961 UK Quad Italy Gli Invasori Fury of the Vikings (1961) Quad Italy Gli Invasori

Cameron Mitchell * Alice Kessler * Ellen Kessler * Giorgio Ardisson

Italian adventure with Die Kessler-Zwillinge spicing things up as they would for Sodom and Gomorrah, you can't go wrong with twins. Cameron Mitchell was the American star imported for US sales.

Blood On His Sword French Miracle des loups Blood On His Sword French Miracle des loups (1961) Courage of Black Beauty (1957)

Jean Marais * Rosanna Schiaffino * Jean-Louis Barrault

John Crawford * Mimi Gibson * John Bryant

Goliath and the Vampires 1961 UK Quad Poster Goliath and the Vampires (1961) Quad Signature John Payne Italy Maciste contro il vampiro

Gordon Scott * Leonora Ruffo * Jacques Sernas * Gianna Maria Canale * Rocco Vitolazzi * Guido Celano

Splendidly lurid poster for this dubbed Italian sword and sandal fantasy. There is a signature on this one that looks to me like "Payne".

Amazons of Rome 1961 1 Sheet Poster Amazons Of Rome (1961) 1 Sheet Italy Le vergini di Roma

Louis Jourdan * Sylvia Syms * Jean Chevrier * Nicole Courcel * Ettore Manni

Sylvia Syms taking a holiday from Rank to dress up as a centurion and put the breast into breastplates..

Guns of the Black Witch 1961 1 Sheet Italian Il Terrore dei mari Guns of the Black Witch (1961) 1 Sheet Italian Il Terrore dei mari

Don Megowan * Silvana Pampanini * Emma Danieli * Livio Lorenzon * Germano Longo * Loris Gizzi

Arr, assorted Italian salts assaulting at sea, matey. G'er another lick o'the cat, arr. I miss talk like a pirate day at work.

The Queen of the Pirates Quad UK Poster The Queen Of The Pirates (1961) Quad Italy La Venere dei pirati

Gianna Maria Canale * Massimo Serato * Scilla Gabel * Livio Lorenzon * Paul Muller

Another dubbed Italian epic, putting the she in shenanigans on the seven seas.

The Fiercest Heart 1961 Quad Poster The Fiercest Heart (1961) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Stuart Whitman * Juliet Prowse * Ken Scott * Raymond Massey * Geraldine Fitzgerald * Rafer Johnson

Not completely unrelated to Zulu, on my want list for British posters.

Taras Bulba 1962 Quad Poster Taras Bulba (1962) Quad Art Attrib: Frank McCarthy

Tony Curtis * Yul Brynner * Christine Kaufmann * Sam Wanamaker * Brad Dexter * Guy Rolfe

Another great epic of the time, for some reason the armor piercing demise of Curtis has stuck in my mind. Great poster art with our heroes slashing it out.

Sodom and Gomorrah 1962 Quad Poster Sodom and Gomorrah (1962) Quad

Stewart Granger * Pier Angeli * Stanley Baker * Rossana Podestŕ * Alice and Ellen Kessler

Yeah, but you have to hand it to them, they knew how to party...Yet more evidence that those pious biblical epics are always sold on a as many hints of sex and sensationalism as they can get away with. Praise the Lewd.

Five Weeks In A Balloon 1962 Quad UK Poster Five Weeks In A Balloon (1962) Quad

Red Buttons * Fabian * Barbara Eden * Cedric Hardwicke * Peter Lorre

Well, OK, the art's not that great but I have a lot of affection for this movie for the Sunday afternoons it passed by. I am always happy to see - and hear - Peter Lorre in anything.

In Search of the Castaways 1962 Quad Poster In Search of the Castaways (1962) Quad

Maurice Chevalier * Hayley Mills * George Sanders * Wilfrid Hyde-White * Michael Anderson Jr. * Antonio Cifariello * Keith Hamshere * Wilfrid Brambell

Big D having a pillage of Jules Verne again and not unrelated to 20,000 Leagues either, at least as Verne wrote it.

Ulysses Against Hercules 1962 Quad UK Poster Ulysses Against Hercules (1962) Quad Italy Ulisse contro Ercole

Georges Marchal * Michael Lane * Alessandra Panaro * Dominique Boschero * Gabriele Tinti * Raffaella Carrŕ

Never any problem mixing up characters from different stories and who knows, maybe Hercules and Ulysses went to the same pub.

War of the Trojans 1962 Quad British Poster War of the Trojans (1962) Quad Italy La leggenda di Enea

Steve Reeves * Carla Marlier * Liana Orfei * Giacomo Rossi-Stuart * Gianni Garko * Mario Ferrari

In the US this was released as The Avenger, which seems an odd title change, I would have thought Trojan had more punter power.

Tyrant of Syracuse 1962 Quad UK Poster Tyrant of Syracuse (1962) Quad Italy Il tiranno di Siracusa

Guy Williams * Don Burnett * Ilaria Occhini * Liana Orfei * Marina Berti * Arnoldo Foŕ

It's strange that the UK release uses a straight translation of the original Italian title, but in the US it was distributed as Damon And Pythias. This sounds a lot less dramatic to me and would seem to be relying on Drive-In America's familiarity with the classical Greek bromance story.

Land of the Monsters 1962 Revenge of the Gladiators 1965 Quad Double Poster Land of the Monsters (1962) Revenge of the Gladiators (1965) Quad Double Maciste contro i mostri / L'Incendio di Roma

Reg Lewis * Margaret Lee * Luciano Marin

Lang Jeffries * Mario Feliciani * Moira Orfei * Evi Maltagliati

Both of these films have been out and about under different titles and were originally Italian movies. It's not clear what the date of the double bill is but who cares, the art may be stretching the truth of the films contents but it's likely more spectacular than the movies.

Samson and the Slave Queen 1963 Quad British Poster Samson and the Slave Queen (1963) Quad Italy Zorro contro Maciste

Pierre Brice * Alan Steel * Moira Orfei * Maria Grazia Spina * Andrea Aureli * Massimo Serato * Andrea Scotti

Poster art is inflating Alan Steel's (Sergio Ciani) size, a trick the special effects in the movie didn't even attempt to pull off since the poster is assuming a biblical reference that isn't in the movie at all.. The original US art is much more attractive than the Quad version here, reduced to a cheap to print single colour. In English versions of the poster, the role of Zorro is not emphasized, I wonder why...this is actually as much swashbuckler as sword and sandal, which may have confused a few cinema goers. Investigating this poster led me to an excellent Peplum blog, which has lost me at least an hour of my productivity today...

