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For a long time, back to when you could find these things in the back of fanzines, I have been collecting Movie Posters for British and American films. Everything you see here is photographed from original posters I own. No secondary sources or images looted from a book, magazine or website. It's tough to get them to photograph well; folds, wrinkles and blemishes can be seen on many of them. I guess I'll keep practicing but I wanted them to be out here on the Internet somewhere.

I started by collecting Quad posters from Hammer Film Studios, a British movie company that revitalized the English Cinema's approach to Horror Movies in the 60's and 70's. Sadly they are now more or less defunct. Since Hammer posters are becoming scarcer and more expensive I have started collecting other posters. The common factor with Hammer, cheap Thrillers and the exploitive sex Comedies you will find posters here for, is that these are the films that kept British actors working in the 60's and 70's, while TV took over peoples leisure time. They may not be high art but they kept an industry alive. Other posters you will find here are ones that I found interesting for one reason or another, either because I like the movie, the art or the salaciousness of the image. What can I say? They knew how to appeal to their audience. There is also a big presence of nostalgia for films my Dad took me to see. I am still looking for some: Zulu, Ice Station Zebra, 633 squadron and James Bond films that are out of my price range for now, but you never know, I'm still looking.

Tom William Chantrell is the artist for many of them, if you have information on the artist for any of the others let me know, I'm always keen to learn a little more. Sadly many poster artists were discouraged from signing their work, so I have noted it when they have.

The British Quads are 30x40 inches, the 1 sheets 27x41. Some of them have been photoshop restored or touched up to present nice images here, but mostly they have the folds, tears and pinholes from their original use in movie theaters. If you missed the movies when they were out in the cinema, you can now watch them on your HD or LCD TVs where the quality is just as good, probably better if you remember cigarette smoke rising in front of the projector. Posters were never intended to kept or sold, many were disposed of and long gone. They are becoming expensive. People who are fans of the stars depicted or are looking for Home Theater decor are competing with collectors for a dwindling resource. Some are originals from the movies first release, some are re-issues from later re-releases. It's tricky business knowing what you have, so if you know I have misidentified something, don't be shy, let me know.


Hammer     Comedy     Thriller     Adventure     Drama     Family    War     Western    

Dracula A.D. 1972 Quad Poster

Hammer Movie Posters

Carry on Screaming 1966 Quad Poster

Comedies, Exploitation and British Smut

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Quad Poster

Other Horror Films and Thrillers

Golden Voyage of Sinbad 1974 Quad Poster

Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Adventure

Breaking Glass Quad Poster

Drama Movie Posters

Cinderella Quad Poster

Family Movie Posters

The Blue Max Quad poster

War Movie Posters

Hombre Paul Newman Quad Poster

Western Movie Posters

Ones that got away...For the interest of other collectors, Hammer posters that I don't own, have never owned or only have a reproduction of.

Hammer     Comedy     Thriller     Adventure     Drama     Family    War     Western    

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