The Rebel Gladiators 1963 Quad Italy Ursus il gladiatore ribelle The Rebel Gladiators (1963) Quad Italy Ursus, il gladiatore ribelle

Dan Vadis * Gloria Milland * José Greci * Sergio Ciani

I am such a sucker for these cheap foreign wannabe epics.

Cavalry Command 1963 The Starfighters 1964 British Quad Poster Bill Cavalry Command (1963) The Starfighters (1964) Quad Double Bill

John Agar * Richard Arlen * Myron Healey * William Phipps * Alicia Vergel

Robert Dornan * Richard Jordahl * Shirley Olmstead * Richard Masters

Couldn't resist the shiny aeroplanes on this one. I always thought the F104 was such a beautiful design, practical or not..

Cleopatra 1963 Quad Tom Chantrell Cleopatra (1963) Quad Signature: Tom Chantrell

Elizabeth Taylor * Richard Burton * Rex Harrison * Pamela Brown * George Cole * Cesare Danova * Kenneth Haigh * Andrew Keir * Martin Landau * Roddy McDowall * Francesca Annis * Gregoire Aslan

I know this is on all those lists of most expensive disaster, worst films, etc but it's one of my favorites. Maybe misfiled here since it's clearly a historical romantic drama of epic proportions, but I enjoyed it first as a kid and as an adventure so here it is. The giant be-Kohled head of Taylor and a great perspective into the forum, this is one of the Toga Tales here where the movie lives up to the art.

Cleopatra 1981 Re-release Poster Terpning Chantrell collage Cleopatra 1981 Re-release (1963) Quad Terpning / Chantrell

Elizabeth Taylor * Richard Burton * Rex Harrison * Pamela Brown * George Cole * Cesare Danova * Kenneth Haigh * Andrew Keir * Martin Landau * Roddy McDowall * Francesca Annis * Gregoire Aslan

Re-released in 1981, this poster has a lot of Chantrell's original art as well as the reclining image from Howard Terpning's US art and a collage of Lobby Card images.

East of Sudan 1964 1 Sheet Poster East of Sudan (1964) 1 Sheet

Anthony Quayle * Sylvia Syms * Derek Fowlds * Johnny Sekka * Jenny Agutter

First appearance of Jenny Agutter, according to IMDB.

Hercules Against The Moon Men - Blood River Double Bill Poster Hercules Against The Moon Men (1964) - Blood River (1967)  Quad

Alan Steel (Sergio Ciani) * Jany Clair * Anna Maria Polani * Nando Tamberlani

Terence Hill * Bud Spencer * Frank Wolff * Gina Rovere

Probably a holiday double bill, two films faking it under new titles, so I am not 100% I have the attributions right. Still, fun art.

The Spartan Gladiators 1964 British Quad Poster The Spartan Gladiators (1964) Quad Italy La rivolta dei sette

Tony Russel * Massimo Serato * Nando Gazzolo * Livio Lorenzon * Piero Lulli * Helga Liné

Another dubbed epic, re-titled with catchpenny keywords, but this one missing the dramatic art that makes them so collectable. I collected it anyway.

Hercules Against The Sons of The Sun 1964 Uk Poster Hercules Against The Sons of The Sun (1964) Quad Italy Ercole contro i figli del sole

Mark Forest * Anna-Maria Pace * Giuliano Gemma * Ángela Rhu * Giulio Donnini

The poster thinks there is only one Star anyone will remotely recognize and goes for a scene from the movie with a pasted on Inca princess to tell you all you need to know.

The Long Ships 1964 Quad English poster The Long Ships (1964) Quad

Richard Widmark * Sidney Poitier * Russ Tamblyn * Rosanna Schiaffino * Lionel Jeffries * Clifford Evans * Gordon Jackson * Colin Blakely

I notice the Mare of Steel is absent from the scenes depicted in the poster, maybe it would have put too many crosslegged patrons off going to see it. A great rainy afternoon adventure film with some good British actors as well as the obligatory American leading men.

Pirates of Tortuga 1965 Quad Poster Pirates of Tortuga (1965) Quad Attributed: Jock Hinchliffe

Ken Scott * Letícia Román * Dave King * John Richardson * Rafer Johnson * Dudley Stephens

Arrr! Said as only a Bristolian can...bring on the frilly shirts! This is the kind of poster I love, forgotten film, obscure stars and rip snorting action all over the poster.

The Agony and the Ecstasy (1965) Quad Art: Howard Terpning

Charlton Heston * Rex Harrison * Diane Cilento

Michelangelo biography with more adventure than you would expect for a painter and decorator.

The Flight of the Phoenix 1965 Quad Poster The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) Quad

James Stewart * Richard Attenborough * Peter Finch * Hardy Krüger * Ernest Borgnine * Ian Bannen * Ronald Fraser

No idea why the felt they needed to remake this film, this is still a great movie. This poster is unfolded and there is a another version below.

The Flight of the Phoenix 1965 Quad Poster Jack Thurston The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) Quad Art: Jack Thurston

James Stewart * Richard Attenborough * Peter Finch * Hardy Krüger * Ernest Borgnine * Ian Bannen * Ronald Fraser

Alternative art to the version above, not sure if this is a contemporary variation or later re-release. Though I like both, this has more interesting details but the one above is unfolded. Still, a good movie...

The Sands of the Kalahari 1965 Quad poster The Sands of the Kalahari (1965) Quad

Stuart Whitman * Stanley Baker * Susannah York * Harry Andrews * Theodore Bikel * Nigel Davenport

Obviously this is the sandy survival corner with the movie above, more grit than anyone could want. Gripping stuff though, and a dramatic image for the poster.

City Under The Sea 1965 Quad Poster City Under The Sea (1965) Quad Tom Chantrell

Vincent Price * Tab Hunter * David Tomlinson * Susan Hart * John Le Mesurier

Vincent Price getting soggy on a wet Saturday afternoon, what more could you want? I also have some Lobby cards for this, another excursion before I got strict with myself about what exactly it was I was collecting.

Lord Jim 1965 Quad Poster Lord Jim (1965) Quad Art: Howard Terpning

Peter O'Toole * James Mason * Curt Jürgens * Eli Wallach * Jack Hawkins * Daliah Lavi

I've seen another variation on this quad art around, my version came with a big hole on his chin which I did a photoshop graft for.

Genghis Khan 1965 Quad Poster Genghis Khan (1965) Quad Art Attrib: Frank McCarthy

Stephen Boyd * Omar Sharif * James Mason * Eli Wallach * Francoise Dorleac * Telly Savalas * Robert Morley * Michael Hordern * Yvonne Mitchell * Woody Strode * Kenneth Cope

Ah, I love the smell of an unwashed horde in the morning. Tone of the art reminds me of Monty Python but I guess the influence should be the other way round.

Khartoum 1966 Quad Poster Khartoum (1966) Quad Art: Renato Fratini

Charlton Heston * Laurence Olivier * Richard Johnson * Ralph Richardson * Michael Hordern * Zia Mohyeddin

Hm, what does this conflict remind me of? I love a good epic based on the sins of us Brits. At least we have the character to criticize our past mistakes, unlike the infallibility complex of your modern day superpowers.

Dr Who and the Daleks 1965 Video Release Poster Dr Who and the Daleks (1965) Video Release Poster

Peter Cushing * Roy Castle * Jennie Linden * Roberta Tovey * Barrie Ingham

This is not the original poster or artwork for the 1965 movie, that routinely sells for extraordinary amounts of money, but makes a nice placemarker until I win the lottery. The 60's films, of which this is the first, are a bit odd and are really not the same characters that are in the TV series. Peter Cushing goes for the doddery old fool a bit too much for my taste and Roy Castle over does the slapstick.

The Bible 1966 Quad Poster The Bible: In the Beginning... (1966) Quad

Michael Parks * Ulla Bergryd * Richard Harris* John Huston * Stephen Boyd * George C. Scott * Ava Gardner * Peter O'Toole

Is this your ark, mate? Well, you can't leave it here...urgh, what did I just step in? There's nudity in the foreground so it must be a biblical epic.

Fantastic Voyage 1966 Quad Poster Fantastic Voyage (1966) Quad Art: Tom Beauvais

Stephen Boyd * Raquel Welch * Edmond O'Brien * Donald Pleasance * Arthur O'Connell * William Redfield * Arthur Kennedy

Oh yes, favorite Saturday afternoon movie, Raquel Welch pre nose job and bulging out of white rubber. Should be a 1-sheet for country of origin but the art on this quad is way better. It's not signed that I can spot but dealers identify it as being Tom Beauvais's work.

Thunderbirds are Go 1966 US 1 Sheet Thunderbirds are Go (1966) US 1 Sheet

Peter Dyneley * Sylvia Anderson * Shane Rimmer * Jeremy Wilkin * Matt Zimmerman * David Graham * Ray Barrett * Christine Finn

The British Quad version has much better artwork with Thunderbird 2 in the foreground but hey, the difference is, I could afford this one. Actually, as a kid TB irritated me a bit, the cliffhanger time outs always kept resetting to build the tension, even I could spot there was something wrong with that. Still, great action poster for the puppets who saved the world. I would of course have preferred the UK Quad but, well, with the left arm to dollar exchange rate being what it is...

Barbarella 1968 30x40 Barbarella (1968) 30x40 Art: Robert McGinnis

Jane Fonda * John Phillip Law * Anita Pallenberg * Milo O'Shea * Marcel Marceau

This is a US 30x40 version with the same art as the 1 Sheet, plus very annoying Canadian "Adult Entertainment" warning gummed on.

Barbarella 1968 Quad Art Renato Fratini Design Robin Ray Barbarella (1968) Quad Art: Renato Fratini, Design: Robin Ray

Jane Fonda * John Phillip Law * Anita Pallenberg * Milo O'Shea * Marcel Marceau

Here it is, after all this time, the one I have been looking for....The Quad. Could it be any more 60s? Justified as my 50th Birthday present, happy birthday to me!

Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy 1977 rerelease Boris Vallejo Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy (1968) 1 Sheet 1977 re-release Art Boris Vallejo

Jane Fonda * John Phillip Law * Anita Pallenberg * Milo O'Shea * Marcel Marceau

Barbarella was remembered more fondly than it was initially received and was re-released in 1977 with new poster Art. Boris Vallejo seems a good choice since he was already well known for fantasy female forms.

The Red Tent 1969 Quad Howard Terpning The Red Tent (1969) Quad Attributed Howard Terpning

Sean Connery * Claudia Cardinale * Hardy Krüger * Peter Finch * Massimo Girotti

Russian film of a true story, the journey to the arctic by dirigible in 1927 by an Italian team and their attempted rescue when it all goes wrong.

 The Valley of the Gwangi 1969 Quad Movie Poster The Valley of Gwangi (1969) Quad Art: Frank McCarthy

James Franciscus * Gila Golan * Richard Carlson

Cowboys and dinosaurs may be a bit dodgy concept wise but I remember I nagged my Dad into taking me to see this. Harryhausen engineered some fairly convincing chomp and gulp of cowpokes during several scenes in the film, just what a young boy wants to see!

The Illustrated Man 1969 Quad British Poster The Illustrated Man (1969) Quad

Rod Steiger * Claire Bloom * Robert Drivas

Having read a lot of Ray Bradbury short story collections, I was keen to see the movie. I found it disappointing. The stories they chose to feature weren't the best in my opinion but the movie was also slow and tedious. I've seen it again since and it hasn't dated well either. You could say that's because of Bradbury's stories being too golden age of Rockets To The Stars but Rod Serling's TV tales are in that same period and still totally engrossing.

The Southern Star 1969 Quad Poster The Southern Star (1969) Quad Art: Brian Bysouth

George Segal * Ursula Andress * Orson Welles * Ian Hendry

Throw those shoulders back...

Man In The Wilderness 1971 Quad poster Man in the Wilderness (1971) Quad

Richard Harris * John Huston * Prunella Ransome * Percy Herbert * Dennis Waterman

Poster a little beaten up but then so is Richard Harris.

The Omega Man 1971 Quad UK Poster The Omega Man (1971) Quad Tom Chantrell

Charlton Heston * Anthony Zerbe * Rosalind Cash * Paul Koslo * Eric Laneuville * Lincoln Kilpatrick * Brian Tochi

A bit dated and anti hippy, with your traditional 70's dodgy ending, it's still not a bad movie. The Richard Matheson "I Am Legend" story was done better by Vincent Price though back in 1964 and the Will Smith modern version got the title right but that was about it. Poster is another 70's garish silkscreen, washing out what could be some decent artwork.

Escape From The Planet of The Apes 1971 Quad Poster Escape From The Planet of The Apes (1971) Quad

Roddy McDowall * Kim Hunter * Bradford Dillman * Natalie Trundy * Ricardo Montalban

Not terribly interesting art but this was the first of the Ape films I was old enough to see. All the "good" ones had been AA but this was a family friendly A with it's subject matter of murdering infants.

Zero Population Growth 1972 Quad Poster Zero Population Growth (1972) Quad

Oliver Reed * Geraldine Chaplin * Don Gordon * Diane Cilento

Haven't seen it but I am a sucker for anything Ollie...

Godzilla in War of The Monsters 1972 UK Poster Godzilla in War of The Monsters (1972) Japan Chikyű kogeki meirei: Gojira tai Gaigan

Hiroshi Ishikawa * Yuriko Hishimi * Minoru Takashima * Tomoko Umeda

These are a sub-culture all of their own in SciFi films. Repeatedly re-released under different titles, cannibalizing footage of their own earlier films in current offerings, dubbed actors nobody knows, men in monster suits rampaging across sets that make Dr Who look state of the art and posters that demonstrate scenes that the special effects can't hope of delivering. Putting the sub in sub-culture. Great posters for a young lads bedroom though, I should know...

The Amazons 1973 Quad UK Poster The Amazons (1973) Quad Italy Le guerriere dal seno nudo

Alena Johnston * Sabine Sun * Rosanna Yanni * Helga Liné * Lucy Tiller * Luciana Paluzzi

The UK poster is a monotone cut out of the better Italian/French/Spanish art. Other alternative titles for the US have more colourful images too, such as War Gods of Babylon, you can find them at imdb.

The Final Programme 1973 1 Sheet Castle James The Final Programme (1973) 1 Sheet Signature: Phillip Castle / Allen Jones

Jon Finch * Jenny Runacre * Hugh Griffith * Patrick Magee * Sterling Hayden * Harry Andrews * Graham Crowden

If you are looking for quirky, in a very 70's kind of way, then this is your movie. Very strange. It definitely has some good bits, the needle guns have stuck in my head for some reason, but goes off in several very strange directions. I bet you'd never guess that from the art, right? After seeing this movie I thought I really should read the books, but it's still on my to do list even after all these years.

The Three Musketeers 1973 Quad The Three Musketeers (1973) Quad

Oliver Reed * Raquel Welch * Richard Chamberlain * Michael York * Frank Finlay * Christopher Lee * Geraldine Chaplin * Faye Dunaway

Check out the Four Musketeers for a better poster in my opinion, the sequel was also a darker and more interesting story. Good movie though, with a fair attention to detail on the fight arrangements and some laughs along the way. Three and Four were of course shot back to back, a novelty at the time, almost doing the participants out of their double earnings. The Third installment, Return of the Musketeers, wouldn't show up until 1989, amazingly with cast pretty much intact.

Westworld 1973 Quad Art Neal Adams Westworld (1973) Quad Art: Neal Adams

Yul Brynner * Richard Benjamin * James Brolin * Alan Oppenheimer * Dick Van Patten * Linda Scott

Dated now for sure but actually quite original and quirky at the time. The robots in this movie would cater for your every fantasy, providing they had the parts. I've been looking for this as a companion to Futureworld for quite a while, so happy to find it. Seems to be a very popular poster when it shows up.

Zardoz 1974 UK Quad Poster Zardoz (1974) Quad Attributed: Ron Lesser

Sean Connery * Charlotte Rampling * Sara Kestelman * John Alderton * Sally Anne Newton

British sci-fi, which doesn't happen very often on the big screen. You can tell country of origin by the fact the men of the future are still lugging WW II Lea-Enfield's instead of ray guns. In spite of the glaring 70's datedness, worth it for John Alderton not playing a foggy teacher for a change, Connery in a SnM leather thong (if you like that kind of thing). Rampling in a see-through nightie of the future (why is future fashion always nighties?) and the whole plot being a ridiculous pun. Still, I love it.

The Golden Voyage of Sinbad 1974 Quad Poster The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1974) Quad Art: Brian Bysouth

John Phillip Law * Caroline Munro * Tom Baker

I love this poster, scene after scene is woven into the background, especially the great Harryhausen set pieces like the sword fight with the Kali statue.

The Island At The Top Of The World 1974 Quad Art Brian Bysouth The Island At The Top Of The World (1974) Quad Art: Brian Bysouth

David Hartman * Donald Sinden * Jacques Marin * Mako * David Gwillim * Agneta Eckemyr * Gunnar Ohlund

Big D having a go at a Jules Verne like adventure with a largely Icelandic cast.

The Four Musketeers 1974 Quad poster The Four Musketeers (1974)  Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Oliver Reed * Raquel Welch * Richard Chamberlain * Michael York * Frank Finlay * Christopher Lee * Geraldine Chaplin * Faye Dunaway

I prefer the poster art on this sequel to the one for Three, better film too in many ways. Though not for us Raquel fans...her time cut short so cruelly...

Pier Paolo Pasolinis Tales of the Arabian Nights Quad Poster 1974 Arabian Nights (1974) Quad

Ninetto Davoli * Franco Citti * Franco Merli * Tessa Bouché

Tagged as "Pier Paolo Pasolini's Tales of the Arabian Nights" so you will know it is Foreign and therefore muckie.

Sex Odyssey 1974 Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl 1970 Quad Poster Sex Odyssey (1974) Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl (1974) Quad Signature Tom Chantrell

Nina Frederik * Catharina Conti * Heidrun Hankammer * Alena Penz * Gerti Schneider * Michael Maien * Klaus Münster

Günther Kieslich * Wolf Harnisch * Helga Kruck * riedrich von Thun

No doubt I am mis-categorizing this dodgy double bill but the shaky science fiction sets and effects of this dubbed Bavarian softcore are no worse than a lot of Star Wars wannabes of the 70's. Sadly the outfit she is wearing in the poster art is much better than the silver jumpsuit used in the actual movie. It's funny how un-toned pretty girls look in porn back then, hairier too.

Dark Star 1974 Tom Chantrell Poster Dark Star (1974) Quad Tom Chantrell

Brian Narelle * Cal Kuniholm * Dre Pahich * Dan O'Bannon

I saw this film when it was rushed back out as a re-release after the success of Star Wars when anything vaguely involving Space was dusted off. It may have had a Star Wars reference pasted on, but I remember this poster art still being used.

Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla Monsters From An Unknown Planet 1975 poster Monsters From An Unknown Planet (1975) Japan Mekagojira no gyakushu

Katsuhiko Sasaki * Tomoko Ai * Akihiko Hirata * Katsumasa Uchida * Goro Mutsumi

Listed in IMDB under dozens of different titles, these Godzilla features can be hard to pin down since the posters don't even bother with the actors or directors, just go straight into the monster mayhem art. Works for me...Godzilla and Mecha-Godzilla plus friends fight it out as cardboard Tokyo burns.

The Land That Time Forgot (1975) Quad Art Attributed Tom Chantrell

Doug McClure * John McEnery * Susan Penhaligon * Keith Barron * Anthony Ainley * Declan Mulholland

I can't believe how long it took me to get hold of this poster, it always seems to go for way more than a dodgy mid 70's fiberglass pterodactyl flick should. Maybe it's the art, Chantrell has given petite Penhaligon a bust no wonderbra could, the dinosaurs look way better than the stiff puppets swung from a crane in the movie. A volcano erupting is the only way to end this kind of film, so good to see that captured too.

I always wondered why McClure was so popular with Amicus, now I know. Quoted with permission from Gary A. Smith, from his book for which he interviewed Max Rosenberg, who said "Doug McClure was a nice guy and he was just the type of leading man we were looking for. He was married to my secretary."

Death Race 2000 1975 Quad Poster Chantrell Death Race 2000 (1975) Quad Tom Chantrell

David Carradine * Simone Griffeth * Sylvester Stallone * Mary Woronov * Roberta Collins * Martin Kove * Louisa Moritz * The Real Don Steele * Sandy McCallum

This film was very popular when it came out on Video but I remember seeing it at the cinema on first release entirely because of the tabloid hype of it's theme. The reason why my generation still mutters "100 points" when we are waiting for a granny to get across the crossing...Stallone is featured more on the Video release posters, he'd become famous by then. Hand grenade, eh? Oh, that's a good one...almost as hilarious as the big bad enemy being France!

At the Earths Core 1976 Quad Poster At the Earths Core (1976) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Doug McClure * Peter Cushing * Caroline Munro * Cy Grant

Another Amicus, McClure, Subotsky adventure but this one really lacks charm. I love Peter Cushing but the character he plays in this is sooo annoying. Poster art way better than the movie.

Logans Run 1976 Quad Poster Logans Run (1976) Quad Art: Charles Moll

Michael York * Jenny Agutter * Richard Jordan * Roscoe Lee Browne * Farrah Fawcett-Majors * Peter Ustinov

A lot of critics thought Agutter and York were better than this and look down on this Sci-Fi flick...whatever, I love this movie. Color coordinated 70's baby doll nightdresses were to be the main feminine attire of the future according to this...and why not.

Futureworld 1976 Quad Poster Futureworld (1976) Quad Art: Neal Adams

Peter Fonda * Blythe Danner * Arthur Hill * Yul Brynner

Sequel to Westworld, both much the same. Yul Bryner only has a cameo in this one, possibly constructed of cuttings from the first.

The People That Time Forgot 1977 Quad Poster The People That Time Forgot (1977) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Patrick Wayne * Sarah Douglas * Thorley Walters * Dana Gillespie * Shane Rimmer * Doug McClure

Amicus, McClure, Subotsky go to same destination as Land That Time Forgot.One of the better films in the McClure adventures, mainly because he's barely in it. Whatever happened to Dana Gillespie? She's alive and well and belting out Blues songs apparently...nice pair of lungs.

Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger 1977 Quad Poster Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977) Quad Art: Victor Gadino

Patrick Wayne * Taryn Power * Margaret Whiting * Jane Seymour * Patrick Troughton

Dramatic art chock full of scenes from the movie.

Wizards 1977 Quad William Stout Wizards (1977) Quad Signature William Stout

Bob Holt * Jesse Welles * Richard Romanus * David Proval * Jim Connell * Steve Gravers * Barbara Sloane * Mark Hamill

Loved this film. I saw it as a brief trailer on the local entertainment news and went "Oo! I have to see that..." It's weird, it's pervy and a lot of it makes no sense at all. Bakshi was deep into rotoscoping and there's a brilliant film in here trying to get out amongst the experimentation with it. It's a pity his version of Lord of The Rings ran out of steam. The UK Version of Stouts artwork has been washed out to a more cartoonish look, which is a pity, it's also had the non-approved Grateful Dead badge removed from where it now says Peace.

The Four Feathers 1977 Quad The Four Feathers (1977) Quad Art: Brian Bysouth

Beau Bridges * Robert Powell * Simon Ward * Jane Seymour * Harry Andrews * Richard Johnson

This was a TV miniseries that found it's way into cinema release.

Star Wars 1977 Quad UK Poster Tom Chantrell Star Wars (1977) Quad Style C Signature: Tom Chantrell

Mark Hamill * Harrison Ford * Carrie Fisher * Peter Cushing * Alec Guinness * David Prowse * James Earl Jones

Ah, so glad to get this...original pre-oscars release, great condition, just three vertical folds, no pinholes. A real beauty. My eldest daughter has already claimed this when I die. Not to mention the movie itself, the time in my life it reminds me of...Sigh, I need a moment...

Star Crash 1978 British Quad Poster Star Crash (1978) Quad Attributed: John Solie

Marjoe Gortner * Caroline Munro * Christopher Plummer * David Hasselhoff * Robert Tessier * Joe Spinell * Nadia Cassini

Mess of a film rushing to hang on to Star War's coattails. Not that it's bad...oh wait, it is. Fun if you you are looking for a bad film that has some entertainment value, it's got Hasslelhoff and Munroe doing their own stunts because this movie is so cheap. Munroe also has her voice dubbed for no good reason. For an obscure, bad, B-Movie the poster often goes for a ridiculous price. I have to admit it is one of my favorites that took many failed attempts to get. No signature but some dealers have it pegged as John Solie.

warlords of atlantis 640x480.jpg (141696 bytes) Warlords of Atlantis (1978) Quad Art: Josh Kirby

Doug McClure * Peter Gilmore * Cyd Charisse * Daniel Massey

Amicus, McClure, Subotsky plumb the depths, again. Haven't seen this one so who knows. Cyd Charisse, what's she doing here? Artist Josh Kirby also did all the early Terry Pratchett paperbacks, another great joy of mine. Must have been a bit more disciplined for movie posters, the art isn't quite so Curvy as his paperback style.

Prisoner of the Cannibal God 1978 Quad Poster Prisoner of the Cannibal God (1978) Quad (La Montagna del dio cannibale) Art: Sam Peffer

Ursula Andress * Stacy Keach

Never seen the movie, just love the art! I have a tea mug with this on it, what poster art is all about. No doubt the film is awful. Am I bothered?

Deathsport 1978 Dynamite Women 1976 Quad Double British Poster Deathsport (1978) Dynamite Women (1976) Quad Double Attrib: Tom Chantrell

David Carradine * Claudia Jennings * Richard Lynch * William Smithers * Will Walker * David McLean

Claudia Jennings * Tara Strohmeier * Jocelyn Jones * Nancy Bleier

Apparently a Claudia Jennings in shorts fest with killer bikes thrown in. The post apocalyptic angle gets it into the Adventure section but it's really the usual exploitation. Nothing wrong with that, makes for great posters.

Battlestar Galactica 1978 Quad British Poster Battlestar Galactica (1978) Quad Art: Robert Tanenbaum

Richard Hatch * Dirk Benedict * Lorne Greene * Herb Jefferson Jr. * Wilfrid Hyde-White * Jane Seymour * Ray Milland

OK, it looks dated now, and the redo it's had recently is so much better, but after Star Wars there was a huge demand for anything with a spaceship and this fit the bill. Some bits made you cringe, the kids and the dog were excruciating, but it has some good bits too. No, really...

The Amazing Captain Nemo 1978 UK Quad Poster The Amazing Captain Nemo (1978) Quad

José Ferrer * Burgess Meredith * Mel Ferrer * Horst Buchholz * Lynda Day George

Film derived from what was really a TV series pilot but I keep seeing this poster show up so gave in when it swam by cheap. Underwater battle art has always interested me, ever since Action Transfers. Interesting that this is an Irwin Allen, the enemy sub looks a lot like the Seaview. He is known for recycling everything he does and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea can be spotted throughout.

Mission Galactica The Cylon Attack 1979 UK Quad Poster Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack (1979) Quad Robert Tanenbaum


Richard Hatch * Dirk Benedict * Lorne Greene * Herbert Jefferson Jr. * John Colicos * Maren Jensen * Laurette Spang * Tony Swartz * Anne Lockhart * Terry Carter * Lloyd Bridges

Another edit of TV episodes into a film for release in the UK.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 1979 Quad Victor Gadino Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979) Quad Signature: Victor Gadino

Gil Gerard * Pamela Hensley * Erin Gray * Henry Silva * Tim O'Connor * Joseph Wiseman * Duke Butler * Felix Silla

It was definitely cheesy, especially after the second series when it was full tilt chasing the ratings trying to be the successor to Star Trek. It even had a Hawk Man Spock wannabe. Before that though it wasn't half bad, for the 70's. OK, so it had an annoyingly cute robot, a central plot point to the pilot episode was Buck dancing like your dad at a wedding but even so it had some good moments. I was always hoping they would make more of the devastated cityscape he explored just once.

Arabian Adventure 1979 Quad Poster Arabian Adventure (1979) Quad Art: Mike Vaughan

Christopher Lee * Milo O'Shea * Oliver Tobias * Emma Samms * Peter Cushing * Puneet Sira

UK 70's movie, low (no) budget and 70's TV stars. Trying to link it to Star Wars in the tagline is pretty blatant. Art is way better than any special effects you will see in this movie.

The Humanoid 1979 Quad Poster The Humanoid (1979) Quad Italy L'Umanoide

Richard Kiel * Corinne Clery * Leonard Mann * Barbara Bach * Arthur Kennedy

Good grief I remember going to see this one, what a mess. Terrible movie, dubbed Jaws from Bond in a leather flying helmet, appalling.

The Shape of Things to Come 1979 Quad Poster Chantrell The Shape of Things to Come (1979) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Jack Palance * Carol Lynley * Barry Morse

Nice art...suckie movie. Why is that so often true for Sci-Fi? The only thing this movie has in common with Star Wars is the poster artist.

Battle Beyond The Stars 1980 Quad UK Poster Battle Beyond The Stars (1980) Quad

Richard Thomas * Robert Vaughn * John Saxon * George Peppard * Darlanne Fluegel * Sybil Danning * Sam Jaffe * Jeff Corey * Morgan Woodward

What is it about this movie? On paper it should be awful, a cheap Roger Corman Star Wars bandwagon done in the style of Magnificent 7 rip off. Amazingly, I always found it a real guilty pleasure. John Boy as the hero, Sybil Danning in a stainless steel bra, Robert Vaughn as exactly the same guy he was in M7, George Peppard before he became the flabby leader of the A Team...Apparently other people like it too because for a B Movie, this poster always seems to sell for a lot more than you'd think.

galaxna 640x480.JPG (163562 bytes) Galaxina (1980) Style A 1 Sheet Art: Robert Tanenbaum

Stephen Macht * Avery Schreiber * James David Hinton * Dorothy R. Stratten

Vehicle for the iconic and tragic Dorothy Stratten who I had never heard of (I don't get out much...or stay home alone enough I guess would be more like) until I saw Star 80. The style B version has better artwork of Dorothy and I may try to get that but I like the more Sci-Fi bookish art on this version. I only recently saw the movie and well, its not good, but the poster I like.

Hangar 18 1980 Quad Poster Hangar 18 (1980) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Darren McGavin * Robert Vaughn * Gary Collins

1980 was a good year for bad Sci-Fi looks like, cue the x-files music...Always a good idea to put your best special effects into the poster, certainly can't afford to put them into the movie...

The Day Time Ended 1980 Quad Poster The Day Time Ended (1980) Quad

Jim Davis * Christopher Mitchum * Dorothy Malone * Marcy Lafferty

Art promises a lot more than the special effects in this movie can deliver.

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back 1980 Quad Art Drew Struzan Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Quad Style B Black-Silver Logo Art: Tom Jung

Mark Hamill * Harrison Ford * Carrie Fisher * Billy Dee Williams * Anthony Daniels * David Prowse * Peter Mayhew * Kenny Baker * Alec Guinness

Obscure B movie sequel...Oh, OK. I planned to resist Star Wars posters due to their ridiculously high collectability factor. Variations in the details of the art makes it hard to say how rare what you've got actually is. This is an allegedly first release silver background banner for instance. It's a whole sub-genre of poster collecting I am ignorant of and there are fakes out there. I gave in on this one, consolation for missing out on an insanely cheap original 1977 pre-Oscars Star Wars that slipped through my fingers once. I am still in therapy.

Conquest of the Earth 1980 Quad Poster Conquest of the Earth (1980) Quad

Kent McCord * Barry Van Dyke * Robyn Douglass * Lorne Greene

You know it's a bad movie when the people who supplied the cutting room off-cuts you are cobbling together won't even let you use their brand name. I liked the other Battlestar Gallactica movies edited together from bits of the TV show but this one is bad, bad, bad. No stars apart from outtakes of Lorne Green, no effects other than the stock ones seen every week in the original TV show and running round Hollywood to keep the costs down. Surprisingly though, the poster seems to sell for a lot more than you'd think.

Caveman 1981 Quad British Poster Caveman (1981) Quad

Ringo Starr * Dennis Quaid * Shelley Long * Jack Gilford

I know this should be classified in the Comedy section, but what the hell, I can resist putting it next to Quest for Fire. which it kind of spoofs even if not deliberately. I think it was actually meant to be mocking the One Million Years BC ilk, or any other film putting dinosaurs in the same period as humans and having names like Gog.

Ringo eh?

Quest for Fire 1981 Quad Poster Quest for Fire (1981) Quad

Everett McGill * Ron Perlman * Nameer El-Kadi * Rae Dawn Chong

Let the grunting begin...sparkling dialog or what?

Clash of the Titans 1981 Quad Poster Clash of the Titans (1981) Quad Art: Roger Huyssen

Harry Hamlin * Burgess Meredith * Ursula Andress * Claire Bloom * Sian Phillips * Flora Robson * Laurence Olivier

I will watch anything by Harryhausen, CGI rocks but, like Nick Parks and those who do it the old fashioned way, his stuff has soul. Nice poster art which seems to come up every other week on Ebay described as "rare". More or less the last of these type of movies.

Heavy Metal 1981 Quad Poster Heavy Metal (1981) Quad Art: Chris Achilleos

Really excellent art from Fantasy artist Chris Achilleos on this poster, the movie is a mixed bag of fantasy short stories, some more coherent than others, based on art and tales from the US version of the French comic magazine Métal Hurlant. The soundtrack was excellent but kept this from video release for many years due to the license wrangling between the various artistes labels.

Heavy Metal 1996 1 Sheet Art Chris Achilleos Heavy Metal (1981) 1 Sheet Art: Chris Achilleos

I think this 1996 One Sheet version was for the long awaited video release.


Raiders Of The Lost Ark 1981 Quad Poster Raiders of the Lost Ark Style B (1981) Quad Art: Brian Bysouth

Harrison Ford * Karen Allen * Paul Freeman * Ronald Lacey * John Rhys-Davies * Denholm Elliott * Alfred Molina

The Daily Mirror tagline suggest this is a re-issue and the fact it wasn't that expensive to buy. I like the art though and this movie owes a lot to the 50's adventures above. Other art for this movie is by Richard Amsel but this is my favorite.

Blade Runner 1982 Quad Poster Blade Runner (1982) Quad Art: John Alvin

Harrison Ford * Rutger Hauer * Sean Young * Edward James Olmos * M. Emmet Walsh * Daryl Hannah * Joanna Cassidy

Perfect example of how a movie can be terribly flawed and still brilliant. There are several versions of the artwork, including Video, Special Edition and Directors cut versions, which I must admit I actually think are better than this, more like the US 1-Sheet. This one claims to be from original theatrical release; it has the car advert. I know John Alvin did the 1-Sheet poster art and I believe bits of it are included here too but I could be wrong.

Blade Runner Directors Cut 1992 Quad Poster Blade Runner Directors Cut (1982) Quad Art: John Alvin 1992 Re-release

Harrison Ford * Rutger Hauer * Sean Young * Edward James Olmos * M. Emmet Walsh * Daryl Hannah * Joanna Cassidy

More recent quad for the Directors Cut version that is not only a superior film but also uses the original Alvin art better.

The Sword and the Sorcerer 1982 Quad Poster The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982) Quad Art: Bryan Bysouth

Lee Horsley * Kathleen Beller * Simon MacCorkindale * George Maharis * Richard Lynch * Nina Van Pallandt

The trick triple blade firing sword was a bit of a novelty.

Krull 1983 Quad Josh Kirby Krull (1983) Quad Signature Josh Kirby

Ken Marshall * Lysette Anthony * Freddie Jones * Francesca Annis * Alun Armstrong * David Battley * Bernard Bresslaw * Liam Neeson * Robbie Coltrane

Quite a British fantasy film, apart from Lysette Anthony having her voice dubbed American and Robbie Coltrane having his dubbed English. Those studio executives, eh? They so have their finger on the pulse. I remember seeing this and being mildly disappointed, the MacGuffin of their conjugal conflagration being the key all along seemed a bit pathetic. However, since then I have been unable to stop myself watching it just about every time it shows up on tellie. Must have something going for it and the poster always seems to go for a lot more than you'd think.

Sahara 1983 Quad Poster Art Drew Struzan Sahara (1983) Quad Art: Drew Struzan

Brooke Shields * Lambert Wilson * Horst Buchholz * John Rhys-Davies * Ronald Lacey

Mr Drew has done some pretty good art for 80's flix, much better than photo collages..

Prisoners of the Lost Universe 1983 Quad Poster Prisoners of the Lost Universe (1983) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Richard Hatch * Kay Lenz * John Saxon * Peter O'Farrell

Well, I admit I have never seen it but the art is what we are all here for, it's either blowing up or bulging out. looks like Chantrell originally did this as a 1 sheet.

Spacehunter Adventures in the Forbidden Zone 3D 1983 Quad Poster Spacehunter Adventures in the Forbidden Zone 3D (1983) Quad

Peter Strauss *Molly Ringwald * Ernie Hudson * Andrea Marcovicci * Michael Ironside

Pretty in pink, or Day-Glo apparently. Here because I remember seeing it and thinking I had seen worse. Obviously they expected a franchise series but not successful enough. The art is again not bad for 80's.

Hundra 1983 Quad Poster Hundra (1983) Quad

Laurene Landon * John Ghaffari * María Casal

Oh, I was so happy to get hold of this one...The great thing about obscure, forgotten and derivative bandwagon jumping movies is they often have great art. Love this one,  it is actually a half decent movie too. I am guessing the poster was cheap because nobody seems to have seen it. Also, this is one of those movies that directly links to a time in my life I can remember well.

Metalstorm 1983 Quad Designed FEREF-JAMES Metalstorm (1983) Quad Designed FEREF-JAMES Attributed Brian Bysouth

Jeffrey Byron * Michael Preston * Tim Thomerson * Kelly Preston * Richard Moll

I can't quite make up my mind whether I saw this one or not, generally I will go and see any old space-cleavage but it's the guy with the pincer arm that looks familiar in this case.

Starflight One 1983 Quad UK Poster Starflight One (1983) Quad Art: Josh Kirby

Lee Majors * Hal Linden * Lauren Hutton * Ray Milland

A disgrace to sci-fi with Airport flavored disaster nonsense but decent poster art.

Star Wars Return Of The Jedi 1983 Quad Josh Kirby Style A No Ewoks Star Wars Return Of The Jedi (1983) Quad Art: Josh Kirby

Mark Hamill * Harrison Ford * Carrie Fisher * Billy Dee Williams * Anthony Daniels * Peter Mayhew * Ian McDiarmid * Frank Oz * James Earl Jones * David Prowse * Alec Guinness * Kenny Baker

As mentioned, Star Wars posters are a whole subset of collecting I am not an expert on. However, this is a London Underground sized 27x40 Style A (No Ewoks) for those that are. I believe the Style A (With Ewoks) is more collectable but really, who wants Ewoks? I just couldn't help myself about getting the whole poster trilogy.

Conan The Destroyer 1984 Quad UK Poster Conan The Destroyer (1984) Quad

Arnold Schwarzenegger * Grace Jones * Wilt Chamberlain * Mako * Tracey Walter * Sarah Douglas * Olivia d'Abo  * Pat Roach

I actually thought this sequel was better the Conan The Barbarian. Much was made of Grace Jones in the media, but it's still all about Arnie and big swords. Sarah Douglas seemed to be the bad girl in just about every fantasy film for a while, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Dreamscape 1984 1 Sheet Poster Dreamscape (1984) 1 Sheet Art: Drew Struzan

Dennis Quaid * Max Von Sydow * Christopher Plummer * Kate Capshaw

One of those movies I remember going to see that resonated, probably because I spend too much time asleep. Underestimated in my opinion. I haven't seen it on TV for a while. Art is looking for an Indiana Jones audience.

Romancing the Stone 1984 Quad Poster Romancing the Stone (1984) Quad Art: Mike Bell

Michael Douglas * Kathleen Turner * Danny DeVito * Zack Norman

Yet another Indiana Jones wannabe and guilty pleasure. Douglas back when his old man was the old man.

Jewel of the Nile 1985 Quad Poster Jewel of the Nile (1985) Quad

Michael Douglas * Kathleen Turner * Danny DeVito * Spiros Focás * Avner Eisenberg

Charmless sequel to Romancing the Stone that is only here because I am a sad anorak who can't resist completing a set. Art's not bad but not as good as the original, same as the movie really.

Red Sona Quad Poster Renato Casaro Red Sonja (1985) Quad Attributed: Renato Casaro

Brigitte Nielsen * Arnold Schwarzenegger * Sandahl Bergman * Paul Smith * Ernie Reyes Jr. * Ronald Lacey * Pat Roach

Set in more or less the same world as Conan, with two of the same main stars and well, just looking more or less like Conan, we are introduced to Brigitte Nielsen. Her only real qualification was being 6 foot 2 and Amazonian enough to stand next to Arnie. Even though she got some worst acting nominations out of it, I still went to see it and it was as good or bad as any other Conan clone.

Lifeforce 1985 Quad UK Poster Lifeforce (1985) Quad Attributed: Renato Casaro

Steve Railsback * Peter Firth * Frank Finlay * Mathilda May * Patrick Stewart * Michael Gothard * Nicholas Ball

One I remember seeing but memorable only for the extreme perkiness of Ms May who seemed to vanish from US movies after this. Other than it's vaguely about space vampires, the rest is a blur.

King Solomons Mines 1985 Quad Poster King Solomons Mines (1985) Quad

Richard Chamberlain * Sharon Stone * Herbert Lom * John Rhys-Davies

Richard Chamberlain as the adventurer in a hat who looks a bit like another famous behatted adventurer and unknown Sharon Stone who screams a lot. Of course Indiana Jones was inspired by serials and earlier adventure movies such as, um, King Solomon's Mines. There's just nothing new is there? Great poster for an OK'ish if you aren't expecting Raiders film.

Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold 1986 Quad Poster Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold (1986) Quad

Richard Chamberlain * Sharon Stone * James Earl Jones * Henry Silva * Cassandra Peterson

Second outing for this blatant Indiana Jones rip off...which itself, of course, is a rip off of earlier movie adventures. So I guess the circle is complete and ever going...Stone was still a B girl when this was made, she didn't get noticed until Total Recall really. Rare acting appearance of Elvira's owner-operator briefly pops up too, blink and you'll miss it.

Peggy Sue Got Married 1986 Quad Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) Quad

Kathleen Turner * Nicolas Cage * Barry Miller * Catherine Hicks * Joan Allen * Jim Carrey

Probably miss categorizing this but what the hell, it was marketed as a distaff Back To The Future when it came out.

The Return of the Musketeers 1989 Quad The Return of the Musketeers (1989) Quad

Michael York * Oliver Reed * Frank Finlay * C. Thomas Howell * Kim Cattrall * Roy Kinnear * Christopher Lee * Richard Chamberlain

Back together again, a long time since their last outing and definitely the worse for wear but amazingly has a consistent cast.

Star Wars 1993 ZigZag Triple Bill Star Wars Triple Bill (1977, 1980, 1983) 1993 reissue commercial poster

Mark Hamill * Harrison Ford * Carrie Fisher * Billy Dee Williams * David Prowse * Alec Guinness

Yet another one of my cheap acquisitions holding the place while I wait to win the lottery and buy the more collectible originals. This is a commercial release reprint from German printers Zig Zag based on the marathon re-release of what was then the whole saga all in one sitting. Called for a really big bucket of popcorn and a bladder of steel. This is 27 3/4" x 39 3/4" which is just a shade to small for display even in the London Underground. A real original 30x40 Quad for the triple bill release should have white strip across top with helmet extending into it and wide gold band across bottom that this one lacks.

Judge Dredd 1995 Quad Poster Judge Dredd (1995) Quad Teaser

Sylvester Stallone * Diane Lane * Armand Assante * Max von Sydow

Well, I Got 2000AD fairly religiously for a long time so anticipated this as much as every other anorak. If Stallone had enough ego security to keep his helmet on throughout the whole film I would have had more respect for him and to be fair, he had the Dredd look, helmet on. They got the look of the comic right too for most of the film. Maybe it's the too high anticipation factor but it just isn't that good, way too much Stallone stomping around being Stallone once the helmet is off.

Mars Attacks! 1996 Quad Art Philip Castle Mars Attacks! (1996) Quad Art: Phillip Castle

Jack Nicholson * Glenn Close * Annette Bening * Pierce Brosnan * Danny DeVito * Martin Short * Sarah Jessica Parker * Michael J. Fox * Rod Steiger * Tom Jones * Pam Grier * Lisa Marie

OK, way too modern to be in here really but I love this movie so it's a good place to stop. Impressive cast for a movie based on trading card art. I always thought it was under appreciated for a Tim Burton film. Wobbly spaceships in the best tradition's of B movies, over the top acting and some great miming from Martian Girl borrowing one of Jayne Mansfield's 50's bra' it.

